More Walking Dead gaming action coming in 2013

One of 2012’s best games is going to have a sequel in 2013 – and no, it’s not Skylanders Giants.

Telltale Games recently stated that The Walking Dead: Season Two will be coming in 2013, instead of 2014 as initial reports claimed.

Currently, there are several rumors surrounding Telltale’s Walking Dead franchise.

1) Gary Whitta suggested that fans may see some additional TWD content before the release of Season Two.
2) Telltale CEO Dan Connors hinted that the new game will tie-in closer to the TV series. The first game served as an ancillary tale, that began as a prelude to the events in the TV series.
3) TWD may be coming to Playstation 4. In which case, Telltale will allow gamers to track the in-game choices of community members.

Whatever happens, we just hope that the The Walking Dead: Season Two retail release doesn’t have as many bugs as its predecessor. The episodes were great to play on XBLA. However, when they were converted over to the console, the bugs were painful. Saving progress between episodes was a problem on the retail release. Often times, when you went into the second or third chapters, the game would lose your progress and you had to start from scratch.

And the new ‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner is… Scott M. Gimple

If The Walking Dead has proved anything over its three season run, it’s that no one is safe – not actors and definitely not showrunners.

Scott M. Gimple has been appointed as the AMC stalwart’s third showrunner, replacing Glen Mazzara, who took over the reins back in Season 2. Of course, Mazzarra took over after Frank Darabont was famously let go. For the most part, the show was in good hands with Mazzara, but he was fired soon the announcement of a Season 4 pickup.

Gimple will start calling the shots when the show returns for said fourth season. He’s been heavily involved with the show in a writing and producing capacity since the start of Season 2. His TV resume also stretches long with writing and story-editing credits in semi-successful shows like FlashForward and Life. For moviegoers, this doesn’t necessarily add to his esteem, but Gimple also co-wrote the screen play for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

But The Walking Dead may be his biggest stage yet and the pressure to keep the show a ratings juggernaut will undoubtedly be high.

What fans care most about is that the quality of the show is kept high and the action is frenetic (read: more zombies, more gruesome deaths). A big challenge will be the fact that many of the original characters have been killed off, making it difficult to keep fans vested in the group’s overall well-being. Sure, new heroes and villains can be introduced at any time in this dystopian world, especially when they’re drawn from Robert Kirkman’s source material. But doing so is a delicate balance and sometimes even iconic characters (i.e. Michonne) are a labor to get fans to care about.

I’d also argue that pacing has also always been an issue on the show, with both Darabont and Mazzara at the helm. During Darabont’s tenure, the second season dragged along as the group searched for missing child Sophia, while camped out at a farm. Many viewers wondered just how long the show would spend searching for Sophia and why there wasn’t any action.

And now in the second half of the third season, under Mazzara’s watch, the prison backdrop has become a somewhat trite, serving as an place of endless conversations before Rick Grime’s inevitable showdown with Woodbury and The Governor.

The fourth season of The Walking Dead will presumably kick off some time in the Fall, but not before the last 4 episodes of Season 3 air in the next few weeks.

6 Focus Points to ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Episode 10

After last week’s very argumentative mid-season premiere, “Home” The Governor (David Morrissey) retaliated in a big way, catching Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group off-guard. Here are some of the biggest moments of the episode and their importance moving forward.

walking dead 310 governor

1. The Governor on offense
Just when we were beginning to like Axel (Lew Temple), the Governor turned him into swiss cheese and put some genuine fear into Rick and the group, shooting up the perimeter of the prison. As Carol (Melissa McBride) hid behind Axel’s body to shield herself from the spray of bullets, honorable to the end, the Governor managed to get a guy up in one of the watchtowers and put a mysterious driver to deliver a 20-piece McWalker meal deal into the grass. I thought it was odd that they covered up the van driver, to make some viewers wonder if it was Andrea (Laurie Holden), but there’s no way he is able to get her to turn on her friends like that.  What the Governor found out was Michonne can’t shoot a gun to save her life–a welcomed change from Rick’s deadliest assassins–and aside from Rick and the Dixons, there isn’t much resistance, making the prison that much more desirable to him. The Governor was turned on by the violence, the domination, and the assurance that they don’t have tanks. You knew this was coming, even after he calmed Andrea down. If he wanted to, he could take down the prison easily especially with Rick in his funk.

