The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Dead Man Talking

Just when it seemed like this week’s episode of The Lying Game would make no major developments… it packed a good punch and getaway. We did not dive any deeper in the case of who Sutton and Emma’s biological parents are but the gang did find out who almost killed Sutton the night of the party. Too bad this did not lead them to his boss. Running against the clock, Ethan had to make a decision that directly affected not only his life but Sutton and Emma’s. Talk about turmoil. Where “Dead Man Talking” ended… it has taken the show in a direction none of us would rather go down. But because of that, there is sure to be some incredible drama that would not have taken place otherwise. More on that in a bit…

Before the big piece of the puzzle this week was put into the right place… Emma (Alexandra Chando) talking to Thayer (Christian Alexander) about being a foster kid brought for quite a bittersweet moment. Emma was honest and open with him talking about her past which was just as unpredictable as her future is. There’s a lot to be said about that. She was also genuine with Sutton’s (Alexandra Chando) parents as they approached who they believed to be Sutton about her recent attitude and behavior. If these two only knew. Who else is itching for the moment that Sutton and Emma are out in the open?

Emma back in the Sutton home brought a relief that Sutton could never bring. It’s just too bad that Sutton made all of the damage that she did as herself, leaving Emma to pick up the pieces and be the responsible one. Of course that is no challenge for Emma to do though Sutton needs to learn to be an adult and take some of that responsibility. She wants things to go her way but does not want to pay the price when there are consequences to that way. What a shame. And we thought Sutton was making progress.

While Emma was busy this week playing house, Sutton and Ethan (Blair Redford) interrogated Derek (Ben Elliott) about his involvement with scaring Sutton on the night of the party. As they left Derek’s, someone else was coming in… and that someone killed Derek. It’s disappointing to see Ethan put in the position yet again where he is forced, in a sense, to take the fall for something that he did not do. This cannot be the story of this kid’s life. Not only is that incredibly frustrating beyond belief to watch week after week, but there must be more depth to reach with him. Taking us for a loop with Sutton skipping town with Ethan instead of Emma… other than Emma reversing the load of damage Sutton was able to do at home… I don’t see an upside here. What do you think?

As for Sutton’s dearest… Laurel (Allie Gonino) getting back together with Justin (Randy Wayne) is a terrible idea and frighteningly confusing. What in the world do the writers have up their sleeves? Laurel joining a band is sure to bring some great music to the show but that in no way softens the blow here. What is Laurel thinking giving Justin a chance after what he was pulling? Laurel is stronger than this. There’s also Sutton’s bestie to think about. Emma and Sutton not communicating about their lives as Sutton got Laurel back together with Justin and Mads (Alice Greczyn) grounded for a week. This has given us good reason to worry about how the girls will fair from this point forward. With Sutton out of the main picture at this point, Emma has full reign again. But a close call is a close call and the twins need to re-evaluate how they will handle going forward when they are in the same town again, both being Sutton.

Mads may be grounded now but she sure had a good time before then. And her father seems to be as well. But enjoyment is not always good. There was a bit of development with Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) as we found out that Alec (Adrian Pasdar) treated her poorly in high school. Sutton’s mother seems to be baffled with Rebecca and Alec’s romantic relationship today and for good reason. It has been said before and must be stressed again… Alec has everyone in town wrapped around his finger. Even knowing that Rebecca has her own agenda… Alec is still going to wind up getting what he wants. No? Or will his arrogance lead to his downfall? Either way, it seems that Alec is playing Rebecca and vice versa. What good could come of this? There are a handful of episodes that still have yet to air and it is unclear exactly where season one will leave us at. But one thing is for sure… Alec will be forced to make some big moves. Are you ready?

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The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Black and White and Green All Over

What an incredible episode of The Lying Game. Sutton gets a reality check, the walls come crumbling down for Laurel only to be put back up immediately by her family, and lots more takes place in this episode of The Lying Game. To say the least, this was quite an entertaining hour.

