HBO Sets ‘Entourage’ Season 8, ‘True Blood’ Season 4 Return Dates

It’s hard to believe that it’s already April of this year, which means that the premieres of HBO’s summer shows are quickly approaching. If you’re wondering when Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Blood and Entourage are returning, then seek no more.

True Blood will debut first, kicking off a 12 episode fourth season starting Sunday, June 26.

Two weeks later, the comedy kicks in when Curb Your Enthusiasm starts its ten episode eight season. This latest season was shot in both New York and Los Angeles.

And to round off Sunday nights, Entourage will debut on Sunday July 24 at 10:30 pm, with an eight-episode eight season. It had been previously rumored that it would stretch to ten episodes, but apparently that was not so.

The summer is fast approaching, but don’t forget to tune in to the second season of HBO’s Treme, which bows April 24, 2011.

‘Entourage’ Star Kevin Dillon Cast in CBS Pilot ‘How to Be A Gentleman’

What do you do when your hit show ends it’s 8 season run? You hop on another show, of course.

Kevin Dillon, best known to Entourage fans as Drama (and to 24 fans as that creepy dude from Day 2), has lined up his next role now that his HBO show is ending this summer.

Dillon will star in CBS’ pilot How to Be A Gentleman, based on the book How to Be a Gentleman: A Contemporary Guide to Common Courtesy and created by/starring David Hornsby, the man behind FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Hornsby will play a magazine writer who authors a column on how to be a gentleman. His character is described as stiff and uptight, while Dillon’s character Bert will be the opposite, easy-going and immature.

You can catch Dillon next in Entourage’s eight and final season, airing this summer.

‘Entourage’ Season 8 Update: Ten Episodes on Tap

This is a bit of old news, but important nevertheless for our Entourage readers. The eighth and final season of the HBO show is set to be ten episodes, not the six that was previously reported.

In January, series star Adrian Grenier stopped by the Adam Corolla show, where he disclosed the expected length of the season. During the summer Television Critics Association press tour, HBO mentioned that the last season would only be six episodes.

This is great news for any Entourage fan. Closing things out in a meaningful way seems like a tough task at ten episodes, not to mention six. It’s not quite a full season, but hey, we’ll take what we can get. Entourage begins filming this Spring and will end its run this summer.

Entourage’s Drama and Turtle Have the Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit That Is

Entourage’s Eighth and final season may be at least seven months away, but don’t let that stop you from getting your fix of Johnny Drama and Turtle.

Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara are lending their Entourage personalities to a set of commercials for Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, which hits store shelves today.


The two play valets at the W West Hollywood hotel, where they park cars more expensive than the ones they push around in the show. Of course, Drama maintains his neurosis, often battling his shorter friend for the silliest of reasons. But what do they do when darkness settles over Los Angeles? They race the cars at night.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit On Xbox 360:

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit On PS3:

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit On Wii:

Entourage Season 7 Finale (Episode 10) Review: 'Lose Yourself'

If you are reading this and were somehow able to pry yourself away from Lady Gaga’s meat dress and the rest of MTV’s Video Music Awards (sarcasm), chances are you tuned into one heck of an Entourage season send-off tonight.

By now, as a fan of the show, you already know what’s on the horizon, right? There’s “up” seasons and “down” seasons. Either Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) is an A-List star and his crew bask in the glories of endless money, babes and parties or they’re downtrodden, passing the time by partaking in indie flicks and wallowing in self pity. The oscillation back and forth over the years has been dizzying and jarring to say the least. As fun as it was to vicariously revel in the successes of Head On, Aquaman and Queens Boulevard, it was equally depressing to wade through the muddy waters of the Medellin failure. But all this time, the gang never seemed like they were truly in danger of regressing back to the days of riding the E train in Queens.


But Season Seven has been different. As in uncharted territory different. This time around the block, the writers danced around with the theme of self-implosion for Vince in the gang and they finally decided to follow through. No chickening out. No backtracking. All formulas out the window. A long story made short: Vince is in deep trouble. More specifically, he got his pretty face beat up, sent to the emergency room and caught by the cops with cocaine on his person.

In perhaps the first episode worthy of tears, the cleverly titled “Lose Yourself” featured Eminem and a whirlwind of heartbreaking developments, which will undoubtedly change the future’s of Vince, Ari, E, Drama and Turtle.

Things started out with Vince missing-in-action and Drama, Ari, Turtle, E and Scott joining forces to stage an intervention for baby bro. Little did they know that Vinny was across town playing the role of the psycho boyfriend at Sasha’s porn flick photo shoot. In the last of a series of ultimatums, Vince demands that she give up her ass-less chaps and bow out of the movie. Of course, Sasha doesn’t comply and these two lovebirds are finally kaput.