walking dead 310 andrea

2. Woodbury Under New Management
The Governor playing the “We need you.” card to Andrea and it’s working. That goes to show you how different Rick treated Andrea that she would even consider staying in Woodbury the minute she found out it was Rick and the others who broke into Woodbury. She just wants to be wanted. She never got that from Rick’s group, and she also sees all of these sheltered, clueless residents of Woodbury with nowhere to go once the Governor decides to dump them. Of course it’s really Milton (Dallas Roberts) who is left in charge and he has to be the biggest flaw in the Governor’s plan. Andrea’s going to make an attempt to come back to her friends in the upcoming episode but will her place ultimately be with the people of Woodbury? Let’s hope not, and hopefully Andrea will start mirroring her path in the comics. She’s had a few opportunities though to leave Woodbury high and dry and that has me worried she hasn’t.

walking dead 310 rick

3. Rick’s Still Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs
Chasing visions of Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) into the woods is not how you want to see your leader and while he’s not so sure of himself, Rick’s decision-making days are numbered. He’s alienating people who can help, he’s scaring off those he fought to protect, and now while he was dancing with ghosts, the group suffered their biggest attack by another group of survivors and had one of their walls breached. We’re not sure what happened to Tyrese’s (Chad L. Coleman) group but it’s time they welcome him and his sister back. The only one who is making clear decisions right now is Hershel and that’s because he’s had enough of a chance to rest. Now series creator Robert Kirkman said on Talking Dead that the visions of Lori are not her ghost, but manifestations of Rick’s psyche whenever something good is presented to him, for example, Judith, Tyrese, and Michonne. Those moments remind Rick of a happier place, and that is why Lori appears in what may be her wedding dress. What will pull him out? Carl smacking some sense? Another loss in the camp? If he’s manifesting Lori when good things come his way, what made him think about Shane?
Rick to Hershel: There’s an answer, I think in time it’ll make sense… I can’t. I can’t (come back in).

walking dead 310 glenn

4. Glenn’s chance to lead                      
Maggie (Lauren Cohan) wanted it, and now we’re finally seeing Glenn in a leadership role. It’s too bad he’s being so aggressive and angry that he’s not thinking clearly. He still wants to prove to Maggie that he can protect her, to make up for what he was unable to do. He turned her interrogation with the Governor into his suffering moment and that’s where he keeps going wrong. It’s not about him and yet that’s all Glenn can see, since he was made to look like a fool. Maggie understood the stakes and was left with no choice, still, the last thing she wants is to be treated like a victim.

Someone has to choose for this group though: stay, leave, or take the fight to Woodbury. There’s an eye for an eye thing going on here. So Glenn is eventually going to work this out, but only after he does something drastic. It wouldn’t surprise me if he retaliates and finds a way to lure walkers into Woodbury. They have a new pickup truck. A massacre at Woodbury would give Andrea an easy opportunity to come back to the group. Given all the changes that have gone on though, would she want to come back?
Hershel to Glenn: This rage is going to get you killed… What are you proving?

walking dead 310 daryl

5. Daryl redeems himself
This show couldn’t have its audience stay mad at its favorite character. That’s why Daryl was given a chance to play hero, twice and at the same time back his brother, Merle (Michael Rooker) up against a wall and remind him which of them is the jerk. Daryl saves strangers from a fleet of walkers, with a fantastic kill shot slamming the trunk of a hatchback onto a Walker’s head. What I found interesting was that the group did make an impact on Daryl as he told his brother off. Merle’s the one who cut his own hand, he’s the one who was stupid enough to get handcuffed to the roof of a building. He’s the bigot. etc. Of course Daryl makes it back to the prison in time to save Rick and Merle is alongside, which means he has to be welcomed into the group, and that transition will not be smooth. At least he can resume whatever spark he had with Carol who no longer has to feel guilty flirting with Axel. The Dixon brothers are back, but will they be enough?

We also saw the abuse scars on Daryl’s back inflicted by their father. It was something shared between the brothers and allows viewers to understand why Merle is how he is, and Daryl was given a second chance in his new family. The one thing they don’t share is Daryl’s magically moving tattoo, which was on the right side of his back in one shot, and on the left in another. Oops.
Daryl to Merle: I may be the one leaving, but you’re the one that’s walking away. Again.

walking dead 310 michonne

6. Michonne unleashed
It wasn’t much, but Michonne had to play it cool since she’s not welcomed by crazy Rick. As we said, she’s not good with a gun, but in this world, specializing is probably going to keep you alive in most cases, especially when you don’t have to worry about reloading. She was hacking up zombie skulls like she was playing Fruit Ninja in the high grass. Seeing Glenn walk up to her and ask her for her advice was a team-up I wouldn’t have expected, but right now these two are riding high off emotion, directed towards the Governor. Let’s hope their next move involves less guns, and Glenn deciding to do a perimeter check on his own. Once she gets full brought into the group–and she will–with or without Andrea, she’s going to be the toast of the group. This was a big improvement over last week, just give us more!

