Comic Books


Casting Lex Luthor in Superman: Man of Steel 2

June 19, 2013

One essential story that should spin out of Man of Steel is the formal introduction of Lex Luthor to this world. Imagine Luthor using Kal-El’s lack of experience against him [...]

Critic Review

Movie Review: ‘Man of Steel’ Takes Superman to New Heights on Film

June 11, 2013

Before Man of Steel, the most interesting non-comics Superman stories have been told in animation. They capture his essence, the magnificence, and power of the character without the limitations of [...]


Hot Gameplay Trailer: Batman Arkham Origins gets wild with Black Mask and Deathstroke

June 10, 2013

So, you haven’t had enough of that awesome beat-em up Batman: Arkham City gameplay? Don’t worry, Batman: Arkham Origins is coming home soon enough. The latest gameplay trailer debuted at [...]

Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go Episode 11 – Good Deeds for Senior Citizen get Dunked

May 31, 2013

The Teen Titans are getting their first heat wave in Episode 11, “Hey Pizza.” In this clip, Robin plans to do a good deed for the community, but gets sidetracked [...]

Film & Movies

Transformers 4 Gets Pimped by Chevrolet’s Corvette & Volkswagen’s Bugatti

May 29, 2013

Michael Bay is adding some extra flash to the upcoming Transformers sequel. Bay revealed three new Autobot photos on his website this week for Transformers 4. The first photo features [...]

Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go Episode 10 – Khary Payton goes for an Emmy

May 24, 2013

I may still be grieving over the loss of Young Justice, but I can’t help but smile watching this tear-jerker Teen Titans Go scene. This clip features Cyborg, voiced by [...]

DC Comics

DC Comics’ Comic Con Collectibles Queue starts Now

May 20, 2013

Every year at Comic Con, thousands of collectors line up to call dibs on the latest SDCC exclusives from Mattel, Hasbro and DC Comics. DC has just released their roster [...]


EXCLUSIVE: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Season 3 Episode 5: Project Predacon

May 16, 2013

We’ve got two exclusive stills from this week’s episode of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters, entitled “Project Predacon.” In this episode, Megatron hatches a plan to clone an army of Predacons. [...]

Comics Review

Swamp Thing Volume 2 – Family Tree: A Visual Feast

May 9, 2013

Swamp Thing’s rebirth was a journey of beauty and hot fire. Yanick Paquette’s panels were a smash-up of wondrous green visuals juxtaposed with the mutilated world of the rot. It [...]


Detective Comics Volume 1 – Faces of Death: Mediocre Plots Twists Overshadow Great Art

May 9, 2013

Detective Comics: Volume 1 – Faces of Death comes in like a lion, filled with more than enough grotesque Joker shenanigans and debauchery to invigorate DC’s Batman lineup. The volume [...]