Meanwhile, we can thank the gods of boredom that the Avion storyline is finally put out of its misery. But you have to give Turtle an A for effort. He unbelievably calls around town, searching for $20 million to help Carlos buy the majority share of Avion. But his magical rolodex of sports stars (MLB pitcher first baseman Ryan Howard and NFL quarterback Drew Brees) yields no results. What does work is a heart-to-heart talk with Mark Cuban, which convinces the billionaire to not take over the company. That sound you hear is a collective sigh of relief that this plotline won’t live to see another day.

As for the most powerful agent in Hollywood, Ari can’t seem to stop his downward spiral either. The restaurant blowup on Amanda Daniels was the straw that broke the camel’s back: Mrs. Ari tells him that she needs a break. This after Ari attempts to throw more money at his problems by throwing her a surprise 40th birthday party with her favorite singer Christina Aguilera performing. Is it splitsville for Ari and his still unnamed wife? Don’t count on it, but seeing Jeremy Piven exercise some real range has been nothing short of amazing. Hugging his Blackberry, Ari looked truly broken at the core, and no amount of money was going to fix this situation.

Back to that intervention, it’s wasn’t a hard guess to surmise that Vince wouldn’t go down easy. Not only does he go into full denial mode, he accuses each and every member of his entourage of being parasites, their only concern being their meal ticket being yanked away (This was actually a long overdue epiphany on his part that needs to be explored further). This clash of heads results in Vince storming out of the house and checking into the infamous Roosevelt hotel. Completely rattled by what he sees as betrayal from everyone, he indulges in more cocaine. After moseying over to an Eminem party, his rowdy behavior in the midst of actress Minka Kelly gets him punched in the face by none other than Slim Shady, Eminem. When he fights back, with Drama in tow, Eminem’s bodyguards beat him into a pulp, sending him to the emergency room. A cop then confronts Vince for having cocaine in his possession. Cut to black. Cue Eminem song.

In this seventh season, the writers finally dared to put everything on the line. At the core, the show has always been about the guys’ relationships with each other. But this season has brought an underlying issue to light: These guys are not happy with riding Vince’s coattails, but he can’t function without his boys. With everyone focusing on themselves and their own successes, they all collectively failed each other.

Overall, while this season started with a slow simmer, but the show finally has its mojo back. The stage is set for one more go-round, Season Eight, which will undoubtedly feature the theme of redemption. That said, Doug Ellin and the rest of the writers have one heck of a daunting task in front of them to bring this puppy in for a landing in only six episodes. I would like to be the first to request that the meaningless cameos be kept to a minimum, so that the focus is on the crew.

So now it’s back to the waiting game, something many Entourage fans are familiar with. Before you embark on another year long wait, tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode. Was all of this Vince’s fault or the rest of the crew for not stepping in sooner? How should the writers bring Vince out of this predicament? Do you even want to see Vince get in trouble or should the show sidestep a possible arrest? Even more important, should the series end with Vince and the rest of the guys on top?

Entourage Season 7 Episode 10 (Season 7 Finale) Preview: Lose Yourself

In what seems like an instant, another season of Entourage is about the bite the dust. Now seven full seasons old, the HBO show has seen its fair shares of hits and misses. While the sixth season was a miss, this seventh season has revived the show and has been one of the best it has seen yet. Last night, featured more ‘fine acting’ by Marc Cuban, a cameo by Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher and director Pete Berg returning to the show for another great scene.

Ari continued to self-inflict wounds on himself. After the awesome nod to the Godfather (the Blackberry behind the toilet), Ari proceeded to tell off Amanda Daniels with the fierceness that got him in this publicity nightmare to begin with. In about 10 seconds, he ruined his second chance at being a part of the LA NFL team.

Meanwhile, if cocaine is Vince’s literal drug, Sasha is Vince’s figurative drug, one that he is officially addicted. Not only did he have the audacity to ask Pete Berg for a role for Sasha, but he’s now OK with her role in the porn flick, one that will involve her ex-fiancee. It’s time for Vince to go cold turkey on both drugs, but what will the withdrawal push him to?

And finally Drama is warming up to the idea of the Johnny’s Bananas show. All it took was a little ego stroking by E’s assistant, who we’re banking on as a future love interest to the ego-drive actor. It’s a bummer that he missed the surprise party Phil was throwing but a happy ending finally seems to be on the horizon for Drama, something he desperately needs (and deserves).