Those are the big focus points from this past week’s episode of The Walking Dead, what made an impression on you? Share your thoughts below and catch this week’s new episode Sunday night on AMC 9/8c.


10 Focus Points on ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Mid-Season Premiere

The Walking Dead is back with its Season 3 mid-season premiere and it was a soft return that featured more arguing more than expected, more internalizing of information that could have avoided said arguments, and Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) tight knit group beginning to fray around the edges as it loses one of its key members. Daryl (Norman Reedus) didn’t die, but to some, at least Carol (Melissa McBride), he did something worse. There were some good things and some bad moments, and we’ve chosen 10 Focus Points that got us thinking about what’s coming next.

TWD 309 Rick and Carol

1. Daryl chooses Merle over the group
Awww. Poor, Rick and Carol. They feel like they got dumped on prom night, but did they really expect Daryl to pick them over his blood. Daryl has always felt animosity towards Rick for leaving Merle (Michael Rooker) to fend for himself on the rooftop, and yes, Daryl became his own person by being away from his kin, but if the world was devouring people left and right, most people would choose to stick by their blood, no matter how they are viewed by others. Daryl has that right to see that Merle doesn’t share his same values and may go back to Rick and the group, maybe he can show him the way, but let’s give Daryl a chance here.

I personally like this change because Daryl’s is spinning his wheels playing second fiddle to Rick who is an emotional wreck and the universal love for the character is just a wee bit thick right now. All characters have several layers, baggage chained to their hip, and this is unfortunately Daryl’s. This will be a test for the legions of Daryl fans, but for now the Dixons should be considered wild cards.

twd 309 dixons

This is the first time he’s seen his brother in well over a year, they spent most of their lives together prior to the apocalypse, and survivors are gripping onto what remains they have left of their old life. Merle represents part of that for Daryl. And let’s not forget that Daryl hallucinated/dreamt about Merle and becoming his own man and proving that to him. He’s going to at least share that with Merle away where others aren’t looking to kill Merle the first chance they get. Daryl still believes he is misunderstood. The real question between brothers is: will Daryl still believe his brother is misunderstood at the end of Season 3, and if not would he be strong enough to put his brother down if he was about to harm anyone from Rick’s group, especially Carol?

Daryl to Rick: Don’t ask me to leave him. I already did that once… No him. No me.

2. Allen (Daniel Thomas May) and Ben (Tyler Chase) need to die next
If there are any two characters who viewers are ready to see be fed to the walkers it’s these two? Axel’s (Lew Temple) a little creepy but just institutionalized by being in prison for so many years. What are these guys’ problems? They keep trying to start a coup where ever they go without any weapons, don’t care to gain knowledge of who they’re dealing with (especially Carl), and if these two are so tough, why do they need Tyreese’s (Chad Coleman) approval? Don’t they realize they would have died in the corridors if it wasn’t for Carl (Chandler Riggs)? Ungrateful. These guys are as good as walker bait as far as I’m concerned. Axel too, but these guys first. Please.

Allen: Golden opportunity, a little kid and a woman… a little girl, and a one-legged old man.
Ben: Don’t forget about the convict.

3. A Father’s Touch
To my recollection, this was the first time we saw Rick hold “his” baby and it’s significant because it belts out its biggest cry since being born. It can be so symbolic of so much. 1) for all you Shane fans, it could mean “You’re not my father, don’t touch me!” 2) babies have a way of sensing things, and since Rick was all evil for the several months she was growing, it’s doubtful he ever took the time to talk or embrace Lori during the pregnancy about the baby outside of being sufficiently fed. He stopped saying ‘I love you’ to Lori, and maybe that baby doesn’t feel loved back. Maybe the baby senses all the darkness and pain in Rick and is scared too by him. 3) from Rick’s perspective all I could think of was that this baby is just a liability with his loud cry is a beacon for walkers. Great, as if he didn’t love the baby as it is…

twd 309 governor and andrea

4. The Governor goes Travis Coates
For all of those who HAVE read the comics know how we’re only starting to see what the Governor (David Morrisey) is capable of, but his growing darkness has been amusing, especially since he’s treating walkers, those bitten, and any outsider like they’re Old Yeller and executing them like they just pissed on his front lawn and now the natives in Woodbury are restless because their paradise was more of a mirage than an oasis. Michonne (Danai Gurira) killing Penny-zombie set in motion a lot in “Made to Suffer” turning the politician into the mad man.

Governor: Those people had it easy!