“Nice to see you undoing all of Emma’s good work on your first day back.” – Ethan

It’s the debutante ball and Sutton (Alexandra Chando) is back as herself doing a terrible job at being the loving and appreciative daughter that Emma (Alexandra Chando) was as her, a somewhat more caring sister than before – although it’s hysterical and sad that even trying to be a good sister, she doesn’t know the right decision to make… and to no surprise, she seems to be the same selfish girl when it comes to Ethan (Blair Redford). She may be trying to fool herself into thinking that she isn’t jealous of what Emma and Ethan have, but the hurt is still all over he face. It is too bad the break up that Ethan and Emma planned for Ethan and Sutton didn’t occur. Hopefully Emma made the right decision giving into Sutton’s, “Please, stay, I’ll tell my parents about you when this is all over” speech.

In the meantime, Sutton need not hurt her friends in the process. She may have a secret history with Ryan but that should not be more important than respecting her friend, Mads (Alice Greczyn) who is getting involved with him. Sutton Mercer’s bad behavior knows no bounds. For that, can she ever be trusted? for that, can she ever be a good friend? A good sister? Laurel (Allie Gonino) and Justin’s (Randy Wayne) truth behind their break up is out in the open due to Sutton after all. Laurel’s truth wasn’t expressed on her terms but that is surely only the beginning of things shared to the public if Sutton has anything to do about it. Sutton may have meant well doing what she did but she has a lot to learn about doing the right thing. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Now it’s up to Ted (Andy Buckley) to tell everyone what that fatal phone call was about… the phone call that changed not only Justin’s life and Ted’s life but Ted’s family’s, sending them back to Phoenix from LA. If next week’s all new episode does not get down to these details, it will only be a matter of time when. How terribly disappointing it would be for Ted to play his own lying game about the phone call he received. Everyone deserves the truth. His daughter was hurt because of his actions and that’s not something Ted should take lightly or feel he can handle by himself. The truth needs to be put out there so that everyone is on one accord.

Speaking of the truth… the revelation that Annie Hobbs is not Sutton and Emma’s mother was definitely a huge step backwards. Annie Hobbs may have stolen Emma but what else is this crazy woman keeping from the girls? What do the writers have planned? Is Annie, now known as Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) really the one that could be Sutton and Emma’s biological mother, the attempted killer, both, or neither? Mystery has never been better on The Lying Game. Rebecca brings an entirely new vibe to town and that vibe is not a good one. Is it too early to call her a villain though? Hard to say when we don’t know what she is up to aside from threatening words to Annie Hobbs. Hmm. Let the theories begin. The writers sure know how to keep us guessing!

But Rebecca is not all evil, if evil at all. She is good at her job (as we know by her musical ear and ability to book talent) and she is great for girl advice, at least based on the relationship that she is creating with Mads. Mads either wanting that female presence in her life with her mother gone or simply wanting to see her father happy if she can’t be happy with Ryan is a great place to see her in. We have seen a desperate Mads but we haven’t really gotten to see the vulnerable side of Mads so it has been a joy to see all of the different layers to this character. She continues to surprise us every week. Although she doesn’t know how bad of a place she is in with Sutton on the sidelines just waiting for things to be over with Ryan, and with her father, Alec (Adrian Pasdar) on Emma’s attempted murder suspect list. Is there a better chance at Alec and Rebecca falling for each other than Alec attempting to kill his Goddaughter? There are so many questions that The Lying Game throws us each week, all of them worthy of giving us a migraine or two until the next episode. If you’re wondering, “what in the world could possibly happen next?” you are not the only one. Fantastic episode. We could not be more thrown off and more frustrated with Sutton as Sutton. Stay tuned for more.

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The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Pleased to Meet Me

This week’s episode of The Lying Game, “Pleased to Meet Me” was one of the more mediocre episodes of the bunch so far this season. While Sutton (Alexandra Chando) has returned home and is no longer in need of having Emma be her, the drama was not taken to its usual high. Instead of focusing on story development, this was more of a character driven episode in the sense that we were given some back story and we were finally able to see how certain characters act around others when the going gets tough. Overall, this is definitely not one of the most memorable episodes of The Lying Game, but it played its necessary part in this story and for that, it can be appreciated.

