Wolfenstein: The New Order – More Clip Montage than E3 Trailer

Mo trailers… mo trailers… mo trailers. Unless you’re a millennial child, you know what Wolfenstein is and what it meant to the world of shooters. Wolfenstein: The New Order is coming and Bethesda released this trailer… er well it’s sort of a trailer. There’s about a minute of needless narration and documentary footage before you actually get to some gameplay. But who doesn’t love some build up and anticipation, right?

The game is expected to launch on next-gen consoles, so Xbox One and PS4 early adopters may get to play this day one.

E3: Saints Row IV Presents Over Two Minutes of Wild…and Nude… Antics

Let the E3 marketing blitz begin. Deep Silver dropped its latest – and finally full length – Saints Row IV trailer this morning. It’s got censored nudity, Keith David starring as Keith David, explosions and a movie-trailer voice delivering over-dramatized curses. Oh yeah, you’ll also get a taste for the story, which has a Matrix feel to it, and the heroes who will be fighting the Sin Empire. Sin Empire? Perhaps a certain Final Fantasy X villain decided to start franchising. Looks like this Saints Row is going to be one wild ride. Fingers crossed.

Murdered: Soul Suspect – Next Gen Worthy (Trailer)

“I’ve lived through it all. The beat downs. The back stabbing. Disrespect most people wouldn’t see in ten life times. And I’ve never lost a fight.”

Famous last words, right?

Rarely do I get super charged when I see a trailer, but I’ll make an exception in this case. Murdered: Soul Suspect becomes something kind of awesome – and more importantly different – at about :48 seconds into the trailer.

The narration and voice acting alone is pretty remarkable, but the mysterious circumstances beg to be played. The game appears to be part shooter and part super natural shooter, with a touch of investigative puzzle solving sprinkled on top.

It’s coming to PS3 and Xbox 360, but more importantly it will probably also come to PS4 and Xbox One.

Ed Boon vs the Man of Steel – Scorpion joins the Injustice Gods (Video)

Get your a– over here!

It was only a matter of time before one of Mortal Kombat‘s trademark characters joined the roster of Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC characters. Scorpion is the next character Warner Bros Interactive will introduce as DLC in Injustice.

Will any other MK characters make it? Perhaps Raiden or Sub-Zero (personal favorites)?

In this behind-the-scenes look at Injustice, Ed Boon and Jim Lee discuss adding Scorpion to the DC roster:

Ante Up: Batgirl joins Lobo as the latest Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC character

If you just paid $5 to add Lobo to your Injustice: Gods Among Us roster, get ready to drop another five bones.

Warner Bros Interactive is adding Batgirl to Injustice’s heroic mix. You’ll have to pay another $5 ($4.99 on PSN and 400 points on Xbox Live Marketplace) for this Bat vixen, boosting the overall retail price of this title – with all characters – to $69.99. Of course, that doesn’t include the Teen Titans (Cyborg, Deathstroke and Raven skins) and Bad Girls skin pack (Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Wonder Woman skins), which would bring the total SRP to $72.99.

Phew. Talk about paying to see a fight.

Watch the Batgirl Trailer

If you didn’t get Injustice on day one, the price has dropped on Amazon.com to $49.99, so you’ll be able to pickup Lobo and Batgirl without breaking the $59.99 threshold.

You can also pickup the Season Pass, which gives you 4 characters “for the price of three.” You’ll save money, but it still sucks to pay for add-on characters in a fighting game, no matter how awesome they are.

FUSE aims to perfect the four-person shooter campaign

Still waiting for a flawless four-person shooter campaign? Insomniac thinks it has the answer with its latest sci-fi shooter, FUSE (formerly known as Overstrike). Team cooperative play is always great, just ask all those Deathmatch players who hate objective play, but the campaign’s story will be the real clincher for FUSE.

If you’re believing the hype, or lack thereof, the demo is now available for download. So you can get your four-person, drop-in-drop-out campaign going asap – against the malicious military group, Raven. Sure, you’ve played sci-fi shooters before, but in this one you can walk around with a giant floating shield and protect your friends. That’s cool, right?

FUSE hits PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 28. You can preorder now:

Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers Proclaims ‘Immersive’ Story

The next iteration of the Magic gaming franchise debuts this weekend at PAX East. The Magic series has always offered great, competitive game to play during the summer months, where new releases are slim.

Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers may be a card dueling game at its core, but the Magic series has always added on a small story to the annual release. This year, gamers will follow Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar’s adventures. The press release from Wizards of the Coast stated that this year’s game has an “immersive storyline.” Lead-character Chandra shows off her sassy personality in the trailer above.

Executive Producer Worth Wollpert also stated in the release that the game will have “more focused integration between online and offline play.”

Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers will be released this Summer on XBLA, PSN, Steam, iPad and for the first time on Android.

Saints Row IV: A Purple Mix of Tron, Desperado & Independence Day with a touch of Comic Love

Now that our memories have been wiped of THQ, following the defunct publisher’s liquidation sale, we can all look forward to THQ’s old game roster released under new labels.

Today, the Saints Row franchise made its comeback under the banner of Deep Silver. The purple infused Saints Row IV trailer highlights a robust number of weapons and imagery we’ve seen in some of our favorite movies, comic books and gaming franchises.

We’ve got the guitar-case rocket launcher from Desperado, a Tron bike, lots of Will Smith Independence Day moments, Deus Ex: Human Revolution powers and all types comic book super hero stunts – such as Flash (can’t tell if it’s Wally West or Barry Allen) speedster action.

Are you pumped?

Deadpool fires it up with enough bazookas to make your eyes go BOING

Wild Comic Con promotions? Check. Deadpool-esque dialogue? Check. Lots of Guns, explosions and wackiness? Check. Check. Check.

If you don’t know the name Deadpool yet, you’ll know it by the end of 2013 – for better or worse. The latest Deadpool trailer has hit the street, and it’s one raucous, gun-toting bullet fest.

The dialogue and action seem to be on point. Now, let’s just hope the story can match up to the shooter festivities. The developers at High Moon Studios rocked our socks (and then some) with the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron story arc. If they can perform equally as well with the Deadpool license, we may have a new favorite studio for licensed games. And a reminder that licensed games – can be good – when done right.

By the way Marvel fanboys and true believers, Cable also shows up in this trailer. But he doesn’t talk so we’re still holding our breath.

GTA V Trailer 2 : All That and a Bag of Chips

Behold, this is what happens when a company takes their time to develop a follow up to a massively successful franchise.

Rockstar has finally released the second trailer to their massively anticipated Grand Theft Auto V.

Everything about this trailer is awesome, even down the Stevie Wonder track, Skeletons. Is it possible to get more excited for a game trailer than a movie trailer? I think so.

Like GTA IV, which featured multiple characters (via DLC) with intertwining storylines, GTA V will have three main characters from the get go. Forgetting about story for a hot second, this trailer features a lot of what we’ve come to love about GTA: crazy stuff to do and things to blow up!

There’s little actual gameplay on display here, but hopefully Rockstar has spent as much time tuning the character mechanics as they have in building out this large sandbox.

Check out Los Santos for yourself and salivate at all the havoc you’ll be able to wreak.

Spring 2013 can’t come soon enough!
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