5. WTF Andrea?
For all of those who  HAVEN’T read the comics, Andrea (Laurie Holden) is a great character, one of the best in the series. Trust me. But she’s not getting the same treatment on the television show, yet anyway. Still I’ve been fine with most of the choices they’ve made for her, even most of her actions in Woodbury. Since she’s always been at the wrong place at the wrong time to never see how bad the Governor truly is, I couldn’t really fault her there. But it was hard not seeing her try to get Daryl’s attention in the arena fight with Merle. But then to hear how Phillip kept the knowledge of her friends’ there a secret and STILL stay and say, “Don’t drive me out!” What? He gave you your out. Leave, woman! That’s just boggling. And now it’s going to be even harder for her to leave.

twd 309 governor

6. Michonne on the sidelines 
This is one of my few, but big gripes with the mid-season premiere. I felt there were no real standout action moments in this episode outside of Glenn (Steven Yeun) making grape juice out of a walker’s skull. One of the many reasons I like Michonne so much is because she KNOWS HOW TO USE A KATANA. She’s not some survivor who just picked up a bow and arrow and decided to use it untrained because they have no other weapon. Michonne uses her sword as an extension of her body, like a samurai and sure, people keep taking it away from her but that’s going to stop at some point. And in order to use it, she must be active and come into relatively close range, making for thrilling and dangerous combat. There’s something exciting to watch with Michonne because there’s movement on a cinematic level, and I’m beginning to tire of the same camera shot of survivors playing Duck Hunt. Standing straight up and pegging zombies whether it be Daryl with his crossbow or Rick with his guns is like watching people play Maximum Force or Area 51 at the arcade. So Michonne was vastly underused in this episode, remembered mostly for leaning against or being hidden by that damn Hyundai Tuscon.

twd 309 hyundai

She is also being incredibly undervalued by Rick. His resources are thinning out and we have a savage warrior, who is smart, and sure, she has a screw loose but she gets off on killing walkers and bad people. Unpredictable? sure. But Rick should look in the mirror on that front. This woman has a valuable skill set in this world; she is smart and stealthy, and compassionate. She may not be talkative or the most forthcoming with her knowledge, but Rick rarely lets anyone get a word edge-wise anyway, making her the perfect addition to the team. I know it’s a foregone conclusion she’ll be embraced at some point in the season, but every moment Rick treats her like a misbehaved child, he gets a glaring stare through the TV after an eye-roll. Put her in the game, coach.

7. Glenn’s Bruised Ego
He wanted revenge, was denied, and felt the rescue mission for Daryl was a waste since the Governor is still alive, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) was put at risk and the Dixon Bros. ran off together. While clearing a truck from the road, Glenn gets in a screaming argument with Rick about the decisions he made, how he took Maggie with him to pull out Daryl. All the while there are walkers in the woods just 1200-1500 feet away. Sure he stood up to Rick, but wrong time, and wrong reasons. His girlfriend body was used as a tool and he was helpless. Based on the preview for this week’s upcoming episode, he might be the only one in Michonne’s corner and that’s more than enough reason to let Glenn brood.

Glenn: You didn’t kill him.

8. A brief conversation with Carl.
An unlikely pairing with Carol and Carl may be a preview of an upcoming relationship building between the two. Since Rick has gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, Carol has become the matron of the group and a functioning parental unit to Carl. For Carol, getting close to Carl may keep her from missing Sophia so much. It’s an interesting little chat, made even more depressing since Carl said all he thinks about is how mean he was to Lori. It’s a natural reaction to think about all of your regrets with the departed when they die. Given Rick’s mental state and responsibilities, Carl may need Carol more than he’s willing to let on.

twd 309 rick

9. The Lady Vanishes
Rick hallucinated Shane in the first shootout at Woodbury and he thought he spoke to Lori in the boiler room of the prison. Now he sees his wife standing on the prison catwalk in a white dress, perhaps her wedding dress? The first two hauntings were nicely executed, if we’re being honest, this one felt forced. This will only make Tyreese and the others to recoil a bit since their first impression of Rick is that a mad man is in charge of the prison. Still, Rick has clearly gone off the deep end and it’s clear the group needs new leadership or at least someone to help. The only one who can get to him is Carl who was told by Lori to take care of Rick in her absence. Time for the little man to step up–again–to help convince his dad that he’s not in a good place.

10. Outmanned and outgunned.
Rick rattled the gorilla cage and soon the Governor will retaliate. Sure, Carl, Glenn and Hershel (Scott Wilson) can hold their own. Maggie and Carol have improved their gun skills, but they’re not as deadly as Daryl, Shane, or Andrea. The Governor has military grade artillery and Rick’s still worried about growing the group because of the inmates. But there was only one truly rotten apple in that group. Another lashed out at the group because Rick left him to die. This problem goes all the way back to Season 2 in the episode, “Nebraska” when he realized the biggest threat in this apocalypse isn’t any walker but other surviving, living humans. Lori’s death and his regret towards her amplifies his problems and is clouding his judgement. Rick needs Michonne, Tyreese and his sister, regardless if they were able to keep Daryl or not.

