‘Dredd 3D’ NYC Premiere: Red Carpet Photos

Dredd 3D, directed by Pete Travis, premiered in NYC this week. This photo gallery features photos of the cast and production as well as NYC talents who were in attendance.

Stars Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby were on hand as well as screenwriter Alex Garland.

Also in attendance were Ice-T (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) and Coco, Adrienne Bailon (Disney 365), Miss Universe Leila Lopes, Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos), Eric West (NBC’s Smash),BD Wong (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, HBO’s Oz), and Savannah Wise (NBC’s Smash, Royal Pains).

Browse the full gallery of the Dredd 3D Red Carpet.

New Gamemakers Clip For Fans of ‘The Hunger Games’

The wait is almost over for fans of The Hunger Games and Lionsgate is starting to throw us some larger scraps. The latest teaser is a clip showing Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) as she showcases her talent for head Gamemakers Seneca Crane (Wes Bentley, American Beauty) and his cronies.

The Gamemakers are more interested in their meal than Katniss’s fight for her life. She doesn’t let her frustration with her judges go unnoticed. The clip is less than 40 seconds but it’s just enough to show exactly who Katniss is: a girl not to be ignored.

The Hunger Games hits theatres March 23rd.

*This article has been updated.

Film Review: ‘One For The Money’ – 2012 Already Has A Contender For Worst Film Of The Year

There is nothing in the world that makes my blood boil like the concept of ‘not trying’. ‘Not trying’ is the very hallmark of contempt: for yourself and for others. It is also a sign of weakness. One For The Money may be one of the most contemptuous, weak films to come out Hollywood in quite some time. It is also one of the worst films you will see in 2012, and we’re barely a month into the new year.

To call One For The Money a film would be a disservice to all films, including the annual bulls***t churned out by the likes of Michael Bay and Tyler Perry. It’s flimsy premise isn’t even worthy to be the pilot of a really bad TNT, USA, or Lifetime television show. It is a piece of work that simply doesn’t need to exist beyond the crappy section of what was your local bookstore. (It is based on the first of a series of “novels” written by Janet Evanovich.)

A lot of blame can be placed on star-producer Katherine Heigl, who — after turning in a decent turn in 2007’s Knocked Up — seems to be determined to find the absolutely worst projects (The Ugly Truth, Killers) she and her agent or managers can get their hands on. Because without her, I wouldn’t be here typing away at how much I hated this film.

Oh, you would like to know my reasons? Well, let me count the ways:

1.) One For The Money stars Heigl as Stephanie Plum, an unemployed, broke New Jersey native — complete with the terrible accent that one would see in an SNL sketch spoofing terrible accents — who stumbles and bumbles into her cousin’s bail bondsmen business.

2.) Her first case involves trying to bring an ex-cop (Jason O’Mara, Terra Nova) who may or may have not killed a drug dealer (he didn’t) who jumped bail. By a strange turn of events, it turns out that he had taken Plum’s virginity. The “sparks” fly during the running time of the film in a “will they or will not they?” conundrum that answers that very question before the thirty minute mark (they do). Now, in order for this crappy plot to work, the two leads need to have a chemistry so electric that it would make Benjamin Franklin take his kite indoors for fear of being shocked to death. Heigl and O’Mara have ZERO CHEMISTRY together.

3.) Plum carries her own investigation of the drug dealer’s death that takes her into the seedy underworld that is populated with only the swarthy of minorities, that include a completely misused John Leguizamo as the Latino guy who pretends to be trustworthy but isn’t. (If only the lily white Plum knew about Latino guys! Quick, get Newt Gingrich on the phone to give her some pointers!)

4.) During the course of the investigation, it becomes apparent that Plum is an idiot. And not just any idiot. She’s an idiot because she’s a girl. Why would her gender matter? Because the men (including Rescue Me‘s Daniel Sunjata, who appears as her mentor) not only point it out every time they pop up on screen, they prove their own thesis by saving her ass in every single action sequences. So, their thesis becomes the film’s thesis: girls can’t do anything — I mean, anything — without the help of men.

