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Published on March 24th, 2013 | by Bags Hooper


Shameless Season 3 Episode 10 (Finale Lead-in): The Unforgettable Gallaghers

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“I found the cure to comas!”

The third season of Shameless is quickly coming to a close. And there is one thought that’s on my mind. Is this the best season of Shameless yet? Season 3 certainly has some of the best comedic scenes (Episode 306-308 were unbelievably good).

With thirty-four episodes in the can and two to go, so many story arcs are converging for an abundance of comedy and drama.

Jimmy struggles with his Stevie alter ego
Jimmy may love Fiona, but he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. When things were hitting the fan at the Gallagher house, Jimmy’s first inclination is to run away. He didn’t waste any time sleeping with his “wife” Estefania again, when Fiona was plagued with dead bodies and house woes. And after working a few days at the coffee shop, he’s ready to head back to Michigan to become a doctor. Somebody needs to tell Jimmy that med-school, followed by a residency and long hospital hours doesn’t make for an “easier” way out.

Frank from drug mule to Gay Rights Spokesman
Sometimes the best stories revolve around Frank’s serendipitous ability to fall into a new hustle. While trying to bargain for free healthcare through a domestic union, Frank went viral. His political rant turned him into the voice of the voice of the gay population. Now he’s delivering speeches on gay rights, raising money, living it up in hotels and taking a cut of the proceeds. Unfortunately, Frank can’t help but get greedy. He’s playing both sides of the gay-rights movement. While he gives speeches on gay rights by day, he is partaking in conversion therapy and free women from Alistair Huddleston’s organization.

Mandy vs. Karen with Lip in the Middle
Truthfully, I’ve never been a Karen fan. She’s been a royal bitch to her mom and played Lip for the fool. Then, she walked out on both of them and her son. Good riddance! Unfortunately, she’s back just in time to disturb a promising union between Lip and Mandy Milkovich. Mandy may have a “skank” history, but she’s been good for Lip. She even helped Lip apply to college, despite his protests. Turns out – Lip actually wants to go to MIT if it’s on his terms. Who wouldn’t want to see Lip make C3P0 (Star Wars fans hands up!). Sadly, Mandy crossed the line by running over Karen with her car.

Ian and Mickey
Mandy isn’t the only Milkovich causing problems for the Gallagher boys. Mickey is marrying the Russian prostitute who his dad hired to sex the gay out of him.

It looks like neither Ian or Lip can be happy, but that’s what makes the comedy great.

Kevin and Veronica
Kevin is having a baby! With Veronica’s mom… Eww.. How gross is this threesome? We’ll have to see how this works out. Most likely, in Shameless Season 4, we’ll jump ahead a year so that we can see Jimmy back from med school and Kevin raising his new baby.

Jody’s character has always been bland, but this season has given him some personality. His sex addiction came back and his utter stupidity at times has added in just the right touch of humor. I couldn’t stop laughing after he went down on Karen, she woke up and he proceeded to tell the doctors that he had discovered the cure for comas. Nice…

We have only two episodes of Shameless to go and I can only expect that the laughs won’t stop. I am already looking forward to rewatching the antics. Remember when Veronica put the tarp over her mother the first time Kevin had sex with her. Unforgettable.

Still, there is one thing that I don’t want to see. I don’t care to see Fiona hook up with her boss in the absence of Jimmy. It would feel too much like a throwback to the season 1 finale and season 2 premiere.

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