Kyle XY Series Finale: Bringing Down the House

All good things must come to an end – even if you’re a genius born in a pod without a belly button. The final episodes arrived on ABC Family to a shocked Kyle XY fan base. But, we enjoyed every minute of it. Cassidy coming to dinner, and the revelation of Jessi’s background was one of the strongest episodes in XY history. We got to see something that at one point, in season 2, we never thought would happen. Kyle and Jessi teaming up against a common foe.

We now know the truth. Latnok plans to restart the program that gave life to Kyle and Jessi. Kyle, Jessi and the Trager family have one last episode to take down the organization that birthed the Xs.

Unfortunately, no matter how good the series finale is, the fans will be left utterly disappointed. Kyle XY brought life to ABC Family, and now the network has decided to sever the umbilical cord. It’s sad really. There was so much building up this season, that it seems like a waste to end Kyle’s career so abruptly. Far be it from me to preach gloom and doom for ABC Family, but without Kyle I would never have known the station existed outside of cartoon reruns.

Kyle only just realized his feelings for Jessi – feelings that will never have the chance to be fully explored. In many ways, Kyle’s move from Amanda to Jessi is a move from childhood to manhood. He’s leaving behind boyish crushes and facing a deeper emotional bond that he was totally unprepared for.

Beyond matters of the heart, Kyle is now making the tough choices. Who would have thought that Kyle would finally man up and endorse a plan that involved torturing Cassidy to not only learn the truth behind Sarah’s murder, but also to gain Cassidy’s confidence. The end of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” said it all. Kyle says that he never lied before, but when he finally did he discovered he was good at it.

Alas, with one more episode left, we’ll never get to see Kyle fully embracing this new found more mature attitude. Maybe the loyal Kyle XY fans can take comfort in knowing that Kyle XY is going out at the height of its popularity. Unfortunately, we can only wonder if the true pinnacle of this show could have come with another season. Will another network pick up Kyle? It’s doubtful. The precedent for that kind of move is rare at best. But, then again ABC Family and Disney are one and the same. If we all do as Disney taught us and wish upon a star, maybe our dreams of more Kyle XY can indeed come true.

As for Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander, they’re two of the nicest actors you’ll ever meet. And, we’re looking forward to a bright future for both of these talented individuals.

Kyle XY: The Final Episodes

Kyle XY: The Final Episodes.

After two seasons and a few episodes of an overwhelmingly good third season, I find the words difficult to say. I spent today catching up on Season 3 of Kyle XY, only to learn that Kyle XY would be cancelled. It was like a smack across the face to see the words plastered across the screen.

“Final Episodes? This can’t be.” I just saw Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander two months ago skating at Rockefeller Center in New York. The two didn’t have a care in the world as they celebrated ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas. Jaimie’s fun loving personality and humor was complimented by Matt’s endless smile.

I figured it was some cruel joke. Maybe a disgruntled employee decided to throw up a last minute edited splash screen to trick the loyal fans.

Alas, the truth was on Wikipedia. “On January 31, 2009, ABC Family announced that Kyle XY would not return for a fourth season.” And on Monday, March 16th at 9PM, Kyle XY will air its series finale.

I haven’t been this upset since the loss of the Black Donnellys. Sad doesn’t describe what I’m feeling. Was I to blame for this loss of a Monday night favorite?

Was this my fault? Should I have watched Kyle XY and left “24” for the DVR? How could I have known this cruel fate awaited my Matt and Jaimie.

The past few episodes have had me going through a roller coaster of emotions watching Kyle and Jessi’s dynamic progress. Jaimie has done a phenomenal job this season exploring Jessi’s sensitive side. Are the two pod-babies really soul mates? Is Latnok really the evil organization we’ve come to fear, and what is their true power? I fear we’ll never be able to explore the full scope of those questions.

The chopping block is a vile place that leaves most loyal fans sadly disappointed. Although, the emotional tension has been building up this season, four more episodes just isn’t enough to create the build up we’ve all been yearning for. Kyle is only just about to explore feelings for Jessi. Latnok looks like a great place to be. This end wasn’t planned, and these story arcs are no where close to reaching a satisfying conclusion.

Needless to say, the countless Internet petitions will begin as fans begin to weigh in on this Monday night cult favorite. Kyle tried to solve everyone’s problems. Unfortunately, we most likely will not be able to return the favor. The two teenagers without a belly button will be forever missed.

DVD Release – Kyle XY: The Complete Second Season Review

kylexysecondseasonWhen we first met Kyle, we thought he was just another Clark Kent story. He was a boy found out in the middle of a farm, and taken in by the Trager family – a caring family reminiscent of Ma and Pa Kent. After following the story of Kyle XY, we learned that Kyle is so much more.

The first season of Kyle XY was all about Kyle’s journey of self-discovery. We followed the boy with no past, discovering what his powers were, who he was and more importantly how he came to be. Without a past and under the guidance of the ever loving Mr. and Mrs. Trager, we came to love Kyle’s innocent nature of self-giving. No matter what the problem was Kyle never put himself first. His journey finally lead him to leaving the Trager family – the people who had taken him in as a son.

