Critic Review

Critic Review

‘Veronica Mars’ Proves Not All Reunions Are Bad

March 14, 2014

There’s a rare breed of television show that makes the leap into becoming a feature film. Most have been paint-by-numbers modernizations, desecrating the source material, while others are made-for-television productions [...]


Boy Meets World History in ‘Mr. Peabody & Sherman’

March 8, 2014

Movies of substance are often overlooked by those full of stylish action or vapid rom-coms. High on the endangered species list are remarkable family films that can both entertain and [...]

Critic Review

‘The Lego Movie’ Gets Everything Right, Especially Batman

February 7, 2014

For anyone venturing into the new Phil Lord and Chris Miller animated movie is sure to walk away with one thing: Tegan and Sara’s happy anthem, “Everything is Awesome” stuck [...]

Critic Review

Five reasons why ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ does not suck

December 14, 2013

For those who saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in theaters a year ago might have found it, familiar, in that it followed so many of the beats found in [...]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Movie Review: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ will win over Midgard’s Marvel Fans

November 8, 2013

The first Thor was a commendable effort in superhero films. It did what it was supposed to, which was open the boundaries of the Marvel film universe from the confines [...]

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Movie Review: Get Caught Up in Earth’s ‘Gravity’

October 4, 2013

When the debris of a mishandled destruction of a satellite showers a group of astronauts in orbit on a routine Hubble Space Telescope mission, it hails down, shredding everything in its path. [...]

Critic Review

Review: ‘Elysium’ Ends Summer Wave of Apocalypse on High Note

August 9, 2013

The summer been stocked with films declaring the coming of the apocalypse and that the social rift is going to doom us all. We’ve had rabid zombies, giant monsters, Will [...]


Review: ‘Planes’ is another Nose Dive for ‘Cars’ franchise

August 9, 2013

Ever since the Planes-Tow Mater short film on Cars 2 and the first trailer for a Planes feature film, there was some small hope that this would be a fun [...]

Critic Review

Movie Review: ‘Blue Jasmine’ a return to old form for Woody Allen

August 2, 2013

In Woody Allen’s last two films, love filled the screen with Midnight in Paris and To Rome With Love. Rumblings spread through art houses that the old man’s heart had softened or that [...]


Movie Review: ‘Turbo’ – a better ‘Cars’ sequel

July 19, 2013

Rev up your engines, there’s a new racer in town and in a small tomato garden is a community of snails, sorting through the red produce, rotten and fresh. One [...]

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