Now, why would a film whose central character is a woman, based on a novel that was written by a woman, which was adapted by three women, and then directed by a woman make the its main thesis that girls are stupid? There is no logical explanation I can think of that doesn’t involve contempt. Case in point:

5.) During the tiresome cat-and-mouse game/bubbling “romance” between Heigl and O’Mara’s characters, O’Mara tracks Heigl to her apartment, where she’s taking a shower. He rips down the shower curtain, revealing a strategically nude Heigl (meaning: side-boobs and lots of thigh), handcuffs her to the curtain railing and leaves her there so he could make a getaway.

In the real world, this act is considered to be a sexual assault. Instead, the film treats it like a joke. So, according to One For The Money, it’s okay for a man to break into a woman’s apartment while she showers, see her naked, handcuff her, then run away like a punk bitch. Now, there are countless other horendous acts that occur in the film — like a man blowing up in a car bombing meant for Heigl’s Plum — that are simply considered to be throw away jokes in a film that doesn’t have the finesse to call itself a “dark comedy” a la Midnight Run or anything Frank Oz has directed, but the sexual assault really takes the despicable cake.

One For The Money may be the most anti-women film since the awful remake of The Wicker Man — and that had some insane camp value thanks for a f***-awful performance by Nicolas Cage. One For The Money doesn’t even have that going for it, though a very dumb and weird turn by legendary actress Debbie Reynolds — doing what I think was a terrible Snooki impression — comes pretty close. But it’s not worth the price of admission.

One for the Money
Starring: Katherine Heigl, Jason O’Mara and Daniel Sunjata
Directed by: Julie Anne Robinson
Screenplay by: Stacy Sherman, Karen Ray
Studio: Lionsgate
Release Date: January 27, 2012


2.5 / 10

The Expendables 2 – Get Ready for More Outlandish Awesome-sauce (+Trailer)

Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger are coming back to theaters in 2012 in The Expendables 2. And this time, they’re bringing backup. Liam Hemsworth, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Chuck Norris round out the action-hero extravaganza in what promises to be one of the most outlandishly great action flicks of the summer.

I’ll be honest, As a Die Hard fan of 80s action heroes, I thoroughly enjoyed the first Expendables movie. Sure, there was no story, the action was purely fantastical and it even had a happy ending, but the self referential moments of commentary on each actor’s career made it great. You had to live and love 80s popcorn flicks to be a fan. And, I can proudly say in my best Yoda voice that a fan I am.

Check out the trailer for The Expendables 2:

My only concern is that Sly Stallone is credited as the only writer on this new flick (Dave Callaham gets a characters credit). While that may have kept cost low, I think he could have added a new layer by seeking out seasoned writers or trying to recruit members of the Bad Robot team.

Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer (Starring Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe)

Here’s the thing, I watched The Lincoln Lawyer trailers and previews and read the synopsis. I saw the posters of quintessential rom-com hero Matthew McConaughey sitting on a Lincoln Town Car. It was a movie about a lawyer who works out of a car. What could I expect, but another cheesy McConaughey film where he takes off his shirt to get the girl, while making several pathetic attempts at humor?

Admittedly, surprisingly and thankfully, I was completely off base. Twenty minutes into The Lincoln Lawyer and you will quickly realize that it is one of the best legal features to hit the big screen in a long time. It’s not just a crime melodrama; this is a character-driven thriller where McConaughey gets back to acting. Supporting performances by Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe and William H. Macy help this film to stand out from the pack, even if it were made for the small screen’s cluttered legal field.

McConaughey stars as criminal defense attorney Mick Haller. From the moment a Sons of Anarchy-like motor club appears, you’ll notice that Haller doesn’t deal with the most upstanding of clients. However, this is a lawyer who has a conscience, but past events have muddled his impression of the American judiciary system. Now, he works for the dollar as a subtle “screw you” to the law. Tomei plays Maggie McPherson, Haller’s “baby mama” who usually works opposite Haller for the prosecution.