Season 2 made the jump from a short 10 episode arc to a full 23 episode season. We are introduced to the mysterious Jessi XX – a girl who may well lead to the destruction of Kyle. She’s another creation of Latnok with the same abilities as Kyle. Will her powers trump Kyle’s? As the season progresses Jessi poses a threat to the exposure of Kyle’s secret and to the end of his relationship with Amanda – the girl he fawned over in season one. There are several secrets revealed in this season. And, confrontations abound as Latnok is defined as a clear enemy to Kyle and his desire for a normal teenage life.

This season is packed with teenage drama, including the breakup of Lori and Declan and the union of Josh and Andy. Kyle will be pushed to the limit both emotionally and physically as he tries to help both his family and friends and uncover his mysterious ties to the Latnok Society, and the person who gave him life.

The DVD is chock full of bonus features. Since the season was broken up into two parts. You’ll get to see the alternate ending to Season Two Part 1 on Disc 3. It may not seem relevant since the season continued on, but it’s still fun to watch Jessi and Kyle.

There are tons of deleted scenes, from both the earlier half of the season and part 2. But, the best Feature is “Livin’ with the X’s” on Disc 3. You’ll get to follow Matt Dallas (Kyle XY) and Jaimie Alexander (Jessi XX) through a typical production day. The chemistry these two have is amazing. If you thought you warmed up to their characters quickly, when you see how they are in their day-to-day lives you’ll quickly fall in love with the actors behind the characters. Jaimie and Matt are two of the most down to earth, genuine, and fun loving individuals.

Special Features
Alternate Ending - Witness how Kyle and Jessi Could have ended up after their last fight
Deleted Scenes – 27 never before seen moments
Livin’ With the X’s – A remarkable insider’s special follows actors Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander behind the scenes and on the set
Audio Commentaries – featuring cast, writers and producers
The Science of Kyle XY

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Release Date: December 30, 2008

Kyle XY: Matt Dallas & Jaimie Alexander Celebrate 25 Days of Christmas

Kyle XY stars Matt Dallas (Kyle XY) and Jaimie Alexander (Jessi XX) stopped by New York’s Rock Center Cafe to Celebrate ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas.

Matt and Jaimie had fun with the children on the ice. Also, the cast known for practical jokes, had a few laughs on the ice. Here are some of the photos below from the day’s festivities:

kyle xy jaimie alexander smiling

kyle xy jessi xx

kyle jaimie matt dallas

jaimie alexander skating

matt dallas kyle xy teaches ice skating

matt dallas on ice smiling

matt dallas kyle xy jaimie alexander jessi xx

Kyle XY Season 3 Secrets Exposed Panel at Comic Con

Comic Con’s Kyle XY panel was by far one of the most light hearted and fun panels to attend this week.

The panel featured Matt Dallas (Kyle), Jaimie Alexander (Jessi XX), Hal Ozsa (Michael Cassidy – head of Latnok), and Julia Plec (producer).

Here are some of the highlights from the panel:

– Matt Dallas’ favorite moment of season 3 was getting to deliver a baby. “It was one of those things when I was holding a newborn in my arms and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten to do.”

– Producer Julie Plec revealed that someone will die this season. “I’ve said in the past that no one ever really dies on Kyle XY. And this year actually someone does. It will be very sad, but not earth shatteringly devastating. You will come back to us.”

– Jessi will move into the Trager household, creating more roadblocks for Kyle and Amanda’s budding relationship.

– Jessi’s relationship with her mother will be explored in further detail

– One fan happily proclaimed, “If there was a smile contest, Matt would win any year.”

– The Kyle XY collective has just been nominated for an Emmy! — YAY!

– Julia Plec revealed that Amy Adams(Enchanted) was Matt’s first celebrity crush. Julia tried to hook the two up, but unfortunately Amy already had a boyfriend.

– Matt Dallas admitted it’s hard to be such a “goodie goodie.” Dallas said, “Can Kyle just do something bad, or make a wrong decision once in a while. But, it’s cool and one of the special things about Kyle. As much he struggles to make the right decision, he always seems to do the right thing and make the right decision.”

– Matt isn’t the goodie goodie we all think him to be. He’s also a practical joker. Jaime revealed that Matt acts bad off camera. Matt quickly exposed that Jaimie had “rats” in her apartment, to which Jaimie retorted that they were only mice. To tease his co-star Dallas and other cast members put fake rats and mouse traps in Jaimie’s trailer.

-Jaimie would love to have the power of mind control. Be careful fellas!

jaimie Alexander kyle xy jessi xxmatt dallas kyle xy trager

Interview with Kirsten Prout from ABC's Kyle XY

Interview with Kirsten Prout from ABC Family Kyle had another opportunity to talk with a cast member from ABC Family’s Kyle XY. This past week we spoke to Kirsten Prout who plays Amanda. Check out the interview.

Now that Amanda is back, how will things evolve between her and Kyle for the rest of this season?

Kirsten Prout: I think viewers should expect to see a definite change in Amanda, because she grew up in New York. I think there were a lot of emotional experiences that happened with her and she’s really become quite defiant. I think, because Amanda is back, viewers are going to see a bit more backbone and she’s going to stand up for herself. She’s stronger.

