‘Supernatural’ Star Misha Collins and the Global Power of Kale

A few years back, we spoke with Supernatural star Misha Collins at Comic Con. It was our first interview with Collins, during which the subject of “geeking out” came up. Then, Collins let us know about his special love for kale.

misha collins supernatural

Since 2010, whenever we reconnect with Collins, we always bring up the fun topic of kale and healthy eating. Now, kale “has become a thing” – in a big way.

During Comic Con 2013, I caught up with Collins at the Warner Bros TV party. He brought me up to speed with what’s going on with his Guinness World Record breaking project, GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen).

Registration for the next round of the international hunt is coming to a close at the end of July. The project has gained notoriety for spawning several random acts of kindness around the world from Misha’s “minions.” Even more cool, Collins worked kale into the global project.

Here’s the Kale fireman in action. It brings a tear drop to my eye:

Also, Collins told me about a new web series he is working on and producing. He hasn’t made an official announcement on its launch so if you’re a fan, tweet to him to show your support.

Misha says his relationship with kale has become more “torrid”

The interview that started it all

Gamer Fashion: Skullcandy in the BK streets

Spotted on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Young adult dread wearing a Skullcandy backpack, in-between gaming sessions.

Favorite console: Xbox 360
Currently playing: NBA 2K13
Favorite Basketball Team: New York Knicks
Favorite Football Team: Green Bay Packers
Headphones of Choice: Beats by Dre
Hat: Under Armour
Jacket: North Face
Skateboard Status: Retired

– Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but hasn’t jumped on the Brooklyn Nets bandwagon yet.
– New Yorker who likes the Packers.
– Beats by Dre headphones, and a Skullcandy backpack.

Fashion Week: A Floral Drink Designed for the Runway

The Fall season is almost upon us and floral prints are most definitely still in fashion.

Whether you’re a fan of Rag & Bone, Rodarte, or Jason Wu, subtlety in design is always key when you’re looking to turn the right heads.

While handbags are always a great accessory, when you’re at the lounge, you’ll want to order the right drink to match your outfit.

I’ve picked out the Floral Fashionista, a lime mix with Tequila Avión Silver, which will go nicely with those baroque tones.

Floral Fashionista
– 2 parts Tequila Avión® Silver
– 1 part St. Germain
– 2 parts fresh lime juice

Simply combine these ingredients in a shaker. Give it a few vigorous shakes and strain over ice. Enjoy!

Miss Piggy Proves She Still Wears the Taste-Maker Crown at NYC’s Fashion’s Night Out

the muppets miss piggy

Fashion Week officially kicked off in New York City with Fashion’s Night Out. While the Dons and Divas of the fashion industry are celebrated, it’s also a time for celebrities to show off exclusive outfits.

Taste makers step out to kick the Fall season into high gear. It’s also a time when teens put together new outfits to show their peers that back-to-school doesn’t strictly mean back-to-books, but rather back-to-status.

Crowds gathered along along 5th and Madison Avenue, in Soho, and in Herald Square to check out the action, catch a few sales and see which fashion arbiter would define the Fall look.

While the tall blond or mysterious brunette may garner wandering eyes, an old favorite caught our attention – showing the world that she’s still got what it takes to be an industry taste maker.

Miss Piggy stepped on the scene in NYC, with Donna Karan, in a DKNY black dress, heels and a few “unique” accessories to add “fire” to the red carpet.

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Piggy joined the 13 FDNY firefighters featured in the FDNY 2013 Calendar of Heroes to help raise funds for the FDNY as well as make Kermit the Frog a little jealous.

She’s been a taste maker for several generations and still held the crown at Fashion’s Night Out 2012 in NYC.

This Really Happened: ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ Wedding Proposal

you dont know jackWhat do fart jokes, Adam Sandler and video games have in common?

Cookie Masterson has the answer.

In one of the most bizarre and utterly cool wedding proposals of all time, John Crane Zekind proposed to his girlfriend, Kara Marie Richter, via the famed pop-culture game, You Don’t Know Jack.

Jellyvision Games set up the stunt through the game’s online interface, and thankfully, Kara said yes. Phew.

Here’s the full proposal video below. It’s a “When You Wish Upon a Star” moment that the writers of Once Upon a Time would be jealous of.


Fellas, now that You Don’t Know Jack has been done, lets see which of you creative gamers can top it with another video game. How about a proposal from Master Chief in honor of Halo 4? Then again, what do you do when she chooses Master Chief over you? Yikes.

