Ghost Recon gets a taste of the Multiverse, Assassin style

by Bags Hooper on February 11, 2013 · 0 comments

in Assassin’s Creed

Who doesn’t like a good crossover? Whether it’s Batman facing off against Captain America in the comic books or Superman battling Sub Zero in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, we all love those fantasy match ups.

Ubisoft is getting their own internal crossover going this month, with a Ghost Recon and Assassin’s Creed III mash up.

Players will get to dive into Ghost Recon Online, utilizing the famed Assassin’s Creed hoodie and four variant armor styles. There will also be 6-new Abstergo Industries weapons to buy, including the Sentinel SR-1 AC, Fiveseven AC and Pentagun SP AC.

The crossover shooter festivities starts today and goes through Feb 11. You can use Ghost Coins or Requisition Points to purchase items.

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