What was it that drew you to the world of acting?

KP: It’s always a funny story to say but, when I was younger, I absolutely adored Disney movies and I’m 100% sure that watching my “Disney Princesses” and wanting to become one of them was what first formed the initial interest in acting. Then, as I grew older, I realized that I could do that for a career. I could make believe for a career. I guess that’s how it progressed.

What’s your favorite part about working on the show?

KP: Specifically with Kyle XY, it’s having such quality material to work with, as well as such a supportive cast and crew. I come into work every day and I enjoy seeing the people I work with, and there’s a lot of room to grow on that set and a lot of fun to be had. I guess that would be my favorite part.

How did you come into the part of Amanda? Did you audition and why did you accept the role?

KP: When I first read the pilot script of Kyle XY, it read to me like a feature film, and I had just come off doing a feature film and I said to myself, “I’m gonna try to get into film after a movie,” and I wanted to continue on that path because film is definitely a love of mine. But Kyle XY, the pilot script, read so much like a film to me, and Amanda spoke to me so clearly, that I was absolutely thrilled to be called in to audition for it. I suppose just going through the process and really being devoted to the character is what got me the part.

Do you have any other new projects that are coming out besides obviously the third season of Kyle?

KP: Because of this writer’s strike, I’ve been reading so many scripts and going through the audition process, but it’s hard to get new roles right now. I have a few that could potentially go through, but at this point, nothing concrete.

Can you talk a little bit about what your thoughts are about the current writer’s strike?

KP: It’s definitely turned the industry upside down. We’ve got a lot of people who have definitely different stances on it. The one thing about the writer’s strike that I remember when it first happened was, it happened right before Christmas and I didn’t know exactly what they were striking for and I did some more investigation, but what really struck me the most was how the crew was hit so hard with the writer’s strike, and I thought that was so sad because it was right before Christmas and these people that would normally have a pay check, a lot of them didn’t have Christmas presents for their kids. I think that it was really a dramatic change and it’s affecting people’s lives pretty difficultly.

If you had a dream role to take on, what would that be?

KP: A dream role, well, I suppose that sort of depends on the project, but I have read so many projects where you’ve had the quirky, indie character that has a tragic story line and makes the best of her situation, and that is one role, the one character that I would really just love to fall into. Find a script that I just completely fell in love with and was able to connect like that. Probably something quirky and from a different perspective.

You were speaking earlier about how Amanda’s character is going to be changing a lot now that she’s back. It looks like next week she’s going to be hiding out in Kyle’s closet. She may start to find out a little bit about Kyle’s abilities. How that’s going to come into affect in the show?

KP: It’s obvious that Amanda is going to go through some transitions and learn about how special Kyle is, but the manner in which I believe that she will find out about his abilities will be in a natural way, as Kyle and Amanda usually are. I think it’ll just strengthen, but there could definitely be some complications.

Do you think that stories like Kyle XY could be realities in today’s world?

KP: I believe that in some spheres of life. Do you mean like the science fiction aspect of it?

Yes. The science fiction aspect of it, like creating a person.

KP: I’m definitely a scientific person. I’ve always been very interested in science and am currently in a biology course and I’ve done honors all my life. I am specifically interested in a lot of gene cloning and procedures like that, but to the degree that Kyle is advanced, I don’t believe with today’s modern technology, I think that would be very difficult to duplicate, but I think in the future there are a lot of things in science that are possible.

Following with what you said about science, are you into science fiction shows or anything, and other Sci-Fi roles, like Star Gate and … sort of Sci-Fi, and I’m just curious, do you like Sci-Fi or did you just happen to fall into it?

KP: I definitely enjoy all sorts of genres. I definitely was a huge fan of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, I definitely watched the follow up, and I have no problem with extending my own personal reality and being able to watch something and believe for an hour that that could actually happen. I really do enjoy that. I tend to watch series like Bones and Arrested Development, and The Office and I’m very much either technical or kind of a dark humor. That’s usually my genre.

Do you have any funny moments that you can tell us about from set?

KP: I definitely do have a lot of funny moments, but one from the season I can recall that was absolutely shocking. It wasn’t exactly funny, but looking back on it, I suppose it was. There was a scene up on the roof and it was a stunt sequence with Kyle and Jessi. There were all sorts of safety precautions. It was a really stormy night so they had harnesses and everything, and I was downstairs in the gym and I was waiting to film another scene so I wasn’t working and I was talking to a crew member and all of a sudden I heard this sound and the whole building shook. We were inside a school, and it felt like the scaffolding had fallen down or something. So I run outside and I see a stampede of crew just streaking down. What had happened is, a lightening bolt had almost struck and it struck right next to where we were filming. The whole crew had to leave all their cameras up on the roof. The actors had to be unharnessed in five seconds. We were just sitting in the gym for two hours, had nothing to film, no equipment, everyone was freaking out and it was so bizarre, I’ve never been through something like that in a movie set. Just that element of danger and also, it was almost like we were in school or something. We were all mingling in the middle of a gym and there was prom balloons everywhere. It was a bit of a bizarre scenario.
If you had the chance, would you ever be interested in writing or directing or doing something like that behind the scenes?

