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Published on January 22nd, 2013 | by Ernie Estrella


Being Human Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Sally’s Appetite for Destruction

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“Dead Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

They were separated for over a year but Sally (Meaghan Rath), Aidan (Sam Witwer), Nora (Kristen Hager) and Josh (Sammy Huntington) were reunited and it felt so good. The kitchen was full of life again, the team back together was as good as we hoped because this episode was full of funny moments and the roommates getting reacquainted with each other and how the last year affected them. This included Sally and Josh celebrating being normal, Aidan and Sally sharing a moment, and Aidan shaking his finger at Josh for dealing with witchcraft.

being human 302 sally

Being a re-animated corpse shook up the balance of existence. So when Stevie and Nick came through her life raft, Sally’s future worries seemed to multiply by three. The golden rule from the premiere was that none of them could meet people they knew from when they were last alive. That’s how Nick is able to hook up with Zoe, but something ain’t right with Stevie. There’s simply no way he can stay away from his family.  And then there’s Sally, who met her brother’s friend Travis at the bar, gave him sex eyes and kissed him. Then the party fell flat after that, and Travis ended up flat on his back dead in the morning. Oh and this makes him a ghost for sure, so Sally gets to be on the other end of being haunted now.

But what will give Travis peace to see his door? My bet is telling Robby, Sally’s brother, that she’s back from the dead, but that’s just an early guess. The problem for Sally is that she stayed in the same city she died in so something bad was bound to happen and honestly, we don’t want to see our roommates living in complete harmony. What I like about Sally’s storyline this year is that she is appreciating being with the living. She knows what she missed and is soaking it in. She’s got a voracious appetite for life and she realizes that she was living trapped when she was with Danny so she’s going to use her second crack at living as a gift. She didn’t even flinch in offering up her body to Aidan to feed. Unfortunately living in the fast lane means at some point she’s going to crash, so unless she pulls it back some, Sally will be back among the spirits. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon because it would be more interesting to see adjust and figure out how to navigate the city and not get recognized. It was such a great episode for Sally that she had two of the episode’s best lines.

Best line to Josh: Could you be a mensch? Could you get me another one of these Pomegrandinis?
Best line to Aidan: You’re not as cold as I thought you’d be.

being human aidan henry

The pool of pure blood was further compromised when Aidan let young Henry’s (Kyle Schmid) pet loose. How’s that for thanks? If it wasn’t for Henry, Aidan would probably be dust. There’s always been something rotten between these two, mostly Aidan trying to team him how to be better than the rest of the species, and Henry just wanting to embrace the virtues paved by his maker. They’ve run through this cycle about three times now, so it’s time one of these two forces the issue and asserts himself. Henry was just finding a way to survive, meanwhile Aidan still hasn’t found a source of good blood. Tracy the pro works for the wolves now, Connor’s dad is looking for his killer, and he realizes two of his roommates now have blood pumping through them. Who didn’t love Aidan and Sally on the couch, looking at each other, touching hands and sizing each other up? That was a hot moment that couldn’t have been achieved with that fugly gray sweater. Some people may want to see them hook up somehow or some way; it would certainly change the dynamic up

Best line to Josh: Remember when you said you didn’t want to see us turn? There are still things I don’t want you to see

being human 302 nora

Nora just had three scenes in this episode but they were big ones. First it was nice seeing her getting into the kitchen jousts. The gang was back and she fits in perfectly. There will be plenty of time for roommates squabbling, but it doesn’t get any better than when all of the roommates are in one scene making sweet love with the comedy and dialogue. What will be the first of many more scenes, the added estrogen in the house is a welcomed addition. For you Being Human shippers out there, this season has started off with much to consume. The roles have been reversed; Josh is a human and Nora is a wolf and the only way she could rid herself of the curse is to kill Josh. So they must be content with this anguish and their scene where Josh comes clean with his guilt, and Nora telling him that she knows he still waits by her storage unit on full moons to take care of her most assuredly got a chorus of “awwws” from Team Nora.

The role reversal makes it so much more interesting though. In one sense Josh cares for Nora when she can’t but when it comes to their supernatural lives, Nora is now the protector and shield. With Josh and Sally out of the game, could we see Nora and Aidan taking care of business when it comes to things that go bump in the night? Wolves have supposedly run rampant, hunting down vampires, so how Nora handles this situation with Aidan, especially now that Connor and Brynn’s father, Liam (Xander Berkeley) is in play. He’s looking for Connor’s killer and it appears the worst thing that can happen is that they find Brynn (Tracey Spiridakos) who would surely spill the beans on Aidan–if she can escape being on NBC’s Revolution for a scene or two.

Best Line to Josh: We did this for nothing if you can’t let yourself be free. You’re still living like a wolf… Don’t let us hold you back.

being human 302 josh

That means Josh’s symbolic proposal is going to have to change and I have to agree with Sally, he does seem like he’s rushing things along. He may have Nora’s consent to live his monthly full moon on normal activities but both of them still have a lot to work out. How will he help Nora out now? What will be his way to get back and help Aidan. Not being a wolf will keep him limited to help his friends. The problem with Josh is that he didn’t have a circle outside of the supernatural world and now he may feel alienated from the world he wanted to escape. What I am really most concerned about Josh is that Sally is going to bleed him dry… of money. He’s buying her clothes, her food and her drinks. Homegirl needs to get a job, quick, fast in a hurry. And let’s not forget he dug up the graves of Stevie and Nick and gave them his clothes.  He somehow paid for an engagement ring on an orderly’s income and now he has to pay for a broken storage unit.

Best line to Aidan about Nora: I haven’t seen anything from the slutty punk phase. That’s good, glad she’s showing Sally.

We’ll see how Travis comes back to give Sally the evil eye, if Aidan finds good blood and where Nora and Liam ran off to on the next episode of Being Human, “The Teens are a Changing” Monday on Syfy at 9/8c.

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