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Published on January 29th, 2013 | by Ernie Estrella


White Collar Season 4 pre-finale Wish List

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Based on the events that have transpired throughout White Collar Season 4, we think there’s still plenty of things that can happen over the next five episodes that would push the hanging threads forward and some other things we’d like to see before the long wait for Season 5 in the summer.

white collar 412 peter and neal

1) Peter has to pull Neal away at some point or Neal gets recognized.
He’s simply too close to this. Peter almost benched him but Neal is taking incredible risks, and is taking James on his word. At some point, the trust issue must come into play, as it’s one of the major themes of the show. This is a little pet peeve of mine but shouldn’t one of these con men rat Neal out once they’re locked up? Prison birds talk and there’s no way all of these guys are going into solitary confinement, right? There should be word of a legendary con man working for the feds and for his safety, Peter should pull Neal back on some of the field operations.

2) Peter will seriously doubt either James or Neal again.
As I said, the trust theme will come into play and never at any point has either Peter or Neal trusted each other completely, something always seems to come up that makes Peter nervous, and there’s always something Neal feels the need to keep hidden. Add another con man into the equation and we’ll get a standoff at some point where Peter has to double check either James’ story or investigate an individual project of Neal’s.

white collar 411 flashback

3) Mozzie and James are left alone to match wits.
Peter isn’t the only one who was suspicious of James, and being the protective friend that he is, Mozzie has to find out if James is genuine, and being truthful. It takes a great con man to figure out another man’s con and with Neal wanting to believe so badly, it will take an objective eye and ear to check James’ story or take it upon himself to dig further to protect Neal.

4) We get to see Agents Jones and Barrigan featured once again.
The mythology of Neal’s past is the bigger arc this season but the show needs to pull away from that every once in awhile and show how the team functions, and especially give us more reasons and qualities as to why Peter has them on his team. We got those great solo episodes last season, which was great, we’d just like to see more.

5) We find out who’s really been tailing James and this case.
Someone is supposedly hot on James’ trail and murdered Ellen. Sam would like us to think it’s someone from the Flynns, but would they really kill one of their own in a prison transfer? If someone is really tailing James and is close in on this case, they have to be revealed soon. I’m suspecting it’s James since there was limited knowledge of Flynn’s capture, but if it’s not him, then the only other people who could be suspects would be someone working in Peter’s group.

white collar 411 elle peter

6) Elizabeth Burke getting some type of official consultant job with White Collar.
This isn’t really on the wish list because we’d rather Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) remain as Peter’s wife and sometimes participant, but it seems like a formality to get her on staff. She’s helping Peter so much that it seems like the next evolution for her character. In “Family Business,” Elle proved her worth as a host in another scene of what seems like a regular feature called “Dinner at the Burkes” and in the field as a ringer at the liquor tasting. She is a major asset in portraying a regular woman, is confident and she doesn’t have any ties to con men, as compared to Neal who is always in the field, often with con men who should have knowledge of him. And besides, look at how turned on Peter gets by her fearlessness.

7) Finding Ellen’s locket with the key to James’ file.
Another reason to suspect James is that after watching the Betamax video that Ellen made, he asked about this file Ellen had but it had not been found yet. He wants to know what she had on him. They hoped that the FBI would have found it in the evidence retrieved from her place, but we haven’t heard any further developments. This is holding the information that will probably clear James for good or indict him as a liar and crook. Based on the previews for “Brass Tacks” we should see the locket and what Ellen knew about James in Tuesday’s episode. Let’s just hope it’s not another red herring and sheds some details on James and provides real progress for closure for Neal.

See if we hit on any our White Collar predictions Tuesday night on USA 9/8c.

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  • Mary Sebers

    I hope Neal figures out that Peter is the person he should believe & listen to & not James. I hope Jeff & company don’t drag out that tired story of daddy being misunderstood & good after everything viewers have been thru with Peter & Neal. Peter is Neal’s daddy/friend/hero, NOT James!!

    • Dahne

      I see Peter much more as an older brother than a dad. They aren’t that different in age and Peter often looks at Neal as that impulsive little brother you have to keep out of trouble so you both don’t get grounded.

  • marthafranklin

    I would like to see Sara come back. Neal needs a ‘girlfriend’ or a ‘woman friend w/benefits’ (it adds spice to the character) and Sara is the only one who (1) doesn’t want something material from Neal, (2) really understands him and (3) is willing to ‘paint outside the lines’ but provides a steady moral compass: everything he needs.

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