Comic Con: Game of Thrones Expands Takeover to Celeb Cafe

Game of Thrones Season 3 may be a year away, but “Winter is Coming” to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) in less than a month. In addition to appearances by the cast and Random House best-selling novelist George R. R. Martin at SDCC, more Thrones action will be taking place outside of the convention center.

To celebrate the cast and crew’s , HBO is setting up Game of Thrones inspired drinks at the Wired Café, a gifting suite and lounge dedicated to celebrities and Hollywood influencers.

HBO’s Game of Thrones Bar will feature exclusive drinks branded by themes from the series.

I’m looking forward to a Targaryen cocktail, which I think would feature some blend of Makers Mark. The fiery whisky-brandy color would work well for the Mother of Dragons.

For house Lannister, I’m thinking tequila inspired drinks would be the order of the day. Margaritas to be precise with salted rims. Why? Because we’re all a little salty about Joffrey.

The Starks demand a hefty brew. So I’m predicting vodka based drinks, while the White Walkers will have their own Rum based cocktails.

Hollywood big wigs looking to take a breather from the Con should swing by the Omni Hotel for a nice little breather. We’ll let you know what drinks claimed the Iron Throne when SDCC opens on Thursday, July 12.

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Stars Ron Perlman & Charlie Hunnam Defend Jax’s Haircut & Talk Season 4 (Video)

When we first showed of pictures of Charlie Hunnam with his new haircut in Sons of Anarchy Season 4, several readers went into a frenzy over the new style.

In this video, Hunnam and co-star Ron Perlman put the debate over Jax’s hairstyle to rest.

Hunnam laughs, “I’m sorry I guess. My girlfriend actually thinks it looks nicer…the short hair than the long hair.” Perlman jokingly added, “We’re upset at some of the haircuts we’ve seen on girls, so I guess we’re even now.”

Sons of Anarchy Ron Perlman Charlie Hunnam

Perlman and Hunnam discuss the new external forces in Charming that SAMCRO will have to deal with, including the mayor and the new sheriff played by Rockmond Dunbar (Terriers). Last season we witnessed the club go to Belfast. Hunnam discusses potential club trips outside of Charming to Arizona, but states that for the majority of the time the club will be in Charming.

Actor Peter Weller directs in multiple episodes this season and Perlman discusses the experience of working with his long-time friend.

Sons of Anarchy returns for Season 4 on Sept 6 on FX.

‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Candice Accola Excited for ‘Season of The Originals’ (Video)

Fans are gearing up for a lot of changes in Mystic Falls when the Vampire Diaries returns this September. Actor Candice Accola, who stars as Caroline, is excited for new changes and for a chance to face off against The Originals.

In this interview (view above), Accola states: “I’m really excited to meet these Originals. The writers have dubbed this [Season 3] the season of The Originals. So, I’m excited for possible other flashbacks.”

candice accola Vampire Diaries

Regarding Season 2’s dark tone, Accola says that this coming season won’t be as dark from the onset. The darkness will be more from “internal” forces within the characters.

“It’s going to lighten up a little bit. Instead of giant crazy external things happening, it’s going to get darker within the characters.”

At the end of last season Caroline and her mother ended on good terms despite her mother’s anti-vampire history. Accola is also excited to see how Caroline’s relationship with her mother grows in TVD Season 3. However, in Accola’s own words, “Nothing ever really stays on good terms in Mystic Falls.”

Let us know your thoughts on this interview and what you’re looking forward to most from Caroline, Tyler, Matt and
The Originals.

As a side note, Accola is a pleasure to talk to and it was lovely to see that she’s just as radiant in person as she is on TVD.

Exclusive Interview: Sam Witwer Discusses The Dark Places ‘Being Human’ Season 2 Will Go

sam witwer being human season 2

Genre geeks are well acquainted with Sam Witwer who has appeared in films such as The Mist, Gamer, and Crank. Television viewers know him as Crashdown in Battlestar Galactica, Davis Bloome/ Doomsday in Smallville, Neil Perry in Dexter, and Witwer has voiced Star Wars: The Clone Wars and several video games including the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed franchise as Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice Starkiller and Emperor Palpatine. He is currently starring in the exciting Syfy adaptation of Being Human.

Witwer recently spoke with us about his role of 200+ old Ian Danial “Aiden” McCollin the vampire on Being Human about falling back into the wrong crowd, building a new base of vampires in Boston, the dark and insidious places Season 2 will go to, and spicing up the decor in the house. Check it out below:


The second season of Being Human returns to the Syfy network in January of 2012. In the meantime be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Meaghan Rath who plays Sally and you can also see Witwer hijack our exclusive interview with Sammy Huntington who plays Josh.

Exclusive Interview: Christopher Gorham Talks ‘Covert Affairs’ Season 2

If you’re a fan of Covert Affairs, you know that actor Christopher Gorham is doing excellent work as CIA covert operative Auggie Anderson. We recently talked with the former Ugly Betty and Harper’s Island star right after the amazing “Half a World Away” episode where we finally were taken through the moment where Auggie lost his sight.

The actor speaks a little bit about what it was like to shoot that episode and talks about the challenge of taking on a blind character. Of course, there are many fans that are hoping that Annie (Piper Perabo) ends up with Auggie on the show, so we asked him about that as well.

Check out the interview below and make sure to tune in tonight for the Covert Affairs Season 2 Summer finale.