Hershel: You need to start giving people a chance.


  • Daryl gets his crossbow back in a cool way.
  • Carl needs something to play with, seriously.
  • What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the prison? Ramen noodles.
  • Carol and Beth talk out the loss of Daryl.
  • Glenn gets tight with Hershel while a rift forms with Maggie. Their separate interrogations at Woodbury continues to a scar on their relationship.

What did you think of the Season 3 mid-season premiere? We’ll look for more focus points for Sunday night’s episode, “Home” on AMC 9/8c.

CRUNCH! The Walking Dead smashes zombie rating records

The Walking Dead

You know what’s cool? Zombies. That’s what. 12.3 million viewers says it all.

The Walking Dead returned for its mid-season premiere, taking in 12.3 million viewers during the 9PM airing of “The Suicide King.” The Season 3 premiere, “What Lies Ahead,” previously held the record for most zombie fans with 10.9 million viewers.

Coupled with the 11PM and 2AM encore airings, TWD bit off 16.6 million viewers for the entire night.

Nerdist star Chris Hardwick had similar success, grabbing 2.7 million viewers for his post-Walking Dead show, The Talking Dead.

Sons of Anarchy showrunner calls out AMC for Walking Dead Mazzara walk out

Kurt Sutter, showrunner of FX’s hit series Sons of Anarchy, is once again letting cyber space know how much he loathes AMC.

Today, AMC announced that The Walking Dead would be returning for season 4. Unfortunately, it will be returning without showrunner Glen Mazzara.

Mazzara now joins Frank Darabont as another Walking Dead showrunner who has parted ways with the network.

Using his favorite C-word, Sutter called out AMC for its mistreatment of showrunners.

“AMC is run by small-minded, bottom-line thinkers who have no appreciation or gratitude for the effort of it’s creative personnel. Time and time again we see events like what happened today with Glen Mazzara.”


Sutter accused AMC of looking at executive producers as “cookiecutter” talents and went on to say that TWD would suffer without Mazzara at the helm. With both Breaking Bad and Mad Men entering their final seasons, Sutter also said that he hopes AMC’s “stock takes a dive.”

EDITOR’S PICK: The Walking Dead loses another showrunner

How do you think Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead will fair without Mazzara at the helm?

Source: Kurt Sutter

AMC greenlights fourth season of The Walking Dead without showrunner Glen Mazzara

walking dead season 4 renewal

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before.

AMC’s The Walking Dead is coming back for another season, it’s fourth in fact, but it’s doing so without current showrunner and co-executive producer Glen Mazzara. The ratings this fall secured a big victory for The Walking Dead, as the first series on cable to win the 18-49 demographic in a fall TV season. Renewing a fourth season was inevitable and well-deserved. However Mazzara’s departure marks the second time a showrunner is leaving the show with no explanation other than the vague response in a prepared statement by AMC that “both parties mutually decided to part ways.” Mazzara responded in his own statement that he will remain on the show through the conclusion of Season 3 and afterwards, “it is time to move on.”

Creative differences were cited as the roadblock, Mazzara wanted ‘The Walking Dead’ to go one way, AMC wanted it to go another. Considering how much Mazzara respected the comics that’s a little worrisome moving past Season 3, which by the way, resumes in February 2013.

The show’s first showrunner, Filmmaker Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile), left after what many speculated as a difference in creator differences and budget constraints from the transition of Season 1 into Season 2. Mazzara took over after Darabont and saved a season that had been trudging through a thick mud of uneven writing and slow pacing. Both took a noticeable turn in the right direction after Mazarra took over, paving the way for the types of stories that have successfully been released every single episode of Season 3, arguably the best season so far.

We have nothing but praise for Mazzara’s run and look forward to what he has in store for viewers for the remainder of the current season, featuring two thrilling characters in The Governor (David Morrissey) and Michonne (Danai Gurira). Any deviation or completely original choices during Mazzara’s run were met with approval from viewers and critics alike, especially with what happened to Lori Grimes this past season and her son Carl (Chandler Riggs).

Mazzara has been a key to the show’s turnaround, especially at a time when many feared what the future would hold with one of the show’s original creators leaving so abruptly. Mazarra has been extremely open to the creative process to both media and fans on his twitter account; he has been nothing but class and Walking Dead fans should find this news of renewal as bittersweet.