Spotted: Massive Gun Worthy of the ‘Final Fantasy’ Merch Collector

If you’ve ever played a Final Fantasy game, you’ll always remember the unique weaponry. For instance, everyone remembers Sephiroth’s giant Masamune sword from Final Fantasy VII (and if you’re a hardcore FF fan, the Masamune dates back to the first FF – just check the Chaos Shrine). Then of course, there is the notorious Gunblade, designed by Tetsuya Nomura and introduced in Final Fantasy VIII.

We’re always on the lookout for cool Final Fantasy inspired merch for CosPlay as well as the collector’s case, and we found one that – while not specifically Final Fantasy designed – will catch the eye of any FF lover.

We found this massive, double-barreled gun (one barrel on top of the another) at Mantiques Modern in New York City. Typically, FF collector’s items are not always sold at full-scale size. When they are, you can always tell by its weight and design that it’s most definitely just for show. This gun is more than just for show.

This giant weapon stands at nearly seven-feet in length and is sturdily crafted. It’s a workout just to lift it, but that’s what makes it so damn cool. The gun may not actually work, but it’s designed as if it were a real weapon.

When I saw it, I immediately thought of the longer Gunblades used by the Garlean Empire centurions in Final Fantasy XIV. Sure, the blade isn’t there, but it’s freaking HUGE and the detail is phenomenal.

Several collectables at Mantiques Modern cost a few thousand dollars. The store also has a WWII Browning Automatic giant training model that’s 7 foot 9 inches, which costs $8,500.

Mantiques Modern is located at 146 West 22nd St. in New York City. If you’re in NYC looking for some awesome new items to add authenticity and value to your collection, definitely stop by this shop.

The Box Office Story: ‘Think Like a Man’ is #1 – Audiences Getting Full on ‘The Hunger Games’

michael ealy think like a man

It took five weeks, but box offices are beginning to get full on Katniss Everdeen as The Hunger Games fell to third place this weekend. Taking the top spot was Think Like a Man with a big bank of $33 million in estimated domestic gross. Director Tim Story showed that he could overcome disappointing fans of the Fantastic Four franchise and get back to making good films that African-American audiences (though let’s remember, not exclusively) can be excited about like his debut film, Barbershop. It’s good to know that black audiences don’t always have to wait for Tyler Perry to make or produce a film even though it seemed like that was the case for many years. Believe me that’s a good thing because Perry doesn’t always make good films. Think Like a Man opened bigger than any Tyler Perry film with the exception of Madea Goes to Jail and it featured many veteran television and screen actors who are still fresh on the eyes like Michael Ealy (Common Law), Kevin Hart (Barbershop), Jerry Ferrara (Entourage), Meagan Good (Californication), Regina Hall (Law & Order: LA) and Romany Malco (Unsupervised). But to say that Think Like a Man is just a black film would undermine its quality, it’s simply a good film with a great ensemble performance.


But not to be outdone was The Lucky One, which made the Nicholas Sparks brand of films proud by placing second with $22.8 million. It was the second biggest opening for a film based on one of Sparks’ novels and this is the fourth that was produced by Warner Bros. whose last Sparks film was the 2002 film, A Walk to Remember. Can it do as well as The Notebook and Message in a Bottle? That would be a tall order but it will provide an alternative to a little film called The Avengers coming out in two weeks. One more week until the summer film season officially kicks off, any one of these top three film would be happy to add to their gross before the fanboy tidal wave hits the shore.

Dropping accordingly were the remaining films that finished in last week’s top five including The Three Stooges (fifth, $9.2 Million) which will amazingly turn a profit when it completes it run, horror hate letter The Cabin in the Woods (sixth, $7.75 million), American Reunion (seventh, $5.2 million), and Titanic 3D (eighth, $5 million). Theaters gave Lockout another week but the nod to 80’s action films fell flat again, dropping to 12th and barely clearing the $3 million mark.

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In the dollar and cents department, 21 Jump Street is tracking down like all good comedies, dropping just below -30% and has turned a huge profit from its $42 million budget. It fell just one spot to ninth with $4.6 million and a total domestic gross at $127 million after six weeks. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is on its way down, but is about to hit the second-run theaters already made $207 million in eight weeks. It could be another month before it’s officially out of theaters but will probably make over $225 million. Not everything can make money and both Mirror Mirror (10th, $4.1 million) and Wrath of the Titans (11th, $3.8 million) are slow to recoup any of their bloated production budgets ($85 million and $150 million respectively) and will be two of the biggest money losers on a domestic level but foreign box offices have put both films well in the green as Mirror has made $119 million and Wrath has brought in $278 million worldwide. Even John Carter made back its production budget with a worldwide gross of $269 million.

