‘Supernatural’ Season 9 Warm-up: Sam’s Going to Die… Again

September 23, 2013

Can you believe it? We’re now entering the ninth season of Supernatural. The Winchester brothers fandom has come a long way since the days of watching Sam (Jared Padalecki) and [...]

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‘Supernatural’ Star Misha Collins and the Global Power of Kale

July 24, 2013

A few years back, we spoke with Supernatural star Misha Collins at Comic Con. It was our first interview with Collins, during which the subject of “geeking out” came up. [...]


CW Premieres: Supernatural Bounces around Yet Again, while Vampire Diaries & Arrow Stand Strong

June 24, 2013

Wednesday, Thursday… Friday… Supernatural has always bounced around in the CW programming back. And the Winchester brothers are doing it again this Fall. The series moves to Tuesday at 9PM [...]


Supernatural Season 8 Finale Lead-in : Sam’s Screwed no matter what

May 15, 2013

The Supernatural Season 8 finale airs tonight, toting an underlying setup that may seem oddly familiar. Sam’s life is screwed whether he wins or loses. Dean is screaming at his [...]


It’s on! CW Says Yes to: Vampire Diaries Season 5, Supernatural Season 9 & Arrow Season 2

February 11, 2013

The fans and ratings have spoken. The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural have both been picked up for early renewals in advance of Upfronts. These two shows have been a dominant [...]


Freedom reigns in Supernatural Episode 8.11: Return of Felicia Day laughs

January 24, 2013

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 11: LARP and the Real Girl Whenever Felicia Day appears on Supernatural, fans can look forward to a smörgåsbord of geek references. Such was the case [...]


Supernatural Season 8 Episode 10 Review: Origin of the Burning Bush

January 17, 2013

It’s a lonely road for the Winchester brothers. In “Torn and Frayed,” Sam and Dean each faced a difficult decision: all in or all out, because half way gets you [...]


Supernatural Mid-Season Finale Lead-in: Fate of Benny & Amelia

December 6, 2012

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 9: Citizen Fang Old habits die hard, especially when your great granddaughter’s life is on the line. In Supernatural 8.09, “Citizen Fang,” Martin was given a [...]


Supernatural star Jim Beaver guest-stars on Dexter Tonight

December 2, 2012

Tonight on Dexter, Supernatural‘s favorite father figure will be showing up in Miami to play a new daddy role. Jim Beaver guest-stars as Hannah McKay’s (Yvonne Strahovski) father, Clint. In [...]


Looney Tunes calamity hits Supernatural Episode 8.08: Hunter Heroici

November 29, 2012

Who doesn’t like a good anvil dropped on their head? Wile E. Coyote – that’s who, especially when it was intended for the Road Runner. Looney Tunes calamity hit the [...]