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The Legacy of ‘Young Justice’ Lives on … Well, sort of

August 23, 2013

When Cartoon Network decided not to pick up Young Justice for a third season, a small part of me died. The animated-action series ended with the loss of teammates, new [...]


Khary Payton Offers Hope to Grieving ‘Young Justice’ Fans

April 5, 2013

As Cartoon Network and the DC Nation try to switch it up with Teen Titans Go! (and does so successfully–seriously don’t miss it) April, 23 we are still grieving the [...]

Young Justice

Young Justice Series Finale (Season 2 Episode 20): And so it Ends… too Soon

March 16, 2013

Everything that begins, must end. And so it is with Young Justice. For many, Young Justice is (or now was) arguably the best DC Comics animated TV series since Justice [...]

Young Justice

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 19: The Light vs The Reach + Cueing Series Finale Regrets

March 9, 2013

The penultimate episode of Young Justice pits the Light vs the Reach. Just as we presumed, earth’s villains and earth’s alien captors wouldn’t be able to get along once the [...]

Young Justice

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 18: The Fight for Blue Beetle – and a YJ Movie

March 2, 2013

We’re nearing the “Endgame” quite literally on Young Justice. Now that the truth about the Reach has been exposed, The Team will do their best to save Blue Beetle from [...]

Young Justice

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 14: Beware the Green Beetle

February 2, 2013

The Reach’s plan goes into full swing in “Runaways.” While Miss Martian continues to repair the damage she did to Kaldur’s brain, Blue Beetle will be tracking down a group [...]

Young Justice

Young Justice Episode 2.13: M’gann enters the fray

January 26, 2013

Deathstroke goes up against one of the members of the Team for the first time in “Fix.” Joined by Tigress, Deathstroke goes after Miss Martian, the person who crippled Kaldur. [...]

Young Justice

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 13: Beware Deathstroke in ‘The Fix’

January 26, 2013

Three Beetles?! Young Justice caught us off guard last week, when the series introduced a third beetle into the mix – the Green Beetle, from Mars. But that wasn’t the [...]

Young Justice

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 12: The real Roy Harper takes on the Reach

January 19, 2013

Problems with The Reach (and subsequently The Light) start to come to a boil in Young Justice Episode 2.12, “True Colors.” The episode features a parade of DC Comics heroes [...]

Young Justice

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 11 Clip: Cornered

January 12, 2013

Every great action cartoon has to have an obligatory episode dedicated to a villain whose sole purpose is the “hunt.” These hunters prey on heroes for the sport of it, [...]