In indie news, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen hung tough falling just -24.6% off its previous week and dipped to 14th. The film’s modest box office draw is not indicative of its enjoyable experience. It’s a classic Lasse Hallstrom film (Chocolat, Cider House Rules) and even though it was never going to challenge for the top spot, it is a film that leaves everyone happy. I am surprised at how little overall it’s done, but the title was a hurdle every viewer has to get past. After surprising some in a slow week, The Raid: Redemption fell off -50% from last week to 16th place; losing 333 theaters was a big part of that.

marley poster banner

EDITOR’S PICK: Read our review of MARLEY

Two documentaries of note, Bully and Marley did moderately well finishing 15th and 17th respectively. Bully fell off last week’s pace by just -5.7% even though it added another 105 locations. Call-to-action documentaries are a tough sell, but hopefully it continues to do decently in the art houses to give Lee Hirsch and the victims of bullying some ammunition as they hope to try and get the film mandated in school systems and communities nationally. I’ll be honest though and say that theaters were hoping it would do better. I would love to see the film get into the multiplexes across the country because it’s a film that needs to get out into the smaller towns populated by conservative communities as much as it does to the metropolitan areas. In fact, it may be even more important because change does not happen in these communities easily.

EDITOR’S PICK: Read our review of BULLY

The Bob Marley doc did very well, opening in just 42 theaters and cashing in an average of $6,190 per theater. I’m not sure how wide a release Marley will get, but it is also available through video on demand (VOD) if you check your local streaming and cable services. That may be another option for the documentaries and indies to reach audiences where it normally would not but I don’t have the numbers to show what kind of impact. If these films don’t reach your multiplex or there’s not an art house near you, it comes down to figuring out what On Demand sources get each film. Neither doc was available on Amazon, but Marley was on iTunes and my Time Warner Cable’s On Demand menu. It’s how I watched Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope which opened to just 4 theaters on the weekend of April 6 and left theaters but I imagine it’s reaching more people through alternate avenues. I can say this about Marley, there is a warmth in hearing Bob Marley’s music, an emotional connection with the film that’s made in a theater and a home theater that I am still unconvinced you get that experience through a smart phone but times are a changing.

Here is the list of the top 20 films in Weekend #9 of 2012 according to Box Office Mojo and their actual box office numbers.

1 Think Like a Man (Screen Gems) $33,000,000
2 The Lucky One (Warner Bros) $22,805,000
3 The Hunger Games (Lionsgate) $14,500,00
4 Titanic 3D (Paramount) $10,205,000
5 The Three Stooges (Fox) $9,200,000
6 The Cabin in the Woods (Lionsgate) $7,750,000
7 American Reunion (Universal) $5,200,000
8 Titanic 3D (Paramount) $5,000,000
9 21 Jump Street (Sony) $4,600,000
10 Mirror Mirror (Relativity) $4,114,000
11 Wrath of the Titans (Warner Bros.) $3,825,000
12 Lockout (Film District) $3,094,000
13 Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (Universal) $1,702,000
14 Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (CBS) $670,000
15 Bully (The Weinstein Co.) $505,000
16 The Raid: Redemption (Sony Pictures Classic) $481,000
17 Marley (Magnolia) $260,000
18 October Baby (Samuel Goldwyn) $243,000
19 Safe House (Universal) $227,300
20 This Means War (Fox) $210,000

Movie Review: Bully – Uncovering The Desperate Cries For Help

bully alexIn Alex Libby’s school, the principal is just as big a bully as the ones who victimize him on a daily basis, as shown when two of his classmates come back from recess soon after an altercation. One is a nice boy, offering his hand in apology, the other refuses to extend his hand or be sincere in returning the gesture. The principal pats the nice boy on the shoulder and sends him on his way and then proceeds to scold the other–the boy who was originally picked on. When he explains himself, he is denigrated while the guilty boy goes unpunished. That’s the tag team that plagues so many schools–bully and teacher–and is just one of the several real stories exposed in Lee Hirsch’s documentary Bully.

