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Published on September 29th, 2013 | by Ernie Estrella


8 Final Expectations of the ‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale: ‘Felina’

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We’re just hours away from the series finale of Breaking Bad, titled “Felina” and we are still in the dark about the fates of many of our characters. No one should expect a happy, warm-hearted send off, but we’ve got our own theories and expectations of what could happen tonight. If you’re not caught up, then please click on one of our other articles because everything else is for those who just want to see how it all ends. Consider this your final warning, and remember Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is the one who knocks. (Breaking Bad art by Bill Sienkiewicz)

Jesse breaking bad finale

I’m Glad I’m not Jesse’s Boy

Most viewers believe that Brock (Ian Posada) is still alive so he can be used as leverage to force Jesse (Aaron Paul) to work. In the penultimate episode, Uncle Jack (Michael Bowen) turned to Todd (Jesse Plemons) in the back seat and we are left with the unsettling words, “Hey, don’t forget about the kid,” setting up one of three possible scenarios:

1) If Todd didn’t go back to kill Brock, we’ll assume that Brock finds his mother dead on the porch, calls the cops and is whisked away into police custody and put into foster care. We are then pulled into not knowing the fate of an ancillary character. Todd shows Jesse that they are watching him and Jesse becomes a meth-cooking zombie for the rest of his life. This would continue the partnership of Lydia (Laura Fraser) and Todd, keep crystal blue meth very much alive and extend the legacy of Heisenberg through the outreach of the drug.

2) Brock is brought into the fold and taken hostage and is used as leverage to force Jesse to work. This seems like the more plausible way to tie Brock in, and it initiates a need for Jesse to think of an escape and a way to save the two of them, or sacrifice himself for Brock. Jesse could even destroy the lab in the process and taking Todd, Lydia, and Uncle Jack with him. We think this is the best combination of all of the possibilities and don’t be surprised to see Jesse use Todd’s affection towards Lydia against him.

3) In the unlikely (and unpopular) scenario, Brock is killed and we just didn’t see it. I doubt anyone wants to see Todd kill another kid, but Uncle Jack’s suggestion about not forgetting about Brock could have meant to go back and kill him. This gives Jesse no reason to work for Todd and leaves him a wreck, going back on drugs and we never know what his final fate is. But what it does is initiate a confrontation between Jesse and Todd. Remember, we only have one episode left. Something needs to come to a head.

lydia breaking bad

About a Girl

This is one of the more interesting final threads of the show. Walter’s beef should lie with himself in regards to crystal meth. He can be angry at what Todd’s Uncle Jack did to Hank, and taking over 86% of his $80 million. Walter can also be angry at Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz, which we’ll get to by the end of this article. But what grudge could he possibly have with Lydia? If anything, she helped facilitate the international deal, she got him the overseas notoriety in getting a partnership going. The only thing she tried to do is get Walter to come back and make more meth out of pure greed (and to satisfy angry customers beating down the door for 92+% purity). She walked into A1 Car Wash asking for Walt’s return and she sent Todd to el casa de Heisenberg to threaten Skyler to keep shut during the police investigation and court hearings. But only Todd knows that Lydia put her up to it.

Which brings us to Lydia’s role moving forward and the popular theory that the ricin Walt went back to retrieve is meant for her. Sure, he can put it in her tea, but that doesn’t make any sense. What would he gain by killing her except for the threat against Skyler. If anything, Lydia has been brought back into the picture, solely by Todd, because he likes her, and they can make money together. If in fact she is to perish, it would be because she happened to be with Todd to pick up more product, and Jesse uses that distraction to his advantage in his next escape plan/ sacrifice as we mentioned above.

There is an extremely tragic ending to this thread, which is very possible and more realistic. Jesse fails in saving either Brock or himself and Todd and Lydia continue making crystal blue. Todd shows his affection towards Lydia, she refuses, but they agree to keep their working relationship going.

marie breaking bad finale


Marie’s Denouement

As Betsy Brandt told us, Hank (Dean Norris) was her entire world. As a victim in all of this tragedy, she deserves some closure, whether it’s finding his body or being able to spit in Walt’s face. To not give her some satisfaction leaves us with only her empty look as our last visage of Marie, while under the protection of law enforcement. As far as her relationship with her sister, it will be hard to break that bond. Brandt and Anna Gunn imagined that their characters’ upbringing were a difficult, and they survived it by sticking together. There’s no way she can forgive Skyler or understand her actions, but Marie may be all Skyler has left in her corner. She’s understandably close to Flynn (R.J. Mitte) and Holly so she’ll be there for them. Otherwise she has no family or life to look forward to and there’s the slim chance she could be hunted down by Uncle Jack. If Walt has a slow crawl to death, Marie deserves to be there to watch it when it happens.


skyler breaking bad finale

Skyler’s Denouement

Could we see one last intimate scene between husband and wife, or perhaps a simple thank you for the phone call that exonerated her? They had their differences, there was Ted Beneke, they could have had an arcade but instead went with a car wash. There are so many times these two butted heads. Through it all, they still cared for each other. Flashbacks showed a passion shared between them. Skyler felt like there was no reason to simply give Walter up, all the way to the end. Will we see Walter share with Skyler his real motivations? Or will he lie to her all the way to the end and say it he did it all for them? No matter what Walter plans to do in the finale, we know we have to see at least one last scene shared by the Whites, and it promises to be a powerful one.

flynn breaking bad finale

And Junior?

