Critic Review

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ braves new worlds for Marvel fans to devour

If you’ve been waiting for just one shoe to drop for Marvel Studios and their streak of entertaining superhero films to end with Guardians of the Galaxy, you had better [...]


Rabbids Invasion impressions – the next step for kids TV watching

Not being a big cartoon watcher at this stage of my life, I walked into my Rabbids Invasion experience not have seen a single episode of the TV show with [...]

Comic Books

Focus Originals: ‘Up, Uppity and Away’ #26: Touched

Up, Uppity and Away #26 “Ace goes up, up and everywhere.” Catch up on the full Agent Ace saga now. Check out the Up, Uppity and Away comic vault.


Skylanders: Trap Team new features will enrich experience

Skylanders: Trap Team not only has a new line of toys and trapping mechanics going for it, it also has new gameplay features that will enrich the experience. They’re not [...]


WWE Battleground 2014 Predictions

WWE Battleground is smack in the middle of Money in the Bank and SummerSlam — right between two of the biggest shows of the year. Because of that, this will [...]

Comic Books

Focus Originals: ‘Up, Uppity and Away’ #25: Evolution

Up, Uppity and Away #25 “The Raiders hunt for Kasper, while Ace is going through… changes” Catch up on the full Agent Ace saga now. Check out the Up, Uppity [...]

Adult Swim

Black Dynamite creators talk new movie, ‘Arrow’ and racial challenges in TV & Film

Recently, we spoke with the creative team behind Black Dynamite: Carl Jones (The Boondocks), Michael Jai White (voice of Black Dynamite) and Byron Minns (voice of Bullhorn). We cover a [...]


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Review (Xbox One)

It’s another summer with blockbuster hits and this year sees the return of a summer movie favorite, Transformers. It’s always a good idea for a property to keep the momentum [...]

Namco Bandai

Tekken 7 is now official

Announced at the biggest fighting game tournament in the world EVO 2014, Tekken 7 is coming. A short teaser and promise of more info at San Diego Comic Con on July [...]

Critic Review

‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ displays precise and patient storytelling

Planet of the Apes is not an easy franchise to embrace. There’s the classic original Planet of the Apes and its sequels of varying quality, then there’s the terrible Tim Burton remake [...]

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