David and Tina Long, hail from Murray Country, Georgia and found their 17-year old son Tyler hanging from his bedroom closet after being bullied for several years and negligence from the local school board. Tyler’s passing finally triggers the opening the eyes and ears in a community that’s riddled with bully problems.

Kelby, 16 was a star athlete until she came out as a lesbian. Her hometown of Tuttle, Oklahoma turned not only on her but her entire family overnight. Treated as a pariah by her former teammates, classmates, and teachers, Kelby bravely stands in the face of the hatred by refusing to leave and let the bullies win. She doesn’t do so alone and has a strong but small supportive group by her side, but is her courage enough to change the culture of a conservative town?

Alex, 12 is from Sioux City, Iowa and admits to having a hard time making friends. His daily verbal and physical abuse begins at the bus stop in the morning and doesn’t let up until he gets inside his home. His parents get only partial reports of what’s really happening and the administrators would rather sweep the problems under the rug than dig in and make a difference.

bully jameyaIn Yazoo County, Mississippi, after getting a daily ear load of verbal abuse on her hour-long bus rides, 14-year old Ja’Meya’s stowed her mother’s loaded handgun on board one day to show her instigators that she had finally had enough. For her sake, she was lucky she does not pull the trigger, but is incarcerated in a juvenile detention center away from her family, facing multiple felony charges.

And finally we meet Kirk and Lauren Smalley who also lost their 11-year old to bully-cide and vow to turn his loss into a gain by creating Stand for the Silent, a lifeline for others who share their grief but also raise awareness and get bystanders to become upstanders, and help stop the problems that plague our culture, because bullying cannot be isolated to the tormenter and the victim. It’s bigger than the parents of both sides; it’s something that communities have to devote themselves to in creating safe school environments.

Two of the families who experienced bullying were forced to relocate after years of inaction. These aren’t negligent or weak families, they’re exhausted after asking for help and getting none. It was already too late for Smalleys and Longs, who were both in the process of healing, having already lost their sons, yet their efforts to help other victims offers one of the few rays of hope. One wonder what Bully can do to help in the situation? What can these real stories and experiences drive harder than a fictional story with actors? I believe because they are real–that show the real consequences, makes the problem more urgent, more important that we stop running away from it because one more death related to bullying is too many.

Alex’s fear of disappointing his family and cries for help fell on deaf ears, especially on those who had the power to do something (teachers and principals). That only magnified the unsafe environment for the victims. In many cases, educators try too hard to be youth’s best friend instead of their protectors, especially when they are outnumbered for example in the case of defending a gay or lesbian child. Alex’s daily abuse is captured for an entire year, but when the sweet-natured boy is asked about how he feels when he’s bullied, his words are an alarm that something must be done to end this cycle of madness.

“Sometimes I want to be the bully, so that I can bully the bullies.”

bully david longBully kicks up the dirt and dust settled on an issue that has been ignored for too long. It shows is that to institute a real change, it needs to be done as a cultural change–because it is so deeply engrained. Excuses like “kids will be kids” are used to keep the cries for help sound like whispers. Even the MPAA did their best to limit those who viewed it, but don’t let all that dumb drama take away from the film. Do know that finally getting a PG-13 rating helps it get into schools, and potentially mandated for all schools to use it a learning tool for teachers, parents and students. That’d be a start in the right direction, certainly, but why wait for that to happen?

Bully can affect kids who aren’t bullied, because they could see what a difference could be made in standing up for those victimized and it could make many who partake in bullying realize how much their words and actions hurt. Bully could help empower those who have felt lonely or helpless because these stories, and the degree of the victims’ torment finally gets some awareness. They rarely get heard or seen, as most people only bother to even read about bullying when it’s too late because it either ends in suicide or a school shooting.

And when bullying doesn’t go that far, we just don’t hear about it, even though the emotional, psychological and at times physical wounds do just as much to stunt a child’s development. With the advent of social networking, it’s easy to damage the reputation of someone with the send button on a phone or computer. We are becoming more diverse country, and as minorities and the LGBT community gain more rights, I just don’t see how a movie like Bully can be ignored.

If there’s a shortcoming, it’s that Hirsch doesn’t reach out to the bullies–to show that their behavior is wrong. Many bullies don’t even realize the effects of their actions, and most people don’t know how little is done when victims are brave enough to report incidents.

bully kelbyI feel the reason we don’t see the bullies’ point of view is because Bully allows for the victims to be heard for once. They’ve waited long enough. Besides, bullying is a cowardly act as it is; no one is going to freely admit to it, well except for the principal at Alex’s school, who by the way, still holds that position as of the writing of this review.