The story kicks off when the wealthy Louis Roulet (Phillippe) is accused of raping a woman he met in a bar. Phillippe is comfortable in this frat boy role, but does deliver several surprising moments where he pushes his acting abilities beyond expectations. Val Valenzuela (John Leguizamo) sets up Haller to defend Roulet. Haller gladly takes up the case and the hefty paycheck, with ex-cop Frank Levin (Macy) in tow as a private investigator.

It’s a gritty story with a few psychological battles. There are several intense moments where McConaughey shifts from the role of sleek lawyer to a broken down drunkard. You even get the feeling that maybe, just maybe McConaughey could be a tough guy when he mouths off to authority and deals with criminals as if he were one of them. The film is based on Michael Connelly’s novel so there’s a lot of intellectual tennis being played as Haller tries to figure out the case and protect the people that matter most. The hip-hop infused music score also does a great job in backing up the tension and creating a non-traditional atmosphere for this kind of film. Each song feels perfectly chosen for the moment. Hearing the Notorious B.I.G.’s song “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)” near the film’s climax just feels right.

Director Brad Furman’s choice of documentary style shooting helps this film to stay in the realms of The Shield, further augmenting the gritty tone. Sometimes the courtroom snap zooms on the prosecution and Haller feel excessive, but it never hurts the story. There also are enough comedic undertones to keep the movie flowing at a brisk pace. Lines like “more balls than a Chinese ping pong tournament” provide just enough levity at the right time to grab a laugh and not leave the film with the stigma of “cliché”. Tomei’s presence coupled with the small moments of humor drum up fond memories of My Cousin Vinny, without the wild Joe Pesci antics.

Although some of the big reveals are predictable, the engrossing acting keeps you fully invested in this film. I never thought I’d use “engrossing acting” with McConaughey or Phillippe, but the two do a great job in bringing Connelly’s story to life.

The Lincoln Lawyer is one film worth seeing to start your Spring movie season off right. Just do me a favor, don’t watch the trailers.

The Lincoln Lawyer
The Lincoln Lawyer Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillippe
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe, William H. Macy, John Leguizamo, Bryan Cranston
Directed by: Brad Furman
Screenplay by: John Romano
Novel by: Michael Connelly
Studio: Lionsgate
Theatrical Release Date: March 18, 2011
Rating: 8.5/10

Biutiful DVD Release Date Announced (+Blu-ray) Starring Javier Bardem

Lionsgate has just announced that the Academy Award nominated film Biutiful, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and starring Javier Bardem and Maricel Álvarez, will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray on May 31, 2011.

About Biutiful:
Uxbal (Bardem) is a man living on the wrong side of the law who struggles to provide for his children on the dangerous streets of Barcelona. As fate encircles him, Uxbal learns to accept the realities of life, whether bright, bad – or biutiful – in this unforgettable film.

Nominated for two 2010 Academy Awards — Best Foreign Language Film of the Year and Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for Javier Bardem – Lionsgate debuts the unforgettable film Biutiful to DVD, Blu-ray Disc and Digital Download this May. Oscar®-winning* actor Bardem masterfully takes on the role of Uxbal, a man in free fall, that the Los Angeles Times calls, “one of the year’s best performances.” Honored with multiple awards including Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival and a Best Foreign Language Film Golden Globe® nomination, the drama based on a short story by director Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel, Amores Perros) has been hailed as “riveting” (New York Post). The DVD and Blu-ray Disc include a making-of documentary that takes viewers behind the scenes of this powerful, arresting film.

Suzanne Collins’ Bestseller The Hunger Games Gets Theatrical Debut

the hunger gamesLionsgate has just announced that Suzanne Collins’ bestselling series the Hunger Games will be coming to theaters on March 23, 2012.

The Hunger Games is a science fiction trilogy from Scholastic Press that includes: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. The film adaptation will be directed by Gary Ross (The Tale of Despereaux, Seabiscuit) and written by Billy Ray (Westworld).

