Spartacus: Blood and Sand


‘Spartacus’ Season Three Gets A Whole Lot Hotter By Adding Anna Hutchison, Jenna Lind, & Gwen Taylor

May 3, 2012

Filming has already begun in New Zealand for the international sword and sandal hit-show, Spartacus and the cast is adding Anna Hutchison (Cabin in the Woods, Underbelly: Tale of Two Cities), Jenna [...]

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

‘Spartacus: Vengeance’ Episode 2.05 Review: Libertus – Spartacus Does what Most Shows Don’t

February 26, 2012

After watching the newest episode of Spartacus: Vengeance this past Friday, I thought for a moment I had just witnessed the season finale. Just think for a moment of all [...]

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Spartacus Co-Creator Steven DeKnight Signs Exclusive 2-Year Development Deal with Starz

September 30, 2011

Fans of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena and the 2012′s upcoming Spartacus: Vengeance will be delighted to know that Spartacus co-creator Steven DeKnight has just inked an [...]

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Liam McIntyre Takes Over as Spartacus in Starz Spartacus: Blood and Sand Season 2

January 17, 2011

Australian film and TV actor Liam McIntyre will be taking over the role of Spartacus in Spartacus: Blood and Sand Season 2 from Andy Whitfield. Whitfield, who was forced to [...]

San Diego Comic Con 2010 (SDCC)

SDCC 2010: Spartacus: Blood and Sand

June 16, 2010

Let the San Diego Comic Con 2010 announcements begin. Starz hit show, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, is coming back to SDCC. Andy Whitfield (Spartacus), Lucy Lawless (Lucretia), John Hannah (Batiatus), [...]