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Published on January 7th, 2013 | by Alan Danzis


Fringe Series Finale Lead-in: 3 Things to hope for from the final episodes

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Fringe Season 5 Episode 11 Lead-in

I haven’t reviewed or recapped the last two episodes of Fringe. Sure, some of it was due to the holidays, but at the same time—I haven’t had a ton to say.

While we lost Nina Sharp in the battle against the Observers in the last new episode, not much has happened worth discussing. Even the revelation of September as Walter’s mysterious partner, Donald, wasn’t that much of a surprise for a show known for genuinely surprising its fans.

Since the show went on a mini-hiatus before its final three episodes – a penultimate and then a two-hour finale – I’ve been re-watching the show from the first season. It’s remarkable to see how much the show has changed—mostly for the better.

But at the same time, there are a few things I’m hoping for in these final three hours as I’ve been re-watching the show from the beginning. (I’m currently on episode two of season two.)

1. A reference or a visit to the alternate universe

The show didn’t truly become epic until we not only learned that there was an alternate universe, but we learned that most of its inhabitants were not “evil.” That would have been the easy way out. Instead, they were just as emotional, conflicted and driven as our heroes. Plus, it would be nice to find out if Lincoln Lee is happy with Bolivia. And seriously… wouldn’t Walternate be able to help Walter in taking down the Observers? (Also, I know I won’t get it, but I would die for a reference to Charlie, John Scott and/or The Pattern.)

2. An explanation on what our characters remember and what they don’t

In one of the more recent powerful episodes of Fringe, Walter had hallucinations and memories of what happened to Peter when September rescued them from the lake and after Walter kidnapped Peter from the alternate universe. Yet, if you remember last year’s boggling storyline in which Peter was erased from our timeline, that never happened. Olivia eventually regained those memories—but no one else did. Or did they? Let’s get a full on explanation for that.

3. A look at what drives the Observers

We have somewhat of an answer for why they decided to go from observing to directly impacting—their world is ruined in the future. But everything they’re doing in the current world is actually making things not only just as bad, but at an accelerated rate. If they’re going to travel all the way back in time, wouldn’t they at least want to make this world better in order to save themselves? Their goals – and in particular, Windmark’s – don’t seem to make a lot of sense. One more flashforward to the Observers’ future would be welcome and likely enlightening.

Fringe returns this Friday at 9 pm ET on FOX.

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  • Matt Hickman

    Here’s my wishlist:

    -Observers ground into dust
    -Return of Simon and Etta (Ella too)
    -Walter’s decision to save Peter in 1985 vindicated as the right choice
    -Peter definitively shown to be better man than his father
    -Astrid being revealed as having a hidden pivotal role, all along
    -The redverse involved in the Observer overthrow
    -Resistance in other nations using Fringe weapons as diversion in final plan
    -Reversal of the world desolation wrought by Observer occupation
    -Reveal of Observer origins
    -Reveal of how redverse and bluverse split
    -Reveal of First People’s fate
    -Reveal of origin of 1st Sam Weiss
    -Reveal of why Observers feared Henry ‘not meant to be’ Dunham
    -Reveal of how earlier timelines like the one we saw in 2026 factor in.
    -Reveal of what was important to The Observers about Walternate finding the cure.
    -Reveal of what about why Peter was important to the Observers and when
    -Reveal of what would have happened if September did not distract Walternate
    -Reveal of why Olivia’s memories are different from Peter’s in s5
    -Reveal of Bell’s true character
    -Reveal of what John Mosley was/is all about

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