KP: I do do a lot of essay writing and analytical writing just for my advance placement courses in school, but I definitely would leave that to the pros. I’m for being in front of the camera. I don’t know if behind is my thing.

What’s been your favorite role to play so far besides Amanda that you’ve done?

KP: In Elektra, I really did enjoy playing Abby. I played Abby Miller, and that was another role that, again, being on a feature film, I just had so much time beforehand, preproduction, and I collaborated with the director so much that I was able to produce a character and live a character that I really did believe in. I do feel an element of realism to her.

We saw last week that Jessi definitely seems to have feelings for Kyle, or at least a jealousy of Amanda. Is this going to be a lot more of a problem for Amanda or if Kyle, being such a great guy, is just going to be able to clearly show that she’s just a friend?

KP: That story line definitely does play a huge part in the season. The relationship between Kyle and Jessi is an extremely intense one, and clearly does cause some complications. As for if Kyle is able to present that she’s a friend, I think Amanda has to be willing to trust him completely and he in the same sense needs to be able to confide in her. So until he is able to share everything about himself with her, I don’t think that issue of trust will be resolved.

Can we expect you and the other members of Kyle XY’s cast at Comic-Con, New York this year?

KP: I have no idea. I don’t know, Catherine, are you there?

Catherine: I am here. This is Catherine Graves, ABC Family Publicist for Kyle XY, and at this moment in time we do not have any plans to go to Comic-Con, New York, but we have had a great presence with the show and the cast at Comic-Con down in San Diego and we hope to make an appearance there this year, too.

What would you like to happen to Amanda next season?

KP: I guess I would like to see what I would like myself to become. I definitely would like to see her grow up and become stronger and really just continue to stand up for what she believes in and become a character that has much more of a presence and an opinion in the show.

During, you’ve had a couple of years now together, how is that camaraderie and relationship grown on and off the set?

KP: It’s always fantastic to work with a bunch of people who make you laugh every day you come in set. I honestly have never really worked with a crew and cast who are so in love with each other. Matt frequently throws barbecues on the weekend. We often get together; rap parties are such a good time with the crew. It really is a friendship as well as a work relationship.

Interview with Chris Olivero from ABC's Kyle XY

This week I had the opportunity to sit in on an open discussion with Chris Olivero, who plays Chris Olivero Declan McDonough on ABC Family’s Kyle XY. In this open forum interview, Olivero discusses life on the set of Kyle XY, the future of his character, professional goals, and antics on the set. I was especially impressed at how down to earth he was. He had no reservations about sharing his love of Science Fiction, and even suggested jokingly that he may show up to Comic Con in Star Wars apparel.

Hello. I was curious what you think of how the dynamic will change between your character and Lori now that the secret is out about what Kyle can do and everything.

Chris Olivero: The relationship now, it takes a lot of pressure off of Declan as far as not knowing who he can tell, what he can say, when people want to know the answers about Kyle. Now he can try to protect his friend, but at the same time try to focus on his relationship with Lori and where that should or should not go. Basically, the characters now can focus on themselves a little bit. Protect Kyle, but focus on their relationship, what their future holds together, what their future holds individually.

The dynamic is going to be like a friendship, with that same kind of back and forth that we’re used to, with some new elements to it because we’ve already been through so much together. Declan is still into Lori, and it’s the same thing of friends or not friends? That’s going to continue. But definitely a lot of the pressure is gone and now it’s kind of back to the whole family protecting Kyle.

The Declan/Lori relationship is probably the most real relationship on the show. Do you find that that adds an additional level of responsibility on your part to make that accurate, or do you just play it and have fun?

CO: No, I definitely feel responsibility to it because I do like the realness of it, where it’s the whole life-is-complicated and those complications affect your relationship. When you’re that age, when you’re in high school and stuff, it’s that element of what should you do? Do you kind of go with what the crowd thinks or what you think? It’s all that confusion about relationships and that’s what I like about it. It’s a strong relationship, which is also great to play.

It’s definitely, like I said, it’s a big responsibility in the sense of you have your own creative mind about your character and the writers have theirs and you have to kind of meld what you think. We’re always getting scenes with some of the writing changed or different things like that and we talk with them openly, continuously, so that we all are in connection with where the character should go. And yes, we want to be as truthful as we can, so the public can get that out of it and I’m glad to hear it; I’m glad that you feel that. That’s the best thing that we can hear is that it’s real and that people believe it because believability’s the biggest thing in what we do.

We want to continue doing that to the best of our ability and that’s what we hope the writers give us and we can hopefully make the fans happy.

Declan’s commitment to help Kyle find the truth about his past has generated a maturity level well beyond the Declan we met in season one. Talk a little bit about that transition in the character.

CO: Absolutely. In season one Declan pretty much had the high school worries. The thing about Declan, though, is there was always a depth to him. He may have appeared to be kind of the typical high school guy and there is that part of him, but there was always a depth of who he is, a soul searching kind of a thing. That’s why he was into Lori, because she was different and she was unique. And that was part of him. And then, when Kyle came into the world, he didn’t know whether or not to be jealous. He didn’t know what to think of him and kind of felt threatened by him. And then the friendship developed and Kyle became basically his only true male friend and he did whatever he could to protect that.

You do see him grow up and it’s one of the reasons why I really liked the character in the beginning, knowing that he was going to grow up and stand up for what’s right. He cherishes what’s close to him and he sometimes doesn’t handle situations right or he makes mistakes, like maybe how he reacted to Kyle standing with Lori. But he means well deep down. He definitely wants to help Kyle find who he is. He kept his secret. He took all the price, the physical tolls and the emotional tolls that came with it.

But it was great to see that the writers went with that and it’s amazing to play and it’s just like you said, it’s a big transition between season one where he starts and where he ends. And season two it’s the same thing. You see that he is flawed; he’s not perfect. But he tries hard and he wants to do what’s right. That’s pretty much where he went with Kyle. He’s just trying to do what’s right and trying to protect what he feels is close to him because there’s not that many things or people that are close to him.

I was wondering what’s in store for your character in the future.

CO: In the continuous part of season 2.5, now that the secret is out, the focus is going to be in Declan’s relationship with Lori and with Kyle as his friend. He just lost out on his basketball scholarship because of his injury. So it’s kind of going to be ‘where’s Declan going from here.’

He’s held Kyle’s secret. He’s focused on that; his relationship with Lori has suffered and he’s tried to repair that. Now that’s kind of where it’s at. All of a sudden, he’s thrown into [a situation] where now he’s friends with Lori again. Kyle has Jesse to worry about. Kyle has his own issues to get through and worry about and Declan now has his, with school and everything else.

So what’s in store is basically just trying to figure out he is; trying to figure out how to help Kyle; how to protect Kyle. We get to see more of that as the season will progress and, especially towards the end, more of the emotional kind of confusion. He tries to find some resolve and there’s always complications that are still going to arise in his life. Like I said, he tries to do the right thing, wants to do the right thing and sometimes things just don’t work out for him. But he’s going to try to search his soul and do the best he can and protect everybody as much as he can.

Kyle XY has a strong sci-fi tone. I was wondering what your personal sentiment, your personal relationship is with the sci-fi genre and if you feel stories like Kyle XY could be a reality today.

CO: Yes, I’ve always enjoyed sci-fi. I was into Star Wars. I used to watch Quantum Leap, MacGyver after school and Star Trek. I was always into the mystery. It’s always more enjoyable to me in a show when there’s a certain level of mystery or unknown, so you can let your imagination kind of go. I was into comic books and things like that. And we do have a lot of loyal fans. When we go to places like Comic-Con, you see the devotion of the fans. It’s pretty amazing and it’s rewarding just to know.

Even if fans don’t like your character, if they have either problems or issues, just to see they’re passionate about it – that’s what it’s about. If they believe what’s going on, that’s the most important thing. Not every character is the most likeable character or whatever, but as long as they believe it, as long as they’re passionate about it, that’s what’s important.

And I think Kyle XY’s a great show for today. I think it gives you the family values. It gives you a realness of teenage relationships and also an ideal. Kyle represents the ideal of what people could be. So you can watch him go through stuff and it’s like, ‘Man, I wish I was like that. I wish I could be like that.’ And that’s what everybody around him tries to do. They want to be more Kyle-like and they take steps in the right direction.

I would hope that in this day and age that the show, that the Trager family could be a reality and people could try to live and get through things and try to do the right thing and everybody could have a Kyle in their life.

Chris Olivero Kyle XY Declan McDonough
What do you enjoy most about working on the show?

CO: It’s got to be the people I work with. It’s a great group of people. We film up in Vancouver, so we’re all away from home, except for Jean-Luc and Kirsten; they live there. But we’re all away from home. When you’re on location, if you don’t have a good rapport with people, it’s harder than anything because a lot of times you have down days where you don’t have much to do in your hotel or your apartment or whatever.

So working with a great group of people, working with a great crew – and this is one of the only shows that I’ve worked on – there’s not a lot of division. The network people, the writers, the crew, the actors, everybody hangs out. It’s not really where the actors kind of find their thing and then the writers are over there and the producers are over here. We’re all in it together; we’re all enjoying it together.

It’s been that was since the start, since the barbecue we had up there. It was the first weekend we were there. We were playing cards, everybody was laughing. It was kind of like magic. It was like ‘wow, this is a group of people that all have their unique personalities, but all get along and that’s the most enjoyable thing.’

As far as the show goes, I like the story; I like picking up the scripts. There’s a new mystery and new story-lines to be undertaken. There’s a lot of stories that the writers come up with that don’t go and there’s a new storyline. You’re constantly wondering what’s going to happen and what’s going on and you’re able to communicate with the writers and give your own opinion of where your characters go. Just the whole dynamic of everybody and the nature of the show is what’s most enjoyable.

There was an interview in the summer where you talked a movie that they had put off because of your shooting Kyle XY. I just wanted to know if that was still a possibility or if you have other projects that are coming up, now that you’re in hiatus on the show.

CO: Yes. That was supposed to film this summer actually. The writers’ strike actually threw a lot of stuff into loops. There are some other film projects that, actually, this week, I’m waiting on. The thing of it is, with the show too, when the strike ends, we don’t know – we’re contractually obliged to Kyle XY, so we don’t know when it’s going to start up again. Basically, it’s a very wait-and-see and a lot of studios aren’t really into that because they want their actors immediately to sign on. It still is a possibility; it films in Lithuania, so obviously there’s no possibility to do Kyle and that.

Right now, it’s just a big wait-and-see. Everybody kind of has their fingers crossed as far as what’s going to happen. Hopefully, the strike will resolve and we’ll at least have a tentative date, so the projects can go forth. There’s about three or four projects now that I’m up for. But, like I said, this week, early next week, hopefully start around early March filming.

It’s just a big wrench in the machine with the strike and everything. When we film for nine months in Vancouver, it kind of limits what you can do in the meantime. In that three months or four months or whatever you get off, you hope to put something in there… and then something like this happens. There’s a lot of wait-and-see going on. I can say that I am up for a few projects right now. It’s just going to basically be about the dates and if it can work out, so hopefully.

I was curious, how did you come into the part of Declan? Did you audition for it? Is there a reason why you accepted the role?
CO: Yes. I actually did a couple of other ABC family pilots the year before. I guess this is the third one that I did. So I kind of had a relationship with the network already and with Touchstone and the director who I did another pilot with was the director of this. So I had a relationship already established.

But I had to go through the same process. I originally went in for Declan. Then they were going to cast Declan out of Vancouver. Then I went in for Kyle. Then I went to the producers for Kyle. Then they switched me back to Declan and then I went to the studio as Declan and then networked as Declan, then got the part.

I really enjoyed the script. Some pilots you’re like, ‘Yes, you know, it’s all right.’ But I really enjoyed the script and wanted to be a part of it and was kind of nervous about trying to get it. Then the whole, ‘Kyle is this,’ and then, ‘Okay, why don’t you come back in for Declan?’ And they’re back and forth, but it was very rewarding when I learned that I got the part. It’s a great network to work with and I’ve really enjoyed working with them. I had no reservations about working with them or not wanting to do it. I’ve done quite a few Disney things and I’ve always enjoyed it. Basically, the script and the relationship with the network is the main reason why I took it.

Do you have a favorite episode? If so, which one has it been?

CO: I play basketball; I love sports. So I enjoyed the basketball episode in the first season where Kyle is on the team because we got to film pretty much half the episode at a college and all day we got to just play basketball and run plays and stuff like that and, in down time, just play basketball. That fun because you have a lot of down time on sets and if you’re sitting in your trailer or watching a movie or reading a book, you’re sitting around. There’s a lot of hurry-up-and-wait kind of a thing. So that was the most fun and the episode, I thought, turned out great.

Then this season we have some episodes later on that I think are quite good, especially the last episode. I haven’t seen the final cut of it yet, but just the script and it was an enjoyable experience.

A lot of people are talking about Comic-Con and going to Comic-Con next year. Do you know if you guys are scheduled to be there or do you know anything about that yet?

CO: I don’t. We’ve been there for the two previous years. I sure hope so; I do not know. I hope that would be a possibility; we have had a great time going there. We’ve had a great turnout; the fans have been great. We all as a cast have enjoyed it immensely. So, I wish I could say, ‘Yes, definitely we’re going to be there.’ We all want to be there. We all may show up with our Star Wars outfits on and just walk around. But we all want to be there, so hopefully.

I was curious what has been your favorite role that you’ve played besides Declan in another show?

CO: I always like playing different characters and I’ve been fortunate where I’ve gotten to play a drug dealer or a killer and things like that. I enjoyed CSI Miami a lot. It was just one episode, but it’s kind of nice to play. A lot of times, I’ll play characters where I start out kind of bad. But then I turn out to be the nice guy; I turn out to be the good guy or I’m just the good guy throughout it. But I get to play the darker characters, it’s good.

In the show, even when I played a bad guy, it’s been for a good reason, like I was a drug dealer because I was trying to support my sister. Not that that’s a great reason, but there’s always a positive kind of thing. So, in that, you thought I was this shy, quiet, kind of nerdy kid or whatever and then I ended up killing the …agent because I was tired of being rejected.

Also, there was a sentimentality to it. It wasn’t just pure evil; he did it because of the rejection, because of all the stuff that’s going on in his life. It was enjoyable to play. I like when people are like, ‘Huh?’ They don’t expect it. I thought it turned out pretty good so I was kind of happy about that. That was a lot of fun, actually.

I was wondering do you ever get to offer any input to the direction of your character like advice on the way the script may be going?

CO: Yes, we do. The writers are in L.A. so when we get the scripts, we can put in calls. A lot of times, we’ll call and say, ‘Where’s my character going?’ Like I said, we don’t get the information until kind of last minute, so we all are very inquisitive about it. Matt does a lot with Kyle, ‘I don’t think I would say this.’ I do the same thing with my relationship with Lori. We all like to put in our input with the writers. And the writers are very open. Sometimes they’ll even express ideas to us about what they want and we’ll say, ‘Well, you know…,. because we know our characters now. They write them, but we live them.

