Mick Foley shares all about Christmas, Santa and a little bit of wrestling

November 22, 2014

Mick Foley is a former WWE Champion and one of the most recognizable names in wrestling lore. However, he is no stranger to projects outside of the squared circle and [...]


Blu-Ray Review: ‘Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey’ will cause a supernova in your mind

June 13, 2014

Science has been under attack of late and I’m not sure why. Some want to tear down the discoveries and words of caution by scientists, as if to discredit them [...]


Blast Off #9: Bully, Marley & Comic Con IV: A Fan’s Hope – Podcast

April 27, 2012

The ninth Team Focus Blast Off is here, featuring BuzzFocus Community Manager Ernie Estrella. This week we discuss three of the hottest documentaries to hit the theaters and VOD: Bully, [...]

Art & Culture

The Box Office Story: ‘Think Like a Man’ is #1 – Audiences Getting Full on ‘The Hunger Games’

April 22, 2012

It took five weeks, but box offices are beginning to get full on Katniss Everdeen as The Hunger Games fell to third place this weekend. Taking the top spot was [...]

Critic Review

Movie Review: Marley – One Love, One Film

April 20, 2012

A key point in the new documentary, Marley (opening appropriately on 4/20 and also available Video On Demand), happens when the director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) visits [...]


America Stays Hungry as ‘The Hunger Games’ Stays at #1

April 16, 2012

The country just can’t get enough of Katniss Everdeen as The Hunger Games remained #1 at the box office for the fourth straight week with $21 million, and it just [...]

Art & Culture

Movie Review: Bully – Uncovering The Desperate Cries For Help

April 13, 2012

In Alex Libby’s school, the principal is just as big a bully as the ones who victimize him on a daily basis, as shown when two of his classmates come [...]


Buzz Worthy Documentary ‘Bully’ Gets PG-13 Rating – Now Go See It

April 6, 2012

After a long battle with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) The Weinstein Co. removed three uses of an expletive from the documentary, Bully to obtain a PG-13 rating. [...]

Academy Awards

Oscars Recap: ‘The Artist’ and ‘Hugo’ Take Home 5 Each, But The Silent Film Wins Best Picture

February 27, 2012

The silent film spoke the loudest in last night’s 2012 Academy Awards as The Artist won Best Picture. Jean Dujardin and Michael Hazanavicius also scored big wins for The Artist [...]

3D Blu-ray

Box Office: Love Is In The Air As ‘The Vow’ Beats ‘Safe House’ In Big Weekend

February 13, 2012

In what’s normally a slow time of the year for movies, this past weekend was what they called a good weekend to be in the movie making biz. Four films, [...]