The Hunger Games Storyline:

In a not-too-distant future, the United States of America has collapsed, weakened by drought, fire, famine, and war, to be replaced by Panem, a country divided into the Capitol and 12 districts. Each year, two young representatives from each district are selected by lottery to participate in The Hunger Games. Part entertainment, part brutal intimidation of the subjugated districts, the televised games are broadcasted throughout Panem as the 24 participants are forced to eliminate their competitors, literally, with all citizens required to watch. When 16-year-old Katniss’ young sister, Prim, is selected as the mining district’s female representative, Katniss volunteers to take her place. She and her male counterpart, Peeta, the son of the town baker who seems to have all the fighting skills of a lump of bread dough, will be pitted against bigger, stronger representatives who have trained for this their whole lives.

Buy The Hunger Games Trilogy:

Blu-ray Review: Rambo: The Complete Collector’s Set

Here’s a news flash – Though it may have helped make the career of Sylvester Stallone alongside the Rocky series, the Rambo series, for the most part, sucks.

Sylvester Stallone rambo first blood blurayYes, First Blood’s political conscience about returning Vietnam vets and the use of a violent stand-off with police in a small town as a metaphor for the “war at home” and distaste of the establishment is duly noted. But when it comes to plot, First Blood was built on an incredibly flimsy premise that seems all but pointless until John Rambo gives his monologue, albeit brilliant, to end the film.

And that’s the absolute best this series gets. Somehow going from a few deaths, the first of which is accidental, to the sequels which made Rambo a shoot-em-up icon, to the 2008 resurrection of Rambo as an all-out gore-fest, the body count continues to rise with each film, arguably making it much more entertaining for the mass market, but it doesn’t get any smarter. Cheesy dialogue and flimsy plots prevail throughout the series, though one could argue that with Rambo, Stallone gave die-hard series fans exactly what they wanted.

And for those that like the series, Rambo: The Complete Collector’s Set now makes all of the films to date available for purchase in one package on Blu-ray. The set comes packed with one Blu-ray disc for each film. They all get commentaries and advanced tracks – such as trivia or picture-in-picture elements – but the brunt of the special features highlighted on the box are specific to the newest film. Those are in-depth in more ways than they need to be, and the other films only get one prominent feature apiece.

For fans, it’s a solid collection, and a cheap way to buy the films in high-definition. But the special features are all recycled from previous editions, so fans won’t be missing out if they decide to purchase a specific movie separately.

Rambo: The Complete Collector’s Set Comprises
– First Blood
– Rambo: First Blood Part II
– Rambo III
– Rambo

Special Features
– All four Blu-ray discs are presented in 1080p high definition widescreen video; English DTS-HD Master Audio; with English and Spanish subtitles

– Bonus features may be in standard definition

– It’s a Long Road: Resurrection of an Icon
– A Score to Settle: Music of Rambo
– A Hero’s Welcome: Release & Reaction
– Legacy of Despair: The Real Struggle in Burma
– The Art of War: Completing Rambo
– The Weaponry of Rambo
– Drawing First Blood
– We Get to Win This Time
– Afghanistan: Land in Crisis
– Audio Commentaries
– Deleted Scenes
– Theatrical Trailers for All 4 Films
– And More

Rambo: The Complete Collector’s Set [Blu-ray]
Rambo: The Complete Collector's Set Sylvester Stallone

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, Brian Dennehy, Charles Napier, Steven Berkoff, Julie Benz, Paul Schulze, Matthew Marsden, Graham McTavish, rey Gallegos, Tim Kang, Jake LaBotz, Maung Maung Khin, Ken Howard
Created by: Ted Kotcheff, George P. Cosmatos, Peter MacDonald, Sylvester Stallone
Studio: Lionsgate
Release Date: July 27, 2010
Rating: 5.5/10
About the Writer
Bill Jones is the editor-in-chief of padsandpanels.com, a site dedicated to the coverage of games and comics.

Movie Review: The Expendables

The Expendables makes no apologies about what it is: an action movie made for people who have been fans of action heroes for the past four decades. The film doesn’t try to deliver a thought-provoking plot. Save that for Inception.

the_expendables_stallone1The Expendables is all assembling every bad-ass hero we’ve adored and putting them together for an unforgettable explosion fest – even if it’s unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. We’re talking Rambo (Sylvester Stallone), meets The Transporter (Jason Statham), meets any Jet Li flick, meets Drago from Rocky, meets Die Hard (Bruce Willis), meets The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)… the list goes on. Dave Callaham joins Stallone as screenwriter on the film, helping to save The Expendables from potential ruin. The creative duo didn’t take themselves too seriously in making this film, helping the on-screen character dynamics and healthy flurry of actor hommage to become more laughable with every minute.