In the season finale, the writers will more than likely leave us with a cliffhanger to ponder for the next year. There’s a whole lot that needs to happen and little time to do so. You can expect that all confrontations will finally come to a head – and they will probably all end bad. Ari and Mrs. Ari will duke it out, with possibly a separation being the outcome. Turtle will have it out with Carlos as he tries to fend off Mark Cuban’s desire to buy out the tequila company. E and Scott will also fight – over Vince and presumably over Scott’s attempt to take down Murray. And finally, Sasha will break up with Vince for being too controlling, which will result in Vince doing more blow. The Season will end with the gang looking to find Vince, staging a much-needed intervention.

But, of course, those are just predictions, make your conclusion predictions from the preview video below.

Entourage is off next week for the holiday weekend, but will return on September 12th.

Episode #88 (Entourage Season 7 Episode 10): “Lose Yourself” (season finale)
Debut: SUNDAY, SEPT. 12 (10:30-11:05 p.m. ET/PT)

With Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves) fuming over Ari’s (Jeremy Piven) angry meltdown the night before, Ari tries desperately to keep a surprise party for her on track. The guys attempt to stage an intervention for Vince (Adrian Grenier), who has gone off the deep end. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) scrambles to find investors to save the tequila business. Eric (Kevin Connolly) receives an unexpected request from Sloan’s (Emmanuelle Chriqui) father, Terrance (Malcolm McDowell), which leads him to consider Scott’s (Scott Caan) business proposal.

Written by Doug Ellin; directed by David Nutter.

Entourage Season 7 Episode 9 Preview: Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

The only thing missing from last night’s episode of Entourage, Sniff Sniff Gang Bang, was E and Vince getting into a brawl right in Vince’s living room.

In just 3 episodes, Vince has gone from slightly misguided to fully delusional and, like the last time this type of thing happened, the culprit is a female. Back in the days of Aquaman, he swooned over Mandy Moore just as much as he is over Sasha, and back then he was a hard-headed mess that just couldn’t help himself. But this time you can enter the most serious drugs one can find into the equation and this guy is one party away from being another Hollywood overdose case.

And while it was great to see E get completely bad ass on Scott and Phil, he should’ve kept that fire in his belly for his confrontation with Vince. The episode’s best scene was E lambasting his friend of 30 years for doing coke and dating Sasha. To which Vince responded with a series of audacious demands. E should’ve cracked him right on the chin like Johnny Drama did to Seth Green back in Vegas.

Speaking of E, next week Kevin Connolly takes the director’s chair for the first time in the series. As for the characters, look to Vince keep stumbling down the path of doom. He’s either going to clean up his act or lose the AirWalker role. Meanwhile, Ari finds out that Amanda Daniels might have landed a deal he wanted. Two episodes left this season – hopefully the writers give us something good to go into the final season.

Episode #87 (Entourage Season 7 Episode 9): “Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”
Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 29 (10:30-11:00 p.m.)

To keep her out of a porn film, Vince tries to land Sasha a part on his new movie. During a chance run-in with Queen Latifah, Ari finds out that Amanda Daniels may have landed a deal he’d coveted. Eric tries to get Drama on board for Billy Walsh’s series, and Eric’s assistant Jennie (Janet Montgomery) pitches in to help persuade him. Turtle’s efforts to find financial backing from Mark Cuban gets him in hot water with his Mexican boss.

Written by Ally Musika; directed by Kevin Connolly.

Entourage Season 7 Episode 8 Preview: Sniff Sniff Gang Bang

Late in the game in this seventh season of Entourage, the show has gone full drama and that has actually been a good thing. Less than a minute into last night’s Entourage, Tequila and Coke, things cut right to the ‘chase’ – Vince does Coke (and not in the Pepsi competitor kind of way). I didn’t think the show would go there, but perhaps it’s the only thing left that the writers haven’t done yet. And more so than the Medellin failure, this one has the chance to unravel Vince and the crew back for good.

Who is to blame? Vince? Turtle? E? Vince hasn’t been the same since hurting himself in the accident. Turtle is so obsessed with the hint of success (and his smoking hot girlfriend) that he can’t see five feet in front of his face . As for E, when it comes to his friendship with Vince, he’s also phoning it in. Sloan or not, there’s no reason he shouldn’t have personally escorted Vince to the meeting with Randall Wallace.

Ok, the last episode did offer up some comedy. The tamed Billy Walsh is back and has a funny proposition for Drama: to be the voice of a Simian cartoon character. Of course, Drama rejects the idea but it did make for a diversion from all the other craziness going on.