Coming out of a forbidden relationship, Mads may be moving onto another guy, this time age appropriate. What’s fun about this possible love interest, returning student, Ryan, is that Mads is resisting whereas in her past relationship, she couldn’t keep her hands off her guy from the very beginning. It is great to see this contrast and also heartwarming to see Mads happy, even resisting. That said, it would be nice to get more out of Char (Kirsten Prout) other than her family drama. But for now, Mads and Ryan will do. Mads was not at all pleased to be reunited with this trouble maker but there’s more to Ryan than his prankster ways and he’s trying to let Mads see that. Hopefully she doesn’t not push him away before he has the chance to let her see that.

As for another new character on the show, what a sweet moment is was watching Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) encourage Laurel to sing. Perhaps it was so touching because it was the first genuine moment we have seen from Rebecca, mysterious as she is. Music has that affect on people. Although Laurel wasn’t singing her heart away while Rebecca stopped Alec (Adrian Pasdar) from apologizing to her in an attempt to a fresh start between the two. Hmm. What exactly is she trying so hard to forget? Being a fly on the writer’s room wall as they craft the character of Rebecca is definitely something that any of us would love to do. Since that is impossible, we’ll just have to stick it out until it is time for Rebecca to unravel. That said, people do get impatient and character development can only be so slow of a process. Back to the music…

Allie Gonino has a beautiful voice by the way. Justin (Randy Wayne) definitely missed out. Then again, he would have never met Laurel had he not come to town for revenge. His story is that Ted (Andy Buckley) made an error in surgery while working on Justin’s mother and it ended up killing her. There could be more to the story but it could also be that Justin is the first of those in town to quite his lying game… one of the rare moments it is okay to quit. But where does this leave Justin and his initial intentions? Why did he choose to tell Laurel now? If Justin’s mother died on the table, how did his father die? Will Laurel tell Ted? What news did Ted receive on the phone that distracted him going back into surgery on Justin’s mother? There is a never ending list of questions to ask. Whether or not you were a fan of this story line, this most recent revelation will reel anyone in. Way to keep us intrigued.

Inquiring minds want to know what Emma’s (Alexandra Chando) day to day life will be now that Sutton is back. The reveal was incredible since neither Sutton or Emma had time to plan out the switch… same as when the two first switched, except without Sutton’s mother calling her name outside of a party. What is disappointing though is how incredibly unlikable Sutton is. Readers of The Lying Game series found themselves rooting for Sutton from the very beginning and Emma as well shortly after while here in this adaptation, it is Emma and only Emma who seems to be worth rooting for. If there is anything to hope for with Sutton it is redemption. She can try to play that part but everyone, Ethan (Blair Redford) and Thayer (Christian Alexander) included can see past that. It has to come from the heart.

This brings us to anticipating how Sutton will interact with everyone and what her parents, her friends, and others will say about her going back to “the old Sutton.” It’s no secret that Emma is a much friendlier Sutton. Does the real Sutton care to keep that up? Something about Sutton’s smile did not seem to add up when she said that she wanted Emma to stay in town once all of this was settled and everything was out in the open. Whatever Sutton has planned, it would only be right if she grew to genuinely mean what she said here. If there’s one thing Sutton shouldn’t want to do without Emma there it would be to take down Nisha (Sharon Pierre-Louis) or at least find a way to make sure there is no conflict there moving forward. Whatever the case, there’s plenty to do before Emma and Sutton are both known by everyone in town so stay tuned.

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‘The Lying Game’ Season 1 Episode 12 Review: When We Dead Awaken

What an incredible episode of The Lying Game this week! Last week was mediocre compared to all that took place this week. Talk about heart pounding drama. Plenty was revealed and with that came a whole slew of new questions just waiting to be answered. “When We Dead Awaken” has all of the elements that clearly show why The Lying Game is one of the best dramas on television today.

Starting off right where we left off… through the white box tied with a black ribbon, we find out just how cruel Sutton (Alexandra Chando) is… if there were ever any doubts. “‘Mean girl” and “bully” do not even begin to describe the evil inside of Sutton. Hopefully Ethan (Blair Redford), Thayer (Christian Alexander) , and Emma (Alexandra Chando) are prepared for whatever games she has up her sleeve and Sutton’s friends, if pulled into this mess, are able to see that Emma is the good guy here. But sometimes acknowledging that isn’t enough, so there really is a never ending list of things to hope for.

