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Published on February 20th, 2013 | by Francois Chang


Fuse impressions and insight on the project from Ted Price

Four-player co-op and stat building gunplay is no stranger to FPS’s today. Halo, Call of Duty and Battlefield have most, if not all, of these features where as at one time they didn’t. It’s what gamers want and expect from their shooters these days and Fuse will be jumping right into the mix when it arrives later this year.

Fuse offers all the trimmings of a modern day shooting game. It has a campaign for up to four players, a skill tree to expand upon and a wave based mode called Echelon. The first thing I played was part of the main campaign. The entire team of Overstrike 9 is on-screen at all times, so even if you’re playing as Dalton by youself, Naya, Izzy and Jacob will be controlled by the computer. Cool thing is you’ll be able to switch around to each character as you please — a luxury not experienced while playing with four human characters.

Each character is radically unique to play as and is equipped with character specific weapons and moves. For example, Izzy can throw a healing crystal like grenade to heal herself and her team. This makes her very useful, because if a downed teammate to far, you can bring him or her back to her feet from a long way away. It is very convenient and could be the difference between making it through a firefight or not. She can also turn invisible to make sneak attacks on enemies.

Founder and CEO of Insomniac Games, Ted Price expressed his excitement when describing some of the cooperative moves players can pull off, such as using Izzy’s shatter gun to coat enemies in crystals and having Dalton use his Magshield to absorb gunfire to protect those he’s around. Price shared, “since the beginning, the guns have gone through a lot of change and what we have now is four very different and very balanced characters.”

Echelon mode is 12 waves long with waves 6 and 12 containing a boss battle. It is also playable for up to four players, but is more for spurts of fun rather than an immersive story. What’s cool is that points earned here also carries over to campaign, so this is a good way to build a friend’s character up who just got the game to be more leveled. Outside of being done in waves, it plays largely the same as the campaigns. It’s unfortunate that it only goes up to 12, because it’s fun to strive for longer and further like in Call of Duty‘s Zombie mode.

From what I’ve played so far, Fuse has great co-op play that is both encouraged and very fun to play. Shooting feels solid and there are also puzzle elements that remind you a bit of Uncharted with the climbing and figuring things out. Looking forward to more news on the game as the release date approaches and, from what was told about this demo, things are still being fine-tuned.

What does the future hold for Fuse even before its release? Price says, “we have a world that is very different and can go in many different directions.”

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