Flynn had his chance to tell his father off on the phone, so we don’t expect another repeat of what transpired. It broke Walter, crushed him to the point of giving himself up until he watched television in the bar. There doesn’t seem to be any redemption good enough for Walt Jr. to forgive his father and his role in Hank’s death. But if Walter makes an effort to see Skyler, then he has to try and make peace with Walt Jr. too, right?


gray matter

It’s What Matters Most

This transformation was never about family. If you believed that, then you were just as blind as Walter was as he lied to himself. This was about his pride. This was about Gray Matters or more importantly, Gretchen (Jessica Hecht) and Elliott Schwartz (Adam Goodley). Recall that Walter used to date Gretchen but something happened that hasn’t been explained yet, and he left her and his research behind. Gretchen went on to marry Elliot and they created Gray Matters with Walter’s help. They were nominated for a Nobel Prize, and Walt sold his share of of the company for $5,000. Since he left, Gray Matters is worth billions.

Upon hearing Walter’s health problems, Elliott offered Walter a job and even offered to pay for his treatment, to which Walter responded to Gretchen with a resounding “fuck you.” In last year’s half of Season 5, Walter tells Jesse this and that there is no money amount big enough to satisfy him, uttering the now famous line, “I’m in the empire business.” Walter was ready to turn himself over to the authorities before seeing The Schwartzs on the Charlie Rose show and further minimizing Walter’s role in the start up of Gray Matters–to further distance themselves from the meth cooking Heisenberg.

With his family turning his back on him, the only thing Walter has left is his legacy. Recall when Jesse first made his own batch of blue that Gus bought and sold. Walter took offense that Jesse would make his recipe and that Gus would exchange money for Jesse’s cook. The last thing Walter wants to be is reduced to something or someone insignificant. He provoked Hank to investigate further when he believed the trail ended with Gayle’s death. No one takes credit for Walter’s work. This sets up for a major confrontation between Walter, Elliot and Gretchen. Surely he can’t be using his giant guns on them, but he could destroy their life’s work, their industries, maybe more. The two of them trash talking Walter got him to rise from his grief and make one last fight, the most personal one to him and become his last act of vengeance. Which brings us to…

walter white breaking bad finale


The fate of Walter White

It makes sense that Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz would be the targets of the ricin, perhaps Walter sets up a last supper between scientists, and taking his own life in his hands, while getting his former partners to admit his brilliance was the key thing to their success. He’s already lost his family, and killing Uncle Jack, Todd and their crew doesn’t do anything to satisfy Walter. He already knows the money is meaningless to his family. He can’t bring back Hank from the dead. He’s on a personal crusade to extinguish Gray Matters and take down those who stand in his way. Remember, he has terminal cancer so he can sit and die, but he originally did not want chemotherapy treatment. He wanted to live on his own terms and not wither sadly in a hospital bed. Ironically, Marie supported him in this philosophy, but in the end Walter got treatment and prolonged his life. It would be Walter’s wishes to die on his terms, to do one last great act of maniacal revenge before going out, but there’s just one thing that stands in that way…


breaking bad jesse walt


Walter vs. Jesse

Where we see Walter crossing paths with Uncle Jack and his crew is to bring Walter and Jesse face-to-face with each other, one last time. While Gray Matters is the real motivation, so much of the show hinged on Walter and Jesse working together, so to end on that note would be poetic. Walter could save Jesse or Jesse could get revenge on Walter for ruining his life and manipulating him again and again. If anyone deserves to take Walter’s life, it’s Jesse. From watching Jane die to poisoning Brock, and then ratting him out to Jack’s crew hiding underneath the car, leading to Andrea’s murder. Somewhere along the line of talking with his family, and going after Gray Matters, a confrontation between Walter and Jesse would leave fans with a chilling ending where Walter either wins and the legacy of his crystal blue lives on past his death through what Todd and Lydia do, or Jesse wins by killing Walter and Todd–an incredible evolution from the young man who reluctantly killed Gayle. Either way it’s going to be tragic, and it’s going to be a finale we’ll be sad to see through the end

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