Now there were some major developments on the Alec (Adrian Pasdar) front. We all know why Ted (Andy Buckley) is so indebted to Alec but who knew Alec had half of the town on their knees? It’s unfortunate to see that Ethan’s (Blair Redford) brother owes Alec a debt that really can never be paid off. Speaking of pay… does Justin (Randy Wayne) owe Alec anything? Watching Laurel (Allie Gonino) hurt and confused about Justin’s sudden break up was one of the most heartbreaking moments of the season. What is behind the break up and will we find out soon? A reasoning behind this break up needs to come sooner rather than later so some sympathy can be found for Justin when we do find out why he is acting the way that he is. But then again, does it deserve the sympathy? Ah, there are so many questions to ask. What an incredible mystery this all is.

So now that we know that Sutton is indeed alive, the readers of the The Lying Game book series can stop holding their breath. Not yet guys. Sutton is not dead…yet. Oh, what an evil tease! But Sutton’s death happening in season one of the series would seem a little premature given the way things are going on the show. What do you think Sutton has been up to all of this time? What an incredible cliffhanger! But with that, it doesn’t look like Emma will get to go to college in Sutton’s place. It’s a shame too. Emma would excel and Sutton, well, she would excel at other things. Next week is sure to bring the goods, especially with Sutton back in Texas! There was no Nisha, again this week and not much of Rebecca but what we did get may have hurt a few brains. She is the biggest mystery to date. Overall, “When We Dead Awaken” was a fantastic episode! If this is any indication as to what we can expect next week, Monday night’s all new episode cannot be missed. Stay tuned.

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The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 11 Review: O Twin, Where Art Thou?

The Lying Game returned with all new episodes this week and brought fans of the book series a very sweet treat towards the end! If this week’s episode is any indication as to what we can look forward to in the second half of season one, there are going to be some mind blowing episodes ahead… especially with Charisma Carpenter joining the cast.

“Keep on being Sutton… Or you’re next.”

Carpenter joins the cast of Char’s (Kirsten Prout) Aunt, Annie. But she goes by her middle name, Rebecca now. And her relationship between all of the adults on the show as well as her true reasoning for coming back to town are still unclear. Sutton (Alexandra Chando) isn’t the only one playing a lying game that is for sure. It is going to be quite a thrill watching the drama unfold that is attached to Rebecca. It seems that Char is going to take quite a hit with Rebecca in town. There’s a reason Char’s mother was estranged from her sister. It is simply a matter of time until we learn what is really up Rebecca’s sleeves. Not only that, she may have some valuable information about Annie Hobbs.

Speaking of Annie Hobbs… it was slightly disappointing to not have any sort of development here in the returning episode but the note that was left for Sutton at the end of the episode just may have made up for that! It was such an important moment in the books series when Emma received the note that including this moment in the television series only seemed natural. By the way, Alexandra Chando continues to rock it as Emma and Sutton. While we did not get Sutton this week, her presence certainly was there and it is not easy to bring that. Getting the mystery solving pack back together, Emma, Ethan (Blair Redford), and Thayer (Christian Alexander) was the biggest treat of the night. Alec Rybak(Adrian Pasdar) and Ted Mercer (Andy Buckley) are a force to be reckoned with and watching these kids figure out how best to make their moves against them has been very entertaining. Emma as Sutton playing the “favorite God-daughter” card was quite hysterical.

As for the others, there wasn’t too much of a focus on Sutton’s friends or Nisha (Sharon Pierre-Louis) but Laurel (Allie Gonino) had a bit of a scary moment after losing a valuable gift from Justin (Randy Wayne). It is great to see Laurel so invested in Justin and the relationship but as we know, things are going to take quite a turn. This loss may just be the first domino. And there weren’t many dominoes in this week’s episode, but what did fall fell hard and have definitely left us wanting more. What did you think of “O Twin, Where Art Thou?”