The film begins with Barney Ross (Stallone) leading his team, called the Expendables, on a rescue mission. The scene is more akin to a video game than a movie. Fans of Gears of War will delight in the carnage and over-the-top special effects of exploding body parts. Based on the opening scene and the “beef” that arises between Yin Yang (Jet Li) and a drugged out Gunner Jenson (Dolph Lundgren), you may wince expecting to see one of the worst movies of your life. Don’t give up hope. If you’re a life-long action-movie fan then you are in for the thrill ride of your life. If not, then keep wincing.

After the opening sequence, the film explores the personal life of knife-throwing guru Lee Christmas (Jason Statham). Christmas has kept secrets from his girlfriend, and she’s moved onto another man. The scene feels like a throwaway segment of cliché-forgotten hero, until Christmas has a chance to cut loose on some civilian hide later on in the movie.


The actual plot begins when Ross meets up with Mr. Church (Willis) in a Church. Don’t groan just yet. This is where the film finally switches momentum and begins to add humor to the story. Trench (Schwarzenegger) stumbles into the meeting and exchanges personal jabs with Ross. Instead of making arbitrary jokes, the two actually exchange remarks about the real-actors’ personal careers. Trench says that Ross likes to run around in jungles, referencing Rambo, while Ross calls out Trench for wanting to be President, referencing Schwarzenegger’s political career. After this scene, you’ll have a greater appreciation for the movie because most of the dialogue and story is really about making fun of action movies and the personal lives of the stars behind them. Randy Couture explains his cauliflower ear and we get references Jet Li’s overwhelming need to raise money for his family in past movies. Muscle man Terry Crews is the group’s big gunner who can throw rockets when a rocket launcher isn’t handy. The actors and screenwriters deliver a serious movie, while mocking their own careers and character types. If you know your action-movie history, you will get the jokes. Otherwise, you’ll be left scratching your head.

The story’s thin plot revolves around the South American country of Vilena and overthrowing the dictator General Garza (David Zayas). Thankfully, this isn’t a story of big-bad Americans showing third world countries who’s the boss. James Munroe (Eric Roberts) is a former CIA operative who has turned on the American government is actually controlling Garza. So it’s really American versus American. It’s in South America that Ross meets a potential love interest, Sandra (Giselle Itié).

The final attack on Garza’s fortress is nothing short of epic, if not insane. Explosions, ridiculous amounts of body parts, unnecessary martial arts exhibitions and knife action run amok. But, it’s all in good fun.

Fittingly, the film culminates with “The Boys Are Back In Town.” The Expendables is a movie for people who don’t simply like, but rather utterly adore, action movies. If you don’t fall into that category, then this movie is not for you.

The Expendables also stars Steve Austin, Charisma Carpenter, Gary Daniels and Mickey Rourke.

The Expendables
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Randy Couture, Steve Austin , David Zayas, Giselle, Itie, Terry Crews, Mickey Rourke
Directed by: Sylvester Stallone
Studio: Lionsgate
Theatrical Release Date: August 13, 2010
Rating: 7.5/10

Blu-ray Review: Kick-Ass

Kick-Ass the movie simply kicks ass – and then some in 1080p. Matthew Vaughn’s film, about a hapless teenage boy who decides to fight crime comic book style, knows when to not take itself too seriously. The endless irreverent humor is a graceful and well-paced ode to British Comedy and the original work by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. Aaron Johnson delivers a spectacularly light-hearted, yet compelling performance as Dave Lizewski – aka Kick-Ass. While Nicolas Cage gives a questionable portrayal of Damon Macready aka Big Daddy, Chloe Moretz, who plays Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl, quickly steals the show with an awesome performance that is nothing less than inspiring and badass.

