Adventures in Cosplay: Diary Day 3 – Ironettes vs Superman, Captain America & Partying Pirates (Video)

In our third Cosplay: Diary, Alexandra Threw and Rebecca Williams take on the mantle of Iron Man’s Ironettes.

Alex and Becca discuss partying on Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed pirate ship, causing problems for security at San Diego Comic Con and the two share a few laughs about the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill). Alex also lets us know about the new modifications she’s made to the Ironettes costumes.

EDITOR’S PICK: Cosplay Diary Day 2: Harley & The Riddler vs The Walking Dead

Needless to say not all of Alex and Becca’s adventures were filled with laughs as they met with another major Walking Dead letdown – this time with Marvel Comics’ hero, Captain America.

Watch their epic Cosplay Adventures above and be sure to check out their other cosplay diaries on BuzzFocus.

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You can check out more of Alexandra Threw’s costumes designs at Peachykiki.

Adventures in Cosplay: Diary Day 2 – Harley & The Riddler vs ‘The Walking Dead’ (Video)

How does it feel to get jabbed in your boob at Comic Con?

In our second Cosplay Diary, Costume Designer Alexandra Threw and cosplayer Rebecca Williams share more on their epic cosplaying adventures in San Diego.

On Day 2, Alex and Rebecca show off their love of Batman in their tag team outfits. Alex shines in her custom, Playboy-inspired Riddler outfit and Rebecca radiates in her evolving – and beloved – Harley Quinn costume. Much like Training Day, Comic Con is wild ride of “smiles and cries” for these two playful cosplayers. But it’s all for the love of the Con.

EDITOR’S PICK: Cosplay: Diary Day 1 – Purist Cosplayers and the Lure of Boobs

The two discuss the wondrous “super bra,” their trials with The Walking Dead signing, the perils of poster tubes at Comic Con, Ace Attorney and why straws and Cheetos are so darned important for women cosplayers.

Be sure to check back for more cosplaying adventures in our third Cosplay Diary.

Holy Arkham City, Batman! Harley Quinn and The Riddler have escaped!!

Adventures in Cosplay: Diary Day 1 (Video)

Alexandra Threw and Rebecca Williams are two, purist cosplayers who travel the nation in search of awesome comic conventions, cool swag and the geek glory of showing off unique – or simply heartfelt – costume designs.

In 2012, we first met Alex and Rebecca when they were cosplaying as members of the San Romero Knights’ cheerleading squad from the Lollipop Chainsaw video game.

So this year, we decided to follow Alex and Rebecca throughout Comic Con to track their adventures and get a daily report on cosplay life at the Con.

In our first Cosplay Diary, Alex and Rebecca tell us about their love of Star Trek, the culture and business of creating custom costumes, fun times with USA Network’s Psych panel and their motivations for cosplaying. They also share a boob story about Playboy because “who doesn’t like boobs?!”

Be sure to check back for more cosplay diaries from Alex and Rebecca’s convention journey.

cosplay alexandra threw rebecca williams

Iron Maidens Team Up with SNL’s Bobby Moynihan at Comic Con

As Marvel’s Avengers took the stage at Comic Con to drop details on Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man’s Iron Maidens took to the floor to show off their latest costume design.

Alexandra Threw and Rebecca Williams spent the morning putting the final touches on their Iron Maidens costumes. Each costume had lights on both hands as well as their chests and powered on with a gentle touch. SNL‘s Bobby Moynihan let us know how impressed he was at Alex’s custom designs.

Later in the afternoon, Alex and Rebecca took center stage at the Marvel Comics booth, where Alex and Rebecca showed the audience how to twerk. Rebecca, who leg presses 540 pounds, rocked the stage like a champ, twerking to the cheers of the crowd.

Be sure to check back for Alex and Rebecca’s upcoming video diary.

*This article has been updated

Sexy Cosplay with Harley Quinn and the Riddler

san diego comic con

Alexandra Threw and Rebecca Williams made their second cosplay transformation at Comic Con.

Rebecca cosplayed as her favorite cartoon star and Joker vixen from Batman the Animated Series, Harley Quinn.

Alex donned a modified Riddler outfit that would make any Playboy bunny jealous. It featured a cotton tail and Riddler hat with purple and green bunny ears.

san diego comic con

MORE COSPLAY: Alexandra Threw and Rebecca Willaims Trek-out

The playful friends show us how DC Comics villains get down:

san diego comic con

Be sure to stay tuned for Alex and Rebecca’s upcoming video diary of their Comic Con festivities.