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'The Lying Game' Episode 1.07 Review: Escape From Sutton Island

The Lying Game is on the fast track to becoming one of the best series on ABC Family. The drama, the mystery, the slight comedic edge, it’s all here. The many characters and their secrets are also what drive this show and last night, some of those secrets were revealed to certain characters which is quickly paving the way for the consequences of Pandora’s Box to appear. Sutton’s journey far from home has just gotten more interesting as she was forced against her will to stay the night at the psychiatric hospital. Alec may think that he has authority over the hospital director but Sutton has more strength. Sutton went through hoops to get to Annie only to find out that Anna believed Emma had died in the fire. Could the guilt of Emma’s death be what led to Annie’s stay in this hospital? Will Annie ever get the opportunity to see both Emma and Sutton and put an end to this guilt? A lot of questions have risen from this episode, many with hopeful resolutions.

Watching Emma’s friends finally see that the pieces to the puzzle were askew was a moment that many may not have expected to come so soon in the season. But Char was grilling her new boyfriend about his contact with Alec while Mads was giving “Sutton” the cold shoulder after finding out about her sexual history and Thayer. Emma was clearly very flustered and yet she still wasn’t ready to give up the act and that is what was most puzzling of all last night. While she didn’t spill the beans about her being a twin, there was some progression as far as revelations to Sutton’s friends. They now know that Sutton is getting closer to finding her birth mother and Alec may be responsible for preventing her in moving forward. With what they know now though, are Char and Mads willing to help Sutton find her birth mother, especially Mads, after finding out about Sutton and Thayer?

Emma as Sutton could be in some real danger with her foster brother, Travis in town. It will be hard to explain that, especially since his actions are so unpredictable. With the real Sutton being shipped off to Las Vegas since “admitting” she was Emma at the psychiatric hospital, it is unclear what role Travis is willing to play and will play in this lying game of Sutton and Emma’s. Things are heating up in Phoenix that’s for sure. This is one game that may have Emma in over her head. Only time will tell. One thing we do know… Ted adopting Sutton was no coincidence. We are inching forward into this mystery and are almost at the halfway point of the season. It will be interesting to see what pieces are put together and what is left unanswered in the next few episodes. I’m hooked though, are you?

Question: What do you think about Laurel’s decision to sleep over Justin’s on the night that she planned to lose her virginity? Should she have played her own lying game so her parents wouldn’t have to worry about her whereabouts?

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'The Lying Game' Episode 1.06 Review: Bad Boys Break Hearts

Bay boys may be breaking a lot of hearts in Texas but so are a pair of twins. The only difference is that the girls here may get a second chance. The guys, well… good luck! There was more than enough hurt to spread around in this week’s episode of The Lying Game. Thayer planned his favored path to come to light by appearing in a video chat so that Emma would find out about Sutton cheating on Ethan. Only, his plan backfired and had not only a frustrated Sutton stranded in Los Angeles but sent a rejected Thayer back home to Texas. That’s just the beginning.

Emma struggled with doing the right thing at the right time yet again. Her persistence in respecting Sutton when Sutton does not show the same in return is astounding. These girls could not be any more different. Little did Emma know just how persistent Ethan was about not shielding his feelings for her. Even though Emma completely ruined their first official date (after Ethan broke up with Sutton) by telling him about Sutton’s cheating ways, Ethan will surely get over this blunder. He’s got to. Sutton and Emma’s agendas and motives are completely different so Ethan really cannot be upset about Emma’s reasoning for telling him the news at the time that she did. Her heart was in the right place. Ethan should see that and come around in due time. Although it is hard to say if things will get easier or harder with Ethan and Emma by the time Sutton comes back to town.

Then there’s Justin who we’ve found out is an orphan and is squatting in a a nearby home to attend and finish school without the complications of the system getting in the way. We know that Justin is hiding something else so we may not want to believe his new story right away. Justin seems way to sketchy at this point. His entire stay here in Texas could be just as much a lie as Emma’s stay here.

Mads is also having love trouble, with Eduardo quitting teaching and moving back to Chicago. Only, he never makes it to Chicago due to a car “accident.” Based on Thayer’s words upon his arrival back home, it seems as though he not only believes with Mads that Alec was involved in the crash but Thayer enjoys playing instigator. Akready, he seems like more of an annoyance than Alec. Why were any of us in a rush to see Thayer back home again?