Are we really concerned about the education of our youths or is that just a buzzword when it comes to getting votes and city levies passed? Kids have to feel safe enough to go to school to get that education so they can reach their potential. Bully shows that there are many who don’t feel safe.

Far be it me to determine what should and should not be mandatory viewing by a child, but speaking as a parent, I believe Bully serves as relevant and important tool for middle school youths and up, parents, educators, school administrators. The victims featured range from ages 11 to 17 and the film deals with suicide and death that might need to be explained to a middle school child, but it’s clear children face bullying long before high school sets in. Active parenting is always recommended, and when viewing Bully it’s probably more positive when viewed together to open a dialogue afterwards. Like other documentaries that serve as a call to action, the potential power of Bully, relies on the number of people who see the film and most importantly, act on it.

To see if Bully is playing at a theater near you, visit Bully’s official website to see where it is showing.

Starring: Alex, Ja’Meya, Kelby, David Long, Tina Long, and Kirk Smalley
Directed by: Lee Hirsch
Studio: The Weinstein Company
Release Date: April 13, 2012


8.5 / 10

‘Tekken’ Yoshimitsu & ‘Mass Effect’ Liara T’Soni Bishoujo Sculpts Dazzle Kotobukiya 2012 Lineup

kotobukiya tekken tag

Comic book and science fiction fans who are also statue collectors should already know about the impact that Kotobukiya has made in recent years especially with their ARTFX line and Star Wars sculpts. Their Marvel Studios line is also impressive as is their Bishoujo take on Marvel’s cast of female characters. Gamers should take note though, because Kotobukiya’s most impressive statues in 2012 are targeted at them. On display at Wondercon Anaheim were two new sculpts that are available for pre-order.

kotobukiya tekken 2The first is the Tekken Tag 2 Tournament: Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue, priced at $449.99, this highly detailed Yoshimitsu stands on top of a giant head and towers at a whopping 21 1/2 inches tall (1/6 scale). An intricate paint job accentuates tons of battle damage and tech innards spilling out of the bottom of the head. Yoshimitsu was sculpted by Japanese master artist Takayuki Takeya, and will be available June 2012 but place your pre-orders here or at your local comic shop because these are going to go fast!

Kotobukiya Description
An honorable warrior and leader of the Manji Clan, Yoshimitsu stands victorious on the severed head of a gigantic mechanoid! Wearing his unique and distinctive armor, the Tekken fighter holds his two swords in triumph, waiting for his next opponent. Yoshimitsu’s demonic armor is amazingly detailed with multiple textures including metals and sculpted “fabric,” layered plating, intricate piping and designs, buckles, straps, and much more. Matching the varied sculpt is a fantastic paint job capturing the one of a kind look; burnished purple and gold armor plates cover bluish gray clothing and are decorated with silvers, blues, and white. Yoshimitsu also has an enormous circular device behind his head and two detailed scabbards, one mounted on his back and the other at his hip.

Click on the thumbnail above to enlarge.

Equally impressive but a bit more budget conscious is the Japanese Import Mass Effect Liara T’Soni Bishoujo Statue, priced at $59.99, Liara T’soni stands nearly 10 inches tall (1/7 scale). This statue was sculpted by Busujimax (Takaboku Busujima) features tons of detail on her coat and weapons. Place Liara on your pre-orders here or at your local comic shop. And if you look next to Liara, there’s a Ghostbuster Lucy Bishoujo too that was released back in August 2011.

kotobukiya mass effect

Kotobukiya Description
A “pureblood” Asari, Liara is both a scholar and a warrior. Channeling her martial instinct, the distinctive blue-skinned alien stands with a Phalanx at the ready and a folded M-3 Predator holstered at her hip. Alert to danger and careful to observe her surroundings, Liara leans on her slightly bent right leg and arches her back, emphasizing her gorgeous body. The doctor is mostly covered by her armored outfit, but it accentuates her curves instead of hiding them. A skin-tight black bodysuit is visible under matching boots, jacket, and lingerie-like clothing in stunning blue and silver. Meanwhile, Liara’s head is bare, revealing her striking blue skin and alien features that make her unique from previous bishoujo statues!

kotobukiya dc women

More Bishoujos!
Some of the other great sculpts on display were the DC Comics Bishoujo Collection. Pictured here are two versions of Batgirl and this slick Poison Ivy statue striking a pose. Marvel gets in on the Bishoujo act too with an awesome Elektra sculpt, a sexy Mystique, and an X-23 ready to attack.