It’s a good collaboration between us, as far as what we would like to see happen. Like I said, we trust our writers, which is a great thing because we understand that they’re going to do what’s best for the character and for the show.

I’ve been like, ‘I don’t like this blah, blah, blah,’ but in the end, it always turns out. So you learn to trust your writers with the storyline, especially the direction of your character. But yes, we call all the time and give input on lines or we call and we’ll change the lines or we’ll say, ‘We already said this and we did this in Episode whatever.’ So we call L.A. and they’ll say, ‘Yes, change the line to this or change it to this.’ We constantly are offering little input.

The more you work on the show, the more you do that. Even with directors. We’ll get different directors for every episode and they’ll want to shoot a scene and we say, ‘I already sat in that chair and did the same line last episode,’ and they’ll say, ‘okay, do this.’ So, there’s a lot of collaboration back and forth with the writers and directors. The writers are ultimately the ones that kind of decide, but they are very open, which is refreshing because, a lot of times, you just have to listen to what they say. So it is a great, refreshing show to work on where you can put input into what happens and what your character does.

You were talking earlier about the season going on with Lori and Declan and I’m curious if Jesse is going to come back in the mix for Declan as a romantic problem or if he’s more focused on Kyle now.

CO: Jesse is always kind of there and a little mixed up for everybody. Jesse and Declan, after everything that happened, they haven’t had close contact or relationship at all because she was reprogrammed and all that was kind of done with and Declan understands that. And Declan’s main concern is Lori and Kyle.

But there is some stuff in the future that Declan will kind of come to her for, not for romantic interest, I can tell you that, but he comes to her more for help. So he does look to her and she does become more of a part of everybody’s life, more than she is now. Romantically, right now, Declan has his hands full with Lori and also with trying to figure out what he’s doing himself. But you never know with our show. There’s lots of rumors going around with everything, but you never know.

As far as this season is concerned, Declan’s main focus is on Lori and on his relationship with Lori, Kyle and himself. I think Lori and Declan both are trying to figure things out themselves. And Declan, like I said, he handles things in a different manner, but it’s going to make for some enjoyable scenes coming up.

I just have a follow-up to both what you just told us and your earlier answer about the future for Declan. Now that we’re going to get into that area, will we begin to see a little bit more of Declan’s back-story because you’ve talked about his depth before, kind of like what gave him that depth? And because we’ve kind of got a hint that maybe he has a connection with Kyle in another way, will we get to see any of that? Do you know?

CO: Yes. I can tell you now as far as a back-story for me, I know the writers didn’t want to just throw in a one-episode back-story. I talked with them about it a bunch. As you know, there have been mentions of my dad and mentions of my troubled relationship with my dad and no mentions of my mom. There’s definitely a back-story to be had and it’s just a matter of the timing for it, as far as the writers are concerned. As of now, they don’t want it to be just like a one-episode thing or a two-episode thing. They want it to be it’s own arc. Declan is one of these few people on the show that we don’t know about his past as much. We know he comes from a wealthier family, but we haven’t really dived into that, which I’m sure will be a nice story arc.

All that does play into what Declan does and who he is and it’s just going to have to be a wait-and-see thing still. He’s still trying to figure out, like I said, things with Lori and things with Kyle and I’m sure later in the season there’s more information that will come out, slowly. And then next season, we haven’t filmed it or even started yet, but I’m sure next season hopefully, there’s going to be definitely some diving into answering some questions about Declan.

You talked about your character and your back-story. I’m curious if you could write a storyline for Declan, what would you have him do or what would you have his back-story be?

CO: The ever-present joke, Declan XY. We joke about it all the time because I want every storyline to be about me. I don’t know where the writers are going, but I think I would write it kind of similar. I would like to see my father come in, with my mom not being in the picture and just the relationship there and the tension that that brings, so that people could see a reason for Declan’s actions and stuff, maybe with a troubled relationship or his mom maybe even leaving. That’s kind of where I’d really like to see the show go, but otherwise, just give a better understanding of who Declan is.

And also Declan’s involvement with Kyle – I really enjoyed solving the mystery of who Kyle was last season and helping him out and things like that. It’s fun to shoot; it’s fun to do. I’d really like to get more involved with Kyle and find out more about what’s going on with him and being his friend. We do have that; it is in the show. But if I could write it I would keep in the same path they’re going.

Like I said, I don’t know what’s going to be in season three. I would like definitely a back-story with my family and maybe even other family members, the issues that that brings up, just so we have, just so we have some reasons to know Declan better. I feel like sometimes you don’t like me and then you like me again, then you don’t like me, then you grow to like me.

Like I’ve always said, I don’t want to betray the audience. If I’m going to be bad, I want to be really bad. And if I’m going to be good, then I want to be a good guy. I don’t want to be mediocre; I want to be strong either direction, so that the audience itself can gravitate towards my character in one way or the other.

Chris, any plans for behind-the-camera work for you in the next two, three years?