‘Covert Affairs’ Exclusive Interview: Executive Producers Discuss Future Evolution of Annie Walker

Recently, we spoke with Covert Affairs Executive Producers Doug Liman, Matt Corman, and Chris Ord.

In this interview, we discuss fan response to the series. The producers let us know how important the fan feedback at Comic Con was and how it may impact the show going into Season 3. Will Annie Walker become a superhero like Jack Bauer ended up being in 24? It’s not likely, but we do get a sense of which story arcs may take focus as the series progresses.

Liman, who Directed The Bourne Identity, tells us how important shooting on location is to creating the atmosphere of the show. He shares some of his experiences from the Bourne series, working also as an Executive Producer, and how that has helped him to mold the series going forward.

Check out the interview below and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below. What are you looking forward to most going into the second half of Covert Affairs Season 2?

Also, be sure to check out our interviews with Piper Perabo, Peter Gallagher, and Anne Dudek so that you can get pumped for the season finale.

‘Vampire Diaries’ Exclusive Interview: Joseph Morgan Talks ‘Ripper’, ‘History’ & Klaus-Stefan Relationship in Season 3

We recently spoke with actor Joseph Morgan, who stars as Klaus on The Vampire Diaries.

At the end of TVD Season 2, Klaus realized his dream of becoming a full vampire-werewolf hybrid. In this interview, Morgan discusses where his character will go next. He also lets us know that we’ll be in for some wild scenes with Stefan (played by Paul Wesley, see interview), aka “The Ripper”. Morgan let’s us know that there will be some origin stories coming up in the first half of the season as we explore more of the “history”.

If you’re a fan of Twitter (I mean who isn’t?) then you will be delighted to here Morgan’s statement regarding Twitter. He let’s us know that he is reading comments from fans and is excited about sharing his thoughts with viewers.

Finally, Morgan makes a comparison to the Underworld movies and lets us know the one thing he really wants to see Klaus do during TVD Season 3.

I apologize in advance for cursing during this interview, but when I was describing Klaus, there was only one thing I could say… “He’ll kill a muthaf*cka.” Hey, it got a laugh from Morgan.

After you watch the interview, let us know what you’d like to see from Morgan in season 3 or how you’d like to see Klaus’ relationship with Stefan develop in the comments below.

‘Supernatural’ Exclusive Interview: Jensen Ackles Talks New ‘Evil’ & Dream Series Finale

Get ready for a new “evil” in Supernatural Season 7. Recently, we spoke with Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester on the series.

Jensen Ackles

In this interview, Ackles discusses betrayals, what makes good TV, and he tells us that that he expects this to be one of the most intense seasons yet. Also, for fans looking for Supernatural to return to its roots, exploring urban lore rather than issues of Heaven and Hell or God vs the Devil, Ackles hints at a “new lore” that will be explored this season.

We sparked a debate on Supernatural‘s future in our interview with Jim Beaver (Stars as Bobby). But, in this interview, we get Ackles to discuss just what a Supernatural Season 10 Series Finale would look like. Can you say Butch and Sundance?

Let us know your thoughts on Supernatural Season 10 possibilities and reactions to Ackles responses regarding the series finale in comments below!

Also, be sure to see how Misha Collins (Stars as Castiel) makes us laugh during our interview. It’s hard to keep a straight face, when Collins is delivering his dry comedy.

Exclusive Interview: Sam Huntington Discusses ‘Being Human’ Season 2 & Gets Attacked by Co-Star Sam Witwer

Sam Huntington Being Human Season 2 Comic-Con

Comic book fans may recognize Sam Huntington as Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns (2006), Human Target (episode 104: “Sanctuary”) and most recently the film adaptation of the Italian horror-private eye comic, Dylan Dog: Dead of the Night sharing the screen once again with co-star Brandon Routh. On television, Huntington has made a habit out of playing characters in need of some serious grooming. In 2007-08, Huntington played Andy of the Cavemen, the ABC comedy based on the Geico Insurance characters and now his most prominent role is his current one on Syfy’s hit adaptation of Being Human.

Huntington recently spoke with us about his role of Josh the werewolf on Being Human, the growth of his neurotic character, what we may or may not see in this upcoming season as well all the possible places Josh and Nora will undergo their monthly transformation. In the middle of our interview, co-star Sam Witwer tried to rattle Huntington’s cage by sneaked up on him like a stealthy vampire. When Huntington’s Spidey Sense went off, he turned around and well, let’s just say they shared a moment. See what happened below:


The second season of Being Human returns to the Syfy network in January of 2012. In the meantime be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Meaghan Rath who plays Sally and watch our exclusive interview with Sam Witwer who plays Aiden.

Exclusive Interview: Peter Gallagher Discusses ‘Covert Affairs’ Season 2

Known for his extensive film, theater and television career (as well as his amazing eyebrows), Peter Gallagher recently spoke with us about his role as Arthur Campbell in Covert Affairs.

He talks about his on screen marriage with Kari Matchett, who plays Joan Campbell, head of the Domestic Protection Division. He also promises us that Arthur is going to get in on the action side of things and actually gets to –expletive- somebody up! And if you didn’t know, Gallagher is a skilled musician and singer. We ask him if that talent will somehow find its way on to the show.

I regretfully forgot to ask him about video games (he’s been known to be a big gamer), but hopefully I’ll get to ask that in a future sit-down with the actor.

Tune in this Tuesday night for the Covert Affairs Season 2 Summer finale.