Which brings us to the bigger questions surrounding this announcement, why would AMC rock the boat and not trust where the series is headed under Mazzara? What could the disagreements have been about? We may never know. Why does the network continue to have creative differences with their showrunners? AMC’s also had problems renegotiating with Mad Men‘s showrunner Matthew Weiner, Breaking Bad‘s Vince Gilligan, and Hell on Wheel‘s runner, John Shiban who was also not resigned for Season 3 of that show. Finally there was Jason Horwitch who created Rubicon but left during the production of its only season. Beware showrunners of AMC dramas.

As a veteran of TV production and having worked previously on Shawn Ryan’s The Shield for FX,  Mazzara expressed that even though the nature of television creates this environment to keep a series going for as long as viewers are willing to watch it and the comics had no end in sight, he still believed that the series had an optimistic vision of around seven to eight seasons worth of stories to maintain the quality of tone, production, and stories without slipping. That type of length in prime time cable television has only been achieved by some of the best series.

We’re guessing here, but maybe Mazzara wanted to take it towards that route but AMC wanted it to go longer given the high ratings? Did the disagreement come from wanting to follow the comics or did it come from wanting to diverge away from source material? The disagreement could range from a number of topics (money, characters development, the level of violence to think of a few) and only time will tell if the details become public. Combined with the network’s track record it doesn’t seem unreasonable to think there are some difficulties ahead for the show despite the rest of the cast and crew appears to be intact.

The transition between Darabont and Mazzara worried fans but ultimately there was some continuity there. Viewers and media played Chicken Little and believed that the show would collapse when Darabont jumped ship and it eventually worked out for the better. Other co-executive producers including Robert Kirkman and Gale Anne Hurd have also expressed gratitude and support of Mazzara and AMC’s decision to split ways. It is after all a day where the show has been renewed and we couldn’t be happier for the series. But the decision to announce the news midway through the middle of the third season does raise some eyebrows, since the renewals for Seasons 2 and 3 were announced almost immediately after the Season 1 and 2 premieres, respectively. There’s been no announcement as to who Mazzara’s replacement will be but given how collaborative the process is between writers, actors and creators we would be shocked if an outsider was brought in, regardless of resume. We expect to see a promotion come from within the current staff, as they did with Mazzara.

We are more careful this time around and will reserve judgement upon seeing what Season 4 brings, but given how well Mazzara held the cast and crew together and took them to a higher level, it’s hard not to believe that whoever takes the baton in Season 4 will have high expectations set for them from day one. The Walking Dead has a mantra, that anyone is fair game, concerning which characters could be killed off. It appears the same goes for showrunners at AMC.

Hot in Gaming: Cool DLC, Resident Evil, Fire Emblem, & The Walking Dead

Sounds Shapes DLC
The PSN downloadable hit that released over this past summer, Sound Shapes got its first wave of DLC this week. Three Sound Packs costing 99 cents each have released and each boast new trophies to conquer. Also, a free chunk of content, the Curved Terrain Pack has released and it will allow creation driven players to alter certain terrain. Good to see some attention has finally been made toward the critically acclaimed game.

Resident Evil 6 multiplayer DLC
Speaking of DLC, Resident Evil 6’s upcoming downloadables have been detailed. Survivors, Predator and Onslaught Mode have been announced, each costing 320 Microsoft Points ($4) or save a dollar on each at 720 Microsoft Points ($9) for all three. The DLC will start to roll out December 18, 2012. A whole three days before the world ends. Awesome.

Latest Fire Emblem on its way to the States
Fire Emblem: Awakening, which released on April 19, 2012 in Japan, has finally gotten a North American release date. The tactical RPG will arrive on the Nintendo 3DS on February 4, 2013. A solid date for Europe has not yet been announced, but it’s looking like sometime around April 2013. Sorry, Europe.

Crime fighting portable
On an episode of Japanese cop show, Gekiroku: Keisatsu Micchaku 24ji!!, an officer used a PS Vita to track down a criminal for identity theft. The officer used the PS Vita to pick up WiFi hotspots, which the cop notes is better than any other mobile device available. I can vouch for this as every time I’m on the go and am disrupted when the PS Vita picks up unwanted WiFi connections.

Google Maps for Wii U Detailed
Slated to release in the early months of 2013, Google Maps is coming to the Wii U via eShop download. Users will be able to explore and virtually walk around in the super detailed map service we’ve all familiarized ourselves with. The download will be free for a limited time.

Spike TV Game Awards
Telltale Games’ episodic The Walking Dead game series took home Game of the Year at Spike TV’s annual awards show. TWD also won awards for best downloadable and adapted game, as well as best performance by a human female for Melissa Hutchison as Clementine. In one of the biggest sweeps to date, Telltale Games also took studio of the year.