CO: You know, I would really like to direct. It’s very, very hard to do. I like to write but, my problem is, I could come up with ideas, broad storylines and then I try to write it. And I can’t get past the page or I’ll write one conversation and it’ll be ten pages long. Maybe f I could collaborate with the writers or something, but I don’t have the skills. I really like directing. I’ve shadowed, which is basically following around, the director and listening. And I pay a lot of attention to what goes on behind the camera.

One of the most important things an actor can do, if I could tell anybody anything, is so much more than just acting. There’s so much that goes in when you’re doing a scene repetitively. There’s different camera angles. So I try to learn as much as I can. It helps what you do so much because you’re much more comfortable.

I don’t know if Kyle XY would let me direct an episode, but maybe three seasons from now. But I would like to; I eventually would like to direct because I really enjoy that aspect of it and collaborating with actors. The directors that are the best are the ones that work with the actors and talk with the actors and communicate with the actors. I think I know how to do that, so I really would like to direct and see how I could put the puzzle pieces together.

Can you tell us a funny moment you’ve had on the set? Do the actors play tricks or is there just something really funny that’s happened to you?

CO: I’m actually the one playing the most tricks. Funny things happen. There’s a lot of inside jokes on our show. A lot of the stuff is like people put stuff in people’s trailers or pictures on the wall. Or they’ll make up fan letters, pretend like they’re a fan and write some stuff, put that in Matt’s trailer, things like that. Last season I played a big prank on Matt.

We were finishing the episode and I got the set cell phone, it’s Rachel’s. I called from her cell phone to Matt and basically pretended to be somebody else, saying that the episodes were fried and you have to re-shoot them. This was when we already moved out. We were moving out next week and he was all panicking and I’m like, ‘Yes, I don’t know what to do. We’re sorry, but we’re going to have to be here for three more weeks.’

Then I ran over to Matt’s trailer and banged on the door and said, ‘Matt, Matt, did you get a phone call? Can you believe this? What are we going to do?’ He busts out of his trailer and he’s like, ‘I don’t know what to do. I’ve got to call my manager,’ and then I started busting up laughing. That’s the biggest joke. It worked really good, too. He really didn’t know what to do.

Things like that, there’s a lot of that going on. We joke around a lot and we hang out a lot. Usually, I’m the one making fun of stuff. I like to make fun of myself a lot, so it kind of helps and keeps stuff light and fun. We all kind of tease each other and joke about stuff. We like to do our own versions of Kyle XY in between takes. We’ll rearrange the scenes into our own twisted way. There’s a lot of that going on.
Thank you for your time.

CO: Thank you very much.

Kyle XY Episode 24 Recap : To C.I.R. With Love

After seeing Jessi fall to her death, Foss convinces Kyle to return to the Trager home and reveal the truth about himself and Madacorp.

The ever loving Trager family, reminiscent of Ma and Pa Kent on Smallville, accept the truth about their “unique” son with no regrets. If anything the truth strengthened their bond. Kyle XY and Stephen Trager take it upon themselves to take down the Madacorp together. The rest of the Tragers join the bandwagon providing the perfect alibi for Kyle XY and Stephen’s diabolical plan.

Before confronting Madacorp, Kyle checks in to see his girlfriend Amanda. Unfortunately, he learns that she has already flown off to her music program.

Kyle turns himself into Madacorp, while Stephen goes to provide a hard wire connection from the lab to the Madacorp connection. This way Kyle can set off a power surge that will destroy all of Madacorp’s systems.

In the lab Kyle learns the fate of Jessi. Madacorp has found Jessi, who is frantically trying to scribble down the data she extracted from Kyle’s head. The only problem for Madacorp is that Jessi’s scribble isn’t written down in any particular order and it would take her 57 years to get it all out of her head.

Kyle uses his bond with Jessi to get Jessi into her mind. There we see the one thing Jessi desires more than anything else – a family to go home to. Kyle gets Jessi to transfer the data back into his mind. Now, he’s in the same chair Foss was in only shortly before.

Jessi high tails it to the elevator where she runs into Nicole Trager, the only other person besides Kyle who has helped her throughout her ordeal. She extends her mental connection to Kyle causing an overload in the lab’s computer. Stephen takes his queue and breaks out of his holding cell and goes back to set up the hard wire connection.

It’s fireworks galore at Madacorp, as sparks fly, systems crash, and Madacorp tech is no more.

My only problem with this episode was the ending. When Kyle returns home, he finds Amanda sitting in his tub. She missed her flight due to plane delays (happens to me all the time) and then the blackout caused by Madacorp. During this scene, Kyle and Amanda get to share their final moment together before Amanda leaves for four months. The sparks are there and the chemistry is in there eyes. but the kiss just lacked any passion. I hate to play the role of the “hopeless romantic.” I just felt that a closing kiss should have lasted longer than .2 seconds. Come on Kyle go for it. Even Josh is getting more action than you.

The second half of season 2 is off to an excellent start. With Madacorp temporarily out of the way, Kyle will have a new obstacle to face – well more so an old obstacle with a different twist. Jessi XX will be testing out her abilities without any inhibitions. This threatens the safety of Kyle’s secret.