It’s safe to say that Entourage is back on track and has recovered from the horrible misstep that was the sixth season. The laugh’s are a little less frequent, but this downward spiral has much more of an authentic feel to it than did the first setback in Vince’s career: the Medellin failure. Actually, the writer’s have cleverly shown what happens when the characters start becoming completely independent of each other: their lives tend to fall apart. I suspect they are setting us up for a grand pull together of the guys 1) to stage an intervention of sorts with Vince and 2) to end the show with all the guys back at the top having each other’s backs, to the end.

Check out the preview for Sniff Sniff Gang Bang. It seems Sasha is going to continue to be the bad influence on Vince, who now will have to do a drug test for the movie studio. Meanwhile, after the NFL debacle, Ari tries his hand at being a nicer, gentler boss. Good luck with that.

Episode #86 (Entourage Season 7 Episode 8 ): “Sniff Sniff Gang Bang”
Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 22 (10:30-11:00 p.m.)

Eric is informed by Phil Yagoda (William Fichtner) that the network is interested in Drama’s show, though the star is not enthused about its content. In the wake of recent bad press, Ari attempts to fashion a kinder, gentler persona at work and home. When demand for Turtle’s tequila line outpaces production, he sets out to find new sources of funding. Vince tries to convince Sasha to turn down a high-paying offer to do another porn movie.

Written by Doug Ellin & Ally Musika; directed by David Nutter.

Entourage Season 7 Episode 7 Preview: Tequila and Coke

With only 4 episodes left of Entourage’s seventh season, it is very clear that this will be one of the darker seasons of the show.

Front and center last night was Ari’s (Jeremy Piven) self-implosion. Amanda Daniels (Carla Gugino) and Lizzie (Autumn Reeser) made Ari squirm like we’ve never seen before. And while we were led to believe that a lawsuit was on the menu, Lizzie had other plans. She delivered tapes of Ari (and his abusive behavior) to Deadline Hollywood for an expose. Have Ari’s NFL plans been fumbled? It looks so.

Billy Walsh’s (Rhys Choiro) return was refreshing and it was great to see the once harsh director in more of a calm disposition. Walsh has given up the unholy Hollywood lifestyle of drugs, alcohol and porn. Now, he’s got a family, responsibilities and needs back in on the business. Unfortunately, he needs a real manager, namely E (Kevin Connolly), to get him there. Billy is ready to do whatever it takes, even if that means working with Drama (Kevin Dillon). The now reformed Billy wants to take advantage of Drama’s TV deal and pitch a prime-time animated series; he believes that Drama is too ugly to be a lead, but his voice and personality would be more resonant as a cartoon character. E doesn’t give an immediate response, but his interest has definitely been piqued.

Meanwhile, Vince (Adrian Grenier) is hell-bent on self-destruction. His porn star relationship coupled with his new title as tequila spokesman has raised suspicion from the studios regarding his mental well being. Turtle tweeting a few inappropriate videos didn’t help VInce’s case either. When Ari shows up at Vince’s house to confront E, the two discover Vince passed out by the pool. Will we go right back to the post-Medellín Entourage days where Vince goes through a career fall off? Let’s hope not. After all, there are only four episodes left in season 7 and Entourage Season 8 is only slated for 6 episodes.

Next week, Ari remains on the hot seat, while Billy Walsh attempts to craft a cartoon character for Drama to voice. This may just be the breakthrough that Drama needs to get out of his slump. If there’s one thing we’d like to see before the Entourage series finale, it would be Drama finally becoming a success. Both Drama and the fans deserve this reward that was unduly robbed from us at the start of season 7. Let’s just hope that if Drama rises up through animated fame, Vince doesn’t do a role reversal and end up a true Hollywood story.

Entourage Season 8 Confirmed as its Last

According to a report, Entourage will see its last days next summer. HBO announced at the TCA press tour that not only will Season 8 (to air next summer) be the last season, but that it will clock in at a paltry 6 episodes!

According to HBO programming president Michael Lombardo:

“The plan right now is we’ll finish up this season. We’ll do a shorter order for next season — we’ve talked about six [episodes],” said Michael Lombardo, HBO programming president. “[Creator Doug Ellin] … wants to write a film, but wants to do it if it makes sense for the story. … I will expect that within the next couple years [he’ll have another show on HBO]. But next summer will definitely be the final season of Entourage.”

At eight seasons, Entourage has definitely had a good run, though I can’t see them closing out everything in a meaningful way in 6 episodes. If you’re a fan of the show, you’re aware that each episode is about 25 minutes in length and feels much shorter.

However, as previously rumored, they do leave open the possibility for a movie, which is always good. How do you feel about there only being 12 more unaired episodes of Entourage left (6 this year, 6 next year)?

UPDATE: There are only 4 more unaired episodes left this season as Season 7 is 10 episodes long.

UPDATE: There will, in fact, be 10 episodes for the final season, read more.