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Published on March 9th, 2013 | by Bags Hooper


Young Justice Season 2 Episode 19: The Light vs The Reach + Cueing Series Finale Regrets

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The penultimate episode of Young Justice pits the Light vs the Reach. Just as we presumed, earth’s villains and earth’s alien captors wouldn’t be able to get along once the heroes were out of the way.

The words “penultimate episode” are said with an abundance of sadness and nostalgia. I already miss the series and can’t get over the fact that Cartoon Network cancelled it. The whole DC Nation Saturday hour has collapsed in on itself only two years after it was established. It would have been nice if the series was put on Friday nights, just like Justice League (Unlimited) before it. Young Justice and Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be a great back-to-back section of solid animated, action entertainment. But what can you do, the TV programmers at CN decided to get cute with their scheduling with YJ and Green Lantern. Now, hard core fans will have neither show to look forward to.

There used to be a time when a network (especially a cable network) saw a good series for what it was and would try to juggle around the time slots to make it work. Not the case anymore. Sink or swim. Just like on broadcast TV.

In truth, YJ had a more camp beginning. But once the story jumped forward 6 months and found the team stranded in the desert, it became an entirely different show. Oh well.

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