Thayer and Mads may not be on Alec’s side but Derrick or Eric is. Alec has a spy in Eric who is dating Char as a cover… too bad she doesn’t know. She deserves happiness just as much as the next girl, so to see another sham of a relationship displayed on the show is disheartening for these characters, the good guys! Or a least the better half of the two. Though, this is The Lying Game, so this is definitely just the beginning of relationships built on lies that we will see. Who will uncover the truth about their boyfriend first, how will it unfold, and how will it change Laurel and Char? Which player will reach the end of their love game first? Is making it to the end first the way to win? Only time will tell. With The Lying Game getting a full season, viewers might just find all of this out in the latter half of the season. In the meantime though, the mystery of who took Emma at the psychiatric hospital is what we’re all really trying to figure out. What an excellent ending to another solid episode. If The Lying Game keeps bringing the drama to a higher level each and every week, the season finale is going to blow all of the other Monday night shows out of the water.

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'The Lying Game' Episode 1.05 Review: Over Exposed

Sutton may be “Over Exposed” during Home Coming week but home coming itself is an over dramatic event in television and film period. Talk about anticipated drama. Emma struggled with an emotional tug of war, deciding whether or not to have a girl’s night with Laurel or give into her friends’ desire to run for Home Coming Queen. She also continued to struggle with taking Sutton’s relationship with Ethan public. Emma seemed to have a good handle of this situation until Ethan decided for the both of them to take themselves public – and without Sutton’s permission. It looks like somebody may be in trouble.

The fact that Ethan made his relationship with Sutton public is something can be more easily accepted in time but defying Sutton is an entirely different conflict. With Ethan and Sutton’s relationship now public, Emma and Ethan’s relationship will surely become stronger than what he felt with Sutton. Seeing Ethan with Emma instead of Sutton sure makes me happier since Emma treats him so much better. Although Sutton was challenged and Ethan may not be aware of the consequences that he may have brought upon himself. Though the consequences do not seem like they would outweigh the positivity that Ethan is experiencing with Emma. Still, if Nisha’s malicious actions towards Madeline last night is any indication as to the evil (brat) inside Sutton, Ethan had better be prepared for the wrath of Sutton. With all that said, Sutton giving into Thayer could keep her away from showering her wrath upon Ethan. Only time will tell.

Nisha may have her own mischievous plans in place but something about Justin’s conversation during Home Coming will make you wonder, what is he hiding? Nisha’s anger towards Sutton and her friends is so strong without little to no information as to why that her entire presence has become irritating. Justin on the other hand has a positive thing going with Laurel, so this sudden mysterious quality about him is more bearable. Plus, we know from our recent interview with Allie Gonino that Laurel’s love life is going to get rocky. We do not know why this will happen but it is safe to say that Justin’s intentions for being in town and mingling with this crowd are no more good than Nisha’s.

Alec and Ted’s intentions are also questionable, especially since Ted is clearly hiding from his wife his agenda to keep Annie Hobbs away from Sutton. Nice cover up on not wanting to get Sutton hurt. While that may be true, that definitely does not seem like the deciding factor on keeping Sutton away from Annie. There’s more to this mystery that definitely needs to be revealed before the season is over. Finding out that Emma is a talented artist just like Annie definitely enhances the belief that Annie Hobbs is indeed Sutton and Emma’s mother, but even if that is the case, now we have to wonder why she is in a mental hospital and when she was admitted. Though this is just the beginning of questions that are lingering in the clouds. The writers are doing a fantastic job revealing plot points and hinting at others to come. Last night’s episode may be known as a fan favorite, what with Ethan and Emma finally kissing and all. But there’s more to come and “Over Exposed” has given us much to anticipate! No lie.

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Exclusive: ‘The Lying Game’ Star Allie Gonino Talks Love, Lies, and Lessons From Laurel

ABC Family kicked off its latest series, The Lying Game this summer with former 10 Things I Hate About You star, Allie Gonino. Gonino stars as the lovely Laurel Mercer, sister to a very secretive Sutton Mercer. Sutton may hold the most secrets of the sisters but there’s still plenty of excitement to expect to see take place in Laurel’s life. Her new love interest is just the beginning. To talk about it all, actress, Allie Gonino took some time to talk with us about what’s next and more. Check it out:

lying game Allie Gonino

So what was your favorite moment on or off set while shooting the Pilot episode?
There was one day when the cast and I took a little trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We checked out the town, had lunch, and we got to shop. We bought some really unique Indian jewelry and gifts for our families and friends… It was just a nice day in a beautiful little town.