kickassIn Kick-Ass, we are introduced to Dave Lizewski. He’s a less than ordinary teenage boy with absolutely nothing special about him. The movie starts off with a costumed man plummeting to his death. The scene’s dry humor sets the pace for the movie, as Lizewski narrates his back-story. Vaughn and Jane Goldman’s British wit comes out consistently throughout the screenplay, bringing to life Romita Jr.’s writing and often mocking American archetypes. There’s a great scene where Lizewski states that his mom died from an aneurism and by being murdered in a robbery. It then cuts to a mock-scene of Lizewski at a graveyard yelling, “I will avenge you mother.” This reference to Batman will make more than one comic book lover snicker.

The action in the movie gathers momentum after Lizewski puts on the mantle of Kick-Ass and then gets his ass kicked. After an operation that makes him into a pseudo-Wolverine with damaged nerves, Kick-Ass is able to fight crime by being a human punching bag. It’s actually quite funny. After befriending his high school crush Katie (Lyndsy Fonseca) as her gay BFF, he inadvertently finds himself locked into an ongoing battle between the heroic team of Big Daddy and Hit Girl and Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong). Even as the action picks up, the comedy doesn’t stop. Hit Girl is a 10-year old kid with girlish smile, a foul mouth and the ability to slice and dice criminals Ninja Assassin style. Moretz does a superb job of being loveable and deadly all at once and helps the movie to never lose its lighthearted-irreverent humor.


Nicholas Cage’s performance is a major source of contention in the movie. As Damon Macready he comes off as a Brady Bunch character. Then when he becomes Big Daddy, he puts on an Adam West voice. In the context of the movie this is fine. However, it hits you so hard the first time you hear it that you wonder if it’s too much. Coincidentally, in the special features Vaughn discusses the voice. He states that they weren’t sure what to do in creating the Big Daddy alter ego. Then on set, Cage asked to try out something different. He performed Big Daddy as Adam West would. Vaughn states that this movie is all about taking risks and decided to go with it. When Vaughn’s editor begged him to have Cage do the scene over again without the voice, Vaughn states that this movie was all about taking risks and fully supported it.

hitgirlAt the end of the day, the Adam West voice isn’t such a big deal. It’s just so apparent that it takes us out of the British subtle humor and into American humor – lasting for only a few seconds, if that. However, during Big Daddy’s final scene, Cage tosses off the Adam West voice and then starts screaming commands at Hit Girl in some form of Texas-cattle call. That’s the only way to describe harsh and annoying voice. You can never really figure out what he’s yelling, but at least Hit Girl can. Did I mention how Kick-Ass Hit Girl is?

The Special Features include an extensive Making of Kick-Ass featurette. This takes you all the way from getting the project funded and casted to the final days of post-production and release. Thankfully, you can watch it in its entirety as almost its own standalone feature or documentary. There is also an Ass-Kicking Bonus view mode with Matthew Vaughn commentary. Most of the other bonus features are a still gallery or trailers.

Kick-Ass is a brilliantly conceived hero movie that can be rewatched over and over without getting old. The Adam West voice becomes more tolerable with each view. However, Cage’s screaming in his final scene is nothing short of irritating.

Special Features
– Ass-Kicking Bonus View Mode
– Matthew Vaughn Audio Commentary
– A New Kind of Superhero: The Making of Kick-Ass
– It’s On! The Comic Book Origin of Kick-Ass
– The Art of Kick-Ass Gallery
– Marketing Archive
– BD Touch and Metamenu Remote Enabled for iPhone/iPod/iPad Interactivity
– D-Box Metadata Track to Connect to D-Box Motion-Based Systems
– 1080 P High Definition in Widescreen
– BD Live Menu System

Disc 2
– DVD Version of the feature film

Disc 3
– Digital Copy Version of the Feature Film

Get Kick-Ass on Digital Download through iTunes:

Kick-Ass (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]

Starring: Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz, Nicolas Cage, Mark Strong, Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Directed by: Matthew Vaughn
Studio: Lionsgate
Release Date: August 3, 2010
Rating: 8/10