kotobukiya batman artfx

For Batman fans there’s an ARTFX statue based off of Jim Lee’s 2002 Hush that stands 11 inches tall (1/6 scale) and was sculpted by Kouei Matsumoto. It is available for pre-order for $99.99 And mutant fanboys have got to love these full figure (1/6 scale) X-Force statues of Warpath ($199.99) sculpted by Erick Sosa featuring real metal blades and a to-die-for Archangel ($229.99) statue that will need at least 18 inches tall of clearance on your display shelf.

kotobukiya xforce

And what’s becoming a new trend are collectible chopsticks, but these Alien Chestburster Chopsticks ($9.99 each) are based off the movie Alien. There are also silicone ice cube trays of Alien egg pods for $9.99–Let’s hope one of these don’t hide in your sushi or noodles because you’d hate to get that sinking feeling in your stomach a few hours later.

kotobukiya chopsticks

All of Kotobukiya products can be ordered through your local comic shop or online directly through Kotobukiya’s website.

Photos taken by Lucky Bronson

Video: Pitt, Clooney, Sheen, & Others Perform L.A. Reading of ‘8’ To Spread Truth About Prop 8 Federal Trial

8 play

Often times celebrities are given rolling eyes when they become invested in a political movement, but their collective star power can make a major impact. On March 3 at the Ebell of Los Angeles, The American Foundation for Equal Rights staged a one-night-only reading, verbatim theatre style, of a play that was written by Academy-award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (Milk) and directed by Rob Reiner (The Bucket List). The play was based on the transcripts from the Perry vs. Schwarzeneggger trial, which AFER filed with the district court to overturn Proposition 8, the bill preventing gay and lesbian couples from marrying in California.

brad pitt 8

Brad Pitt (Moneyball) read as Judge Vaughn Walker, prosecuting attorneys Theodore B. Olson and David Boies were played by Martin Sheen (West Wing) and George Clooney (The Descendants) respectively and defense attorney Charles J. Cooper was played Kevin Bacon (X-Men: First Class). The case featured two couples, a lesbian couple Sandy Stier and Kris Perry played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Christine Lahti who raised two boys from birth to their teenage years, and a gay couple Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo played by Matthew Morrison (Glee) and Matt Bomer (White Collar) who have been in a long-term relationship wishing to marry in California.

kevin bacon 8

The stunning words spoken in trial were read in powerful and effective fashion by the actors and were made even more enlightening with the support of conversations Stier and Perry had with their sons and interviews with with Katami and Zarrillo. Their words showed that marriage is not just a label to gay couples but being denied that right is another example of the discrimination and prejudice they face every day in their lives.

martin sheen 8

The live stream of the reading attracted 200,000 viewers according to Reiner and is available for viewing on Youtube and on the AFER website. It can be viewed below. The first 30 minutes of the presentation is a collection of the propaganda ads that were aired on television in support of Proposition 8 as well as notable clips of politicians supporting the ban of gay marriage. Viewers have the option to skip ahead to the beginning of the 90 minute reading.

This play was created because no cameras were allowed in the hearing, drawing attention away from the defense’s weak case. No public access was given to trial until after the decision was made by Walker’s ruling. Their hope is that the LA reading will go viral and with the star power attached, would reach an audience that would not go out of their way to see the Broadway production of the play. Reiner is also directing a documentary about Prop 8 that will be released in 2013. When the real prosecuting attorneys joined Reiner and the cast at the end of the reading, Olson declared that “Fear and prejudice were put on trial and fear and prejudice lost,” as they hope to raise awareness of the case and take the matter to the Supreme Court.

theodore olson 8

Others playing smaller but important parts are Yeardley Smith (The Simpsons), George Takei (Heroes, The Howard Stern Show), Bridger Zadina, Jansen Panettiere, James Pickens Jr. (Grey’s Anatomy), John C. Reilly (Chicago), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family), Jane Lynch (Glee), Chris Colfer (Glee), Vanessa Garcia, Cleve Jones, Campbell Brown (The Today Show), Rory O’Malley (Dreamgirls).

The play is currently being performed on Broadway featuring Lahti, Bomer, and many who were featured in the LA reading of 8 and also feature Ellen Barkin, Morgan Freeman, John Lithgow, Bob Balaban, Anthony Edwards amongst others.