Top 10 most gruesome moments of The Walking Dead Season 3 so far

The first half of The Walking Dead’s third season has come and gone leaving in its wake a horde of gruesome moments to remember. Here are the top gruesome moments from the first 8 episodes.

10. T-Dog: No Bark, ALL BITE – Episode 4 “Killer Within”

T-Dog went down as a hero as he was bitten and then sacrificed his doomed self to save Carol. Anyone find it hard eating after seeing his picked-clean carcus?

9. Tomas’ Splitting Headache – Episode 2 “Sick”

As Rick’s group tried to work together with the prisoners discovered in the season opener, viewers were given all the reason in the world to not trust the prisoners’ leader, Tomas. After taking an underhanded swing at Rick and then attempting to made him zombie feed, Tomas’ wig is split in half by a machete-wielding Rick.

8. Michonne… or Leonardo? – Episode 5 “Say the Word”

During her time in Woodbury, Michonne’s access to her swords was taken away by the Governor. This episode saw Michonne reunited with her weapon of choice and it was satisfying to see her pent up frustration taken out on the Governor’s captured walkers.

7. The Governor’s army – Episode 3 “Walk with Me”

For those who hadn’t read the comics, the Governor may have appeared to be a nice guy. However, his true colors shone right through after he and his men gunned down a surviving group of army soldiers in cold-blooded fashion.

6. Holy **** — Episode 1 “Seed”

The season kicked off with the graphic and bloody image of resident veterinarian, Hershel getting his leg chopped off by Rick. This impromptu was for good reason though; Rick’s quick decision prevented the infected leg from making Hershel a background dancer in Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

5. Ricktatorship – Episode 5 “Say the Word”

Rick, delusional after finding out about Lori’s death, went on brutal zombie killing rampage. If you Halo 4 players were scoring at home, he registered 2 Double Kills, a Melee spree and a Killtacular with an untouchable K/D ratio.

4. Glen becomes a man – Episode 7 “When the Dead Come Knocking”

Glen and Merle’s first encounter since episode 2 of the first season was followed up by a bloody interrogation scene. Merle dished out the beating and Glen took it like a champ.

3. Are we having fun yet? – Episode 6 “Hounded”

Michonne showed her sword-wielding prowess once again when she ambushes Merle’s group in the woods. One got stabbed, the other competed in a game of Barbarian on the Commodore 64 and lost.

2. Oh baby – Episode 4 “Killer Within”

Corned by a swarm of zombies, Lori was forced to give birth to her baby (“Little Ass Kicker” ehem Judith) via an impromptu Caesarean section. And by impromptu, we mean Maggie had to cut her open with a knife. Naturally, this kills Lori and Carl is forced to shoot his mother to prevent her from turning. The show’s truly tear-inducing moments are infrequent (ex. Sophia in the barn), but this was easily the most somber scene yet on the series.

1. Glass Eye – Episode 8 “Made to Suffer”

The fight between the Governor and Michonne during the mid-season finale was all fun and games until the Governor is stabbed in the right eye with a glass shard. While that had to hurt like all get-out, nothing says bad-evil-dude like an eyepatch.

Michonne stirs the pot in The Walking Dead Mid-Season 3 Finale

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 8: Made to Suffer

The Walking Dead

This season has been full of aggressive moves with main characters on offense, pushing the story towards the edge of the cliff. I’m not talking about the fiscal cliff, I’m talking about central characters at the cliff of their breaking point. In “Made to Suffer,” Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) continued their assault and rescue mission at Woodbury, while Carl (Chandler Riggs) manned the gates of the cellblock when newcomers come swinging their way into the back side of the prison. We got humor, confrontation, introductions, and reunions. One could say that “Made to Suffer” had it all.

Michonne told Rick that she led him and the others back to Woodbury to save Glenn (Steve Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan). She wasn’t lying… completely. It can be interpreted that she used Rick and the others to create a diversion while Michonne snuck into the Governor’s (David Morrissey) apartment to kill him. What she got instead was a shocking kiddie-sized surprise and the fuel she needed to get him to attack her at his most vulnerable moment. Give it to Michonne, she wasn’t waiting around for anyone, she wasn’t waiting for Rick to give her the “o.k.” and even though she put herself in harm’s way, what a thrilling way to get the Governor in a physical battle–and what a way to leave him with a gouged eye.

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What I find so fascinating is that a television character who is so laconic can do so much to change the chemistry of the group. The Governor and Merle (Michael Rooker) were clearly threatened by her. It was Carl’s decision (his first since shooting his mother) to step over his father and save her outside the prison gates. And she has been both a savior and loyal friend to Andrea (Laurie Holden) even as she stood in a standoff.