What have you learned so far from show creator, Chuck Pratt that you will never forget?
There’s almost too much. Chuck Pratt is just such a positive little light in this world. I am constantly amazed by the work that they all do writing the show. It’s mind blowing. I don’t know how they come up with this stuff. I am constantly inspired to bring Laurel alive because of his dream for the show. We haven’t had a ton of time to talk while we’ve been shooting but the whole experience has opened up my eyes in a new way.

He’s inspiring me to do more of my own writing and exercise that part of myself because I do have it in me but sometimes I am a little bit too afraid to venture in that direction. He’s a very inspiring person.

That is funny that you mention that because I wanted to ask if you were interested in writing, producing, or directing in the future.
I definitely would love to direct. Believe it or not, I was kind of a bossy child (laughs) which I think now I’ve overcome. But I think with directing, a director has to have a whole vision for a project and I am a very visual person as well. I would love to write a movie someday although I think that would be way in the future since I am still focusing on songwriting.

We’ve seen your musical talent showcased on the show but what other talents can we expect to see showcased?
I have no idea (laughs). Maybe we’ll bring back the violin or I’ll get to sing. I was thinking that it might be cool if Laurel got to do martial arts as her athletic activity. I’ve never done martial arts but it is something that I have always wanted to try. If I got to learn for the show, I think that would be really cool.

So when did you get involved in singing and playing instruments?
I started playing the classical violin when I was seven and I started singing when I was about nine years old. I have played the mandolin since I was eleven. Music has always been the forefront of my life. It’s something that I’ll be able to do forever. It’s the easiest way for me to express myself. Acting is very different, not totally different since it is still a form of expression but music is more transcendental.

You’d be open to writing and singing an original song for say, an original The Lying Game soundtrack?
Absolutely! I think that might be in the works at some point. I have a new band project that I’m going to be working on when I get back to LA. We’re planning on making some music for the show. The composer of the show has asked me to do some music with him so we’ll see. I am excited about it!

Have you had the opportunity to talk with author, Sara Shepard?
I haven’t. She tweeted me once, which I thought was really cool. But I haven’t been able to meet her though hopefully I will someday soon.

Earlier this summer, you mentioned in a Tumblr post about some fans of the book being a bit apprehensive about the television series. Have you found that those book fans have warmed up to the television adaptation?
I think so. All of the comments that I have seen on Facebook and otherwise have been really positive about the outcome of the show. I know people were apprehensive about watching it because Sutton isn’t dead in the show and she is in the book. So I think what they were worried about was losing that sense of mystery. But we have a lot of mystery on the show. I’m glad that people are giving it a chance.

The dynamics are very different between the Mercer parents and daughters. Mom trusts her daughters without any hint of doubt. But because Dad is so wrapped up in what Alec is up to, hiding the truth from Sutton, his level of trust is noticeably low. With Ted recently on a hunch about Laurel’s confession being a cover up, what can you tell us about how this could change Laurel and Ted’s relationship?
Since Laurel has no idea about any of the Sutton/Emma stuff, I don’t know that her relationship will change that much but there are some things that will happen in Laurel’s love life that will cause her to be a little less honest than she would normally be. You’ll get to see that around episode seven I believe.

That’s interesting. Sutton had a boyfriend and a secret boyfriend. Laurel seems to handle such relationships with more care and respect. So how can you elaborate on that and what’s about to happen that you are hinting at?
I guess I can’t give away too much but Laurel really likes Justin. This is the first hot and popular guy that has ever really asked her out. Laurel is such a caring person and I think that being able to do this with a boyfriend instead of always having to protect her sister is going to be good for her to grow up a little bit and take a bit of the attention away from “Sutton.”

