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Published on December 21st, 2012 | by Ernie Estrella


13 Burn Notice Season 7 Predictions

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Burn Notice got some much-needed redemption and so did Michael and now those wanting to see what he does now that he’s custody of the Central Intelligence Agency, will have to debate about it until the summer. What does this entail for the 13 episodes of the seventh and perhaps the last season of Burn Notice? We’ve come up with 13 predictions on what we think could happen, one for each episode left.

1) Michael Working for the CIA

burn notice season 7 wish list mike smiling

Michael’s can’t possibly stay in a locked cell since he’s more valuable to the CIA in the field than he is locked up. So it’s back working for the man and strangely, that’s probably the one place Michael wants to be–aside from being with Fiona that is. We’ve seen a lot of sides to Michael, but they’ve mostly been in one direction. We’ll find out what the agreement is in full in due time and its limitations, but we’re sure to see him in action again, it’s just a matter of who for and for what reasons. Michael doesn’t have many friends left in the CIA he can trust, so we expect to see him out of his comfort zone despite being back in the place he’s most confident in his skills.

2) Michael running operations with or without the gang

burn notice season 7 wish list michael cia

With Agent Card dead, Agent Bly dead, and Agent Riley presumably behind bars, the CIA is in need of some good people. Michael will probably be working as a field leader but he probably won’t be an unknown soldier when he worked with Pearce or Max. For Michael to re-enter the field, he’s going to be legit and he may want to work with the old gang. Will he be allowed to, or maybe Michael will try to keep them out of his troubles for a while as a part of his CIA deal? And will the CIA keep a much shorter leash on him?

3) Hard Feelings

burn notice season 7 wish list fiona stares

Fiona is going to feel burned by all of this and should. She considers this a selfish act by Michael–a betrayal to the team. Maddie, Sam and Jesse are probably going to try and convince her otherwise. We know Sam will be proud of Michael’s decision, and maybe Maddie too, considering how he finally secured everyone’s safety before his. Michael must have thought about what Maddie said about his dad when they were in Dr. Jed’s house and took it to heart. The one harboring the most anger is going to be Fiona so even though they’ll probably be together when it’s all done, we expect to see Fiona to give Michael the cold shoulder to start the new season.

4) Fiona washes herself of Michael

burn notice season 7 fiona styling

Fiona tried to work with Michael while looking for love in all the wrong places. She invested a lot of time and emotion to him. She barely got anything resembling a normal relationship and he never took her places, at least any place that would be deemed a vacation. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Fiona have a no-strings attached, emotion-free fling.

5) The rest of the gang helping civilians (unsuccessfully?) and a return by Agent Pearce

burn notice season 7 wish list fiona jesse stakeout

Whenever Michael’s been sent off to do work for another handler, Sam, Fi, and Jesse take another job, working to help out a defenseless victim or two. There’s no rescuing or extracting Michael from whatever he’s agreed to do but hopefully someone like Agent Pearce is brought back to work with him. The show’s formula of working in pairs or as a team will be maintained but we’re hoping for some more creativity in the results. Everyone’s got their approach at running an op or thinking in the moment, but it would be fun to explore the differences of how smoothly or how explosive each episode is based on who was leading it.

Maybe without Michael, we see them fall short a few times. We think it’d be great to see all of this be a reason why Michael comes back to the group some how, there is certainly going to be a story that leads to that. The group has been able to function well without one member. They’re all capable of doing their own thing, but will Michael be their glue? We know this prediction is probably a long shot but there’s a cool story that could come out of exploring these possibilities.

6) Cleaning up the Anson mess, dealing with another adversary and finding reason to move forward

burn notice season 7 wish list shotgun

Michael must circle back and see if Anson was answering to anyone, whether it was Card or anyone else and find out the reasons Anson had it out for Michael. At this point it’s hard to believe there’s anyone left who would have an ax to grind with Michael but if Anson wasn’t the villain boss, then just imagine the person above Anson/Card. Can there be a villain that could top Anson? We’re talking about the guy who caused his father’s heart attack. Maddie wanted vengeance on him too and instead that road led to Nate’s death. We still think it was wrong not to put Anson’s fate in Michael’s hands. We were robbed of a confrontation we all wanted to see.

We doubt anyone will top him, but there has to be something that works against Michael and if it’s worse than Anson? Wow! The pursuit of life of a burned spy has to build towards something bigger, it would be anti-climactic otherwise. But if the CIA is that corrupt and poisoned, then we need to know why Michael still wants to work with them. We know that Michael wants to help people but how many times has he been helping the wrong people? If he analyzed everything he did, Michael might end up on Necessary Roughness on Dani Santino’s couch for years of therapy. Either way we need to find a reason to care about Michael’s motivations going forward, especially if it’s to pursue a future with the CIA outside of any arrangement stemming from the fallout with Anson, Card, and Riley.

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  • Nick

    If it ends here, that’s the best story anyone could ask for – a hanging ending almost reminiscent of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, before King ties it up. I feel like that’s exactly what will happen here…the story now comes to a great ending, but USA will tie it up and keep Burn Notice going as long as possible until it gets painful. Because, after all, TV is not about entertainment; it is about ratings and ultimately money, very much unlike King’s writing philosophy.

    • Rooz

      I agree, ratings tell the tall tale of any TV series. I’m surprised a larger network like CBS or Fox didn’t acquire this show for themselves. If USA even put them in a better time slot, they would have even more of a following

      • goastwrighter

        the following is big as it is, big enough to allow true fans to create the story from here, we know all the players, how Weston’s world works and how all of the main players work. its about time to let the show evolve beyond what a network can do.

    • http://twitter.com/ErnieEstrella Ernie Estrella

      I think USA has a pretty good niche and it’s got a fine time slot. BN is one of Cable’s most watched shows. It was determined after Season 5 that it would be renewed for Seasons 6 and 7, so it was in the cards that it would get this far. It’s just understanding the parameters they set with the show (spy climbing to the top of a burn list) and realizing that they reached that goal or are dragging out the last bit of it into these last two seasons. Nate’s death really fueled this last six episodes. So the