This brawl had everything, from Michonne finding the aquariums of severed heads (two of which, belonged to her “pets”), the Governor ramming her head through one of them, and Michonne spilling a few more onto the floor–that tried to bite her, while struggling for her life. The Governor had no problem inflicting pain on Michonne and she gave him the push he needed to really bring the villain out of him. Penny was probably the last thing tethering him to what remained of his humanity and for the second half of the season we’re going to see all of the ugly we know the Governor is capable of. But Michonne’s handiwork came with a cost and a lesson in consequence.

Rick to Michonne: You get what you came for?

The Walking Dead

Michonne left her post with Rick’s group and was nowhere to be found in the shootout that ended in Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) capture. The Governor, forever wounded by Michonne moves onto his new focus of hatred, pitting the angry mob of Woodbury against the Dixon brothers. Knowing that Merle lied about Michonne being dead, he found a story to manipulate the arena’s fury in his favor. He felt that Merle was more loyal to his brother than him, and that made him expendable, especially since he was unable to take care of Michonne. This twist caught me off guard as I had expected to see both Dixon brothers pitted against each other as they are both high “ranking officers” on opposing surviving groups. Now they’re seeing each other for the first time in nearly a year, back-to-back, fending off whatever the Governor has in store for them.

Governor to Merle: You wanted your brother, now you got him
walking dead 308 dixon brothers

In the eyes of the viewer, this switches Merle back to a guy to root for, which is pretty hard to do considering he beat the hell out of Glenn and let a walker loose on him. But in the hearts and eyes of the audience, Daryl trumps all. So with the life of one of the show’s most popular characters in the balance, any ally Daryl can find is a welcomed new friend. But what about old friends?

Andrea finally realized at the end of the episode that the “terrorists” were a party from her survivor camp. She’s probably realizing that Michonne was helping them or at least assisting them–we can hope, right? The Dixons’ fate may fall in the hands of Andrea whose questions are beginning to get on the Governor’s last nerve. In a season that’s been set up to compare and contrast the leadership skills of both Rick and the Governor, we’re also seeing them both unravel. One in anger, the other in sadness and regret. Rick’s most interesting moment was when he saw Shane (Jon Bernthal) in a vision. From this latest vision to the phone calls from Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), he is still haunted by his decisions and venture into the dark side. For a guy like Shane, that trip might have been easier, but in our exploration of Rick, it’s clear he hasn’t gone down this path very often and the way he handled his marriage in this final year, in this intense crisis is breaking him.

walking dead 308 tyreese

Enter: Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman, The Wire).

One of the fan-favorite characters from the comics made his debut and offers an interesting third option to what a leader can be in this apocalypse. He certainly served that purpose in the comics and it should be interesting to see how that is changed and what he brings to the story. We know that he’s good with a hammer, not big on unneeded violence, and was smart enough to see that Carl was the man-of-the-house in the prison, respecting his decision to lock them out of the cell block. Unlike the comics, Tyreese has a sister with him, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and that is a significant change since there are so few survivors we have left that have someone close to them to lose.

So what else can we expect from the next eight episodes?
• I expect a big retaliation from the Governor at the prison.
• Rick’s leadership or mental state to come under question even more, especially by himself.
• Andrea to make some enemies and friends.
• A deeper step into darkness for Glenn.
• I hope that Andrea comes to her senses soon, and at least for Michonne’s sake, leaves Woodbury.
•I don’t expect Merle to be welcomed in Rick’s group and that is a bit worrisome for those that value the life of every character on television shows. I just don’t feel good about him.
• And I wouldn’t be surprised if we see many of these characters carry over into the inevitable fourth season because there is so much still left to tell.

Who’s willing to skip to February?

walking dead 308 shane ghost

Other Rotting Pieces of Flesh

• Glenn continued to rise in the ranks of favor by ripping off the arm of the walker who nearly killed him and making a wish with its bones to create makeshift daggers, to which Maggie used with expertise. Dead, alive, walking, it don’t matter, it’s best not to get on Maggie’s bad side.

• Speaking of getting on the bad side of women, The Walking Dead continues to show the downsides of underestimating women for instance the Governor and Michonne, then there’s the Governor and Andrea who continues to plead her case, “I’m good with a gun.” Maggie shoved a bone into a dude’s jugular, and Carol put Axel (Lew Temple) in his place two times in one conversation.

• Can people please stop taking Michonne’s katana away from her? Girl is about to slice the next fool in half who separates her from her weapon.

• R.I.P. Oscar, we hardly knew you, but we knew you less than T-Dog. So you get the shortest memorial since Patricia.