Laurel is caring but also vulnerable just like anybody else. Though in that vulnerable state, she seems to give her power to her sister and her friends. What do you think is so important about Laurel’s validation among Sutton’s group of friends?
Well, there’s a sense of idolization with Sutton because she is so popular, has these amazing friends, and has guys lining up to date her. So Laurel does feel that there’s something Sutton has that she wants to be a part of. I don’t know why Sutton has pushed her out of the way of that. Maybe because there would be competition there. But I don’t even think if given the chance, Laurel is out to compete… she just wants to be part of the fun.

Will Emma as Sutton help Laurel find her voice and get out there more?
I think so, yes. She is definitely starting to take more risks in her own life. She’s been kind of like the protector and mediator for so long that she is branching out on her own and being a little bit more brave.

What do you think are Laurel’s best and worst qualities?
I think her best quality is the fact that she is a very positive person even if Sutton is being a bitch or something is going wrong within the family. She tries to lighten the mood and make light of a situation. And she always tries to protect her sister, which I think is very admirable.

I think her worst quality would be… I don’t know. Maybe it’s that she is so focused on protecting her sister and focusing so much on that relationship that she loses a bit of herself in the process. She forgets that she deserves that kind of love and protection as well.

Can you tell us two truths and a lie about what we can expect next?
This is so hard because it is so hard not to divulge anything. Hmm. So, Ethan may or may not get back together with Sutton. Sutton and Thayer may or may not have a fling. Laurel may fall in love.

Lastly, what has Laurel taught you in this experience so far about yourself in your own life?
That’s a very interesting because that is one of the things that I didn’t realize I would experience, learning more about who I am in the process of playing someone else. Laurel is at the end of the day a good sister and I pride myself in being a good sister to my real sisters and my friends. I feel like I don’t try too hard to compete for one attention, I just like to be there and be a good support. So I’d have to say that… and we’ll see what the next challenge brings, what else I have to learn.

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‘The Lying Game’ Episode 1.04 Review: Twinsense and Sensibility

In “Twinsense and Sensibility,” a dream that Sutton and Emma have both reveal a truth about their past and dig deeper into the mystery of the whereabouts and well being of their biological mother. While the incorporation of “twinsense” was a thrill to see, the dream only took them so far. But what’s in a name? Maybe that’s all they need to find the big piece that will complete the puzzle. Unless Annie Hobbes also is not the birth mother. The Lying Game takes so many twists and turns, that would not be a surprise. With both Alec and Sutton’s father, Ted working together to keep Sutton away from her birth mother, who is indeed alive, the question has been raised even more as to why these men are determined to keep her away. What’s in the past that they are itching to keep hidden? They attempt to be one step ahead but now knowing that “Sutton” is putting the pieces together, how far are they willing to go to keep Sutton away from her identity?

Secrets and lies do not fill the entire hour. Emma comes clean to Char about setting up Laurel and Justin which thankfully was not dragged out over a number of weeks. Though there’s only so much that Emma can keep a secret, as Sutton or not. This action is good enough a deed for Laurel to pay Sutton back by confessing to stealing her laptop. Puppy love makes you do crazy things and taking the blame off Ethan was a very welcome “thank you” to Sutton for setting that up to happen without conflict. But if Emma or Sutton find out that their father knows Laurel’s confession was staged, the twins are going to have to bring Laurel in on their identities and mission. This would be very exciting to see but nobody wants to see Laurel getting hurt and something tells me that Alec is not above hurting anybody… family friend or not. He has a mission and he sticks with it.

As far as Ethan is concerned, Ethan and Emma are adorable. Is it wrong to root for them to get together? And is it wrong to want Nisha completely out of Sutton’s life if not a friendly acquaintance? The girls have quite a history but that has yet to be detailed, so we are simply left with a very bitter Nisha. Her negativity without explanation at this point is getting quite irritating. Stalking Mads and the dance teacher may have done it. What reason does she have to play investigator? Does she feel that being involved in these girls lives in a negative way is better than not being in their lives at all? What is her motive? Motives are key and right now, we do not have many characters’ motives. While this week’s episode did bring us farther along in many aspects, we are still left in the dark about quite a lot. So hopefully next week, more back story will be revealed that can shed a light on some of the motives behind many recent actions. Stay tuned to find out.

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