The Walking Dead

San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Walking Dead at SDCC: When Michonne is in the House OMG DANGER!

July 12, 2012

The Walking Dead is most certainly “in the house” at Comic Con. SDCC attendees lined up in droves to take pictures with a life-size replica of Michonne and one of [...]

The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Clip – Heads Will Roll When Michonne is in the House

July 8, 2012

Even if you haven’t read The Walking Dead comics, you likely took one look at Michonne in the Season 2 TWD finale and realized she was nothing less than 100% [...]

Image Comics

Becoming One of Michonne’s Pets is Part of ‘The Walking Dead’ Experience at Comic-Con

July 8, 2012

Comic-Con is going to keep zombie fans in a frenzy, the entire weekend. The Walking Dead‘s executive producer and special effects supervisor extraordinaire, Greg Nicotero revealed on AMC’s Talking Dead [...]


Walking Dead Brings More Zombie Overload to Consoles in New FPS

July 7, 2012

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) is one of the most beloved zombie slayers in town thanks to The Walking Dead‘s first showrunner Frank Darabont and Dixon’s brilliantly reserved portrayal by Reedus. [...]

Breaking Bad

‘The Walking Dead’ to Usher in King Heisenberg to Comic Con 2012

June 21, 2012

The presence of excellent television has been on the rise at San Diego’s Comic-Con International, but this year will be the biggest and best presentation by cable network AMC. Two-year [...]

Image Comics

‘The Walking Dead’: First Photo of David Morrissey as the Governor Hits Web

June 8, 2012

Can’t wait for the new season of AMC’s The Walking Dead? Neither can we, and the first image of David Morrissey as the Governor hit the web today. TV Guide [...]

San Diego Comic-Con 2012

AMC Plans ‘Walking Dead’ Marathon and Season 3 Preview Before Comic-Con

May 31, 2012

What better way to get your fix of The Walking Dead than by becoming a zombie watching a marathon of it? AMC is dedicating the weekend of July 7 and [...]

Image Comics

Hell Waits For Those Who Don’t Love A Woman With A Sword – ‘The Walking Dead’ First Look at Danai Gurira as Michonne

May 23, 2012

To keep fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead in a frenzy during the summer, EW released this picture of Danai Gurira all decked out in her outfit for the zombie-slashing [...]

Hell on Wheels

Robert Kirkman Develops ‘Thief of Thieves’ for AMC

April 11, 2012

Creator, executive producer, and writer of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman is striking while the iron is hot as the television adaptation of his zombie comic of the same [...]


Stacking Up The Dead: ‘The Walking Dead’ Showrunner Glen Mazzara Previews Season 3 – ‘Pace Will Feel Like A Freight Train’

March 22, 2012

Are you still buzzing about the Season 2 finale of The Walking Dead? Good, because we are too. Well know that Season 3 is already in full bloom. Showrunner Glen [...]