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Published on March 13th, 2013 | by Bags Hooper


Forget Elementary, More Sherlock on the way – Cumberbatch thumbs-up fourth series

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If you can’t stop yourself from saying, “meh,” at the end of every episode of Elementary, it’s probably because you’re a fan of BBC’s grittier, more robust Sherlock series.

While CBS’s Sherlock Holmes, starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, may lack the depth of Sherlock, it more than makes up for the void with its healthy, broadcast episode count.

After every short, three episode series of Sherlock, fans are always left waiting another year for more.

Thankfully, Sherlock and Star Trek star Benedict Cumberbatch has confirmed a fourth season of BBC’s acclaimed show.

According to the Radio Times, Cumberbatch said that both he and co-star Martin Freeman will return to sleuthing for a fourth go-round.

“We’ve agreed to two more series but I could get into trouble for saying that,” Cumberbatch said at the South Bank Show Awards.

Season 3 begins filming its 3-episode arc on March 18. Cumberbatch said that he has signed on for those three episodes (and if you know Sherlock, which you should, the episodes are more akin to 90-minute movies) and an additional three.

Sherlock returns for its third series this Fall.

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  • John L. Maboko

    Was beginning to wonder if it was ever coming back…

  • Erika Tate

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  • Edohiguma

    Grittier? Sherlock isn’t gritty at all. Besides, from what I’ve seen Sherlock lives primarily off rabid fangirls swooning over Cumberbatch.

    Cumberbatch isn’t a bad actor, but I’ve been not really impressed by his Sherlock. I can think of several productions where he was far better. As for Watson… Let’s not go there. He had a few moments where the character was interesting, but those didn’t last very long and, sorry, Freeman is really bland. His Bilbo Baggins was just as unremarkable as his Watson.

    However my biggest beef with it is that Sherlock has all the old Sherlock Holmes cases. There are just minor changes. Like, for example, the whole Baskerville case was changed from the family to a military installation (where Watson just flashed an ID and they could waltz into it in civvie clothes? Yeah right, not going to happen in reality), but ultimately it remained the same old case that has been turned into film several times by now. Still beating the dead horse.

    Not to mention that I still think that Moriarty in Sherlock is utterly horrible. Holmes’ biggest, baddest adversary is supposed to be that joke of a guy? Really? Seriously? That doesn’t fly with me, no matter what all the critics say.

    Elementary, on the other hand, doesn’t follow the same old. The cases aren’t too shabby and you can actually try to figure out what happened.

    Though maybe it’s because, by now, I’m utterly bored by British TV. Doctor Who is getting dull. It always repeats the same pattern. Torchwood is dead (thanks to RTD.) Sherlock, not far behind. Downton Abbey started awesome, but now is as interesting as watching paint dry. And so on. Give me Southland or Blue Bloods over this stuff any day.

    That said, when ever I hear that something is “critically acclaimed” or similar, I dismiss it quickly. Why? Because a critic voices his opinion and is, more often than not, highly subjective and biased. Plus, you know how opinions are, like a certain part of the human anatomy: everyone has one. Fifty critics can say it’s great, if I don’t like it, I don’t like it. It’s ultimately all subjective.

    Sherlock is okay enough to watch, but not outstanding and luckily doesn’t have 12+ episodes per season. Grittier and more robust than Elementary? Hardly.

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