Cosplay Adventures: Alexandra Threw & Rebecca Williams Kick off Comic Con Trek Style

Throughout Comic Con, we’ll be following the adventures of Alexandra Threw (pictured right) and Rebecca Williams (pictured left), two cosplayers from Chicago who are long time friends and and comic book fans.

The two started their Comic Con with traditional Star Trek outfits. Throughout the week, check back to see Threw and Williams transform into a variety of comic book and geek-culture inspired icons. Threw has a few custom designs that will surely surprise. Williams has been perfecting her sewing techniques. I won’t give away any spoilers, but let’s just say their may be some Marvel “trickery” to look forward to later this week.

Also stay tuned for their video diary, where Threw and Williams discus all things awesome, odd and inspiring about their convention exploits.

Check out the cosplay team jumping into action. Does Williams know Kung-fu? Maybe… maybe… You’ll just have to wait for the video diary to find out.

comic con alexandra threw rebecca williams

comic con alexandra threw rebecca williams

Exclusive Interview: Joelle Carter Talks Comic-Con, Cosplay and ‘Justified’ Season 4

On the FX hit-drama Justified, Joelle Carter plays victim-turned-victimizer Ava Crowder, one half of cable TV’s version of Bonnie and Clyde and we caught up with her on the FX MAXIM red carpet at Comic-Con.

You may recall our lengthy exclusive interview with Carter earlier this year during Season 3 of Justified and we continued our conversation, specifically about the dark path Ava continues to explore. We also discuss television shows she’s geeking out about and even though she doesn’t quite have “Newsroom” remembered, she’s adorable in her regret. There’s no disagreeing with her taste in shows and her thoughts on Comic-Con–besides that shotgun looks all too comfortable in her hands. Can’t wait for Justified Season 4.

Comic-Con Cosplay Day 2

The second day of Comic-Con 2012 is in the books and the cosplay went to another level. Just imagine what Saturday is going to look like with the Masquerade Saturday night. From the most obscure comic book characters to your favorite movie characters to all of the cult cartoons, there’s never a shortage of great homemade costumes at San Diego.

Game of Thrones was in full effect and we were able to capture two great but different takes on Daenerys Targaryen. The Joker and all of his incarnations still rules the convention floor. Two in particular, Jack Nicholson’s take in vacation boxer shorts and Heath Ledger’s version as a disheveled blond nurse were… well, unsuccessful. Still we found a very charismatic Joker and included him in our gallery along with Adventure Time’s Lumpy Space Princess with a can full of beans and yes, The Tick and Arthur with a giant spoon! And who doesn’t like Batman’s rogues in Arkham orange?

Here is a sample of some of what we saw on Day 2; click on the thumbnail to enlarge. There will be many more to come, so be sure to check back for more cosplay greatness throughout the week at BuzzFocus.

cosplay wide arkham

Comic-Con 2012 Cosplay Day 1

The first day of Comic-Con 2012 is in the books and the cosplay is already at an impressive clip. From the most obscure comic book characters to The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen to all of your favorite cartoon characters, there’s never a shortage of great homemade costumes at San Diego.

Some trends noticed today are the abundant amount of Adventure Time couples wearing Finn hats all over the campus and a surprisingly a few more fans of the classic Flinstones than I thought existed at Comic-Con, at least enough to make and wear  giant moo-moo outfit with dinosaur print. Maybe it was their way of beating the heat? Video game characters are so popular from the full-on armor suits of Halo to a fleet of kids old and young, wearing cardboard Minecraft helmets.

Here is a sample of some of what we saw on Preview Night and Day 1; click on the thumbnail to enlarge. There will be many more to come, so be sure to check back for more cosplay greatness throughout the week at BuzzFocus.

cosplay storm sdcc12 day 1

NYCC Cosplay: Bane Breaks Batman’s Back Prior to Dark Knight Rises

Next year, The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July, 20, 2012. But fans got a chance to see some Bane (will be played by Tom Hardy in 2012 feature) vs Batman (played by Christian Bale) action this year at NY Comic Con (NYCC).

One cosplayer dressed up as Bane and proceeded to simulate the scene from the Batman Knightfall story arc, where Bane broke Batman’s back in Batman #497.

Check out the scene as it played out below:

And, the clincher: