Superman Man of Steel 2: Rosenbaum Ready to Reprise the Role of ‘Lex Luthor’

July 5, 2013

Our Casting Lex Luthor in a Man of Steel Sequel article created quite a buzz. We made decisions based on actors who we believe are talented enough to make the [...]


Kristin Kreuk Goes From Lana Lang to Lead in CW’s ‘Beauty and The Beast’

February 16, 2012

Some may have felt Kristin Kreuk’s Smallville character, Lana Lang’s romance with Clark Kent dragged the show to a halt. The super hero drama would fall into convoluted emo-driven subplots [...]

Big Love

Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Hot TV Series Picks on DVD & Blu-ray

December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays. We’ve got 10 great DVD & Blu-ray selections to give as gifts or stocking stuffers this holiday season. We’ve also selected two mini-series that are sure to delight. [...]


Syfy Banks on ‘Booster Gold’ As Its Next Super Hero Hit

November 23, 2011

Most super heroes hide from the public because they don’t wish to advertise the work that they do, wishing to do their public service in the shadows of the night [...]

Doctor Who

Blast Off #2: New Trends in Fairy Tale Television

October 31, 2011

The second Team Focus Blast Off is here. Grimm. Once Upon a Time. Supernatural. Doctor Who. Zombies and Vampires step aside, there is a new trend in TV. Fairy Tales [...]


Smallville’s Super Series Finale – The Best (and Worst) Moments

May 14, 2011

Well done, Smallville. I steal that line from Lois Lane because it’s a fitting expression of congratulations (and thanks) to Smallville for last night’s excellent series send off. Given all [...]


‘Smallville’ Series Finale – Preview Videos

May 10, 2011

The end is here. It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since Smallville premiered in the Fall of 2001, the beginning of a epic show starring Tom Welling. [...]


Michael Rosenbaum Talks ‘Smallville’ Finale: Expect a ‘Big Twist’

May 6, 2011

Just one week to go until the moment Smallville fans have waited years for: Michael Rosenbaum’s return as Lex Luthor. Sure, it’s coming in right under the wire with the [...]


‘Smallville’ 10.19 Review: ‘Dominion’ – Finally, the REAL Zod

April 30, 2011

Kneel…before Justin! With Smallville’s curtain call rapidly approaching, Justin Hartley got to pop his directorial cherry, entrusted with calling the shots in tonight’s fourth-to-last episode, “Dominion.” While Hartley isn’t exactly [...]

DVD/BR Announcements

‘Smallville’ The Complete Series DVD Release Date Announced

April 28, 2011

Sure, the tears are inevitable when Smallville ends its ten year run on May 13th. But that doesn’t mean the show won’t live on in home video. Warner Home Video [...]