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Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee to be playable in upcoming UFC game

April 7, 2014

Named by UFC President, Dana White as “The Father of Mixed Martial Arts”, Bruce Lee will be making his way into the octagon for the first time. He will finally [...]

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‘NBA Live’ Seeks to Rise from its Grave

September 17, 2013

Remember NBA Live? Probably not. Why? Because you’ve probably been playing the NBA 2K franchise nonstop since NBA 2K11. It was the game that many claim stuck the final nail [...]

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FIFA Soccer 13 is all about the ball control

November 6, 2012

When it comes to sports franchises, the FIFA series sits its in a unique category – especially for American audiences. To the greater world, FIFA is the only true international [...]

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Madden NFL 13 Review – Solid Gridiron Competition Continues – with the Same Shortcomings

September 25, 2012

Tried and true just like its namesake, EA Sports’ Madden franchise has made a career out of delivering successful football titles with strong competitive mechanics. Outside of real life, there’s [...]

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Fifa 13 Creative Director Simon Humber Discusses Evolution of Franchise (Video)

September 11, 2012

Recently, we spoke with Simon Humber, Creative Director on EA Sports Fifa 13. In this interview, Humber discusses the evolution of the franchise. Regarding last year’s release, Humber states, “There [...]

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EA Sports’ ‘Fifa Street’ Gets In-Game Social Feature

January 24, 2012

EA Sports is adding a new trash-talking sharing feature to Fifa Street. The street based soccer battle is heralded as the NBA Street, NBA Jam, or NFL Blitz of the [...]

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‘SSX’ Mac Fraser Signature Uber – Can’t Stop The MAC Trailer (Video)

January 9, 2012

You can’t stop the MAC! Check out Mac Fraser performing his signature UBER in SSX, the upcoming snow shredding game from EA Sports. Mac performs a “little” move called “Walking [...]

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‘Grand Slam Tennis 2′ Gameplay Producer Discusses Innovations to Raquet Control (Video)

January 4, 2012

In this interview with EA Sports Producer Liam Millar, he discusses new changes to Raquet Control in Grand Slam Tennis 2. Most notably, movement (controlled by the left thumbstick) is [...]

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Is Hockey Back? NHL 12 Breaks Records: EA Sports Kick Starts NHL Franchise

September 20, 2011

NHL 12, the latest title from EA Sports, has kick-started EA’s hockey franchise into high gear. During its first launch week, NHL 12 clocked 6.9 million online connected game sessions [...]

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‘White Collar’ Star Matt Bomer Takes to the Football Field Against NFL Legends (+Pics)

July 28, 2011

White Collar star Matt Bomer got on the Football field in NYC to show the world that he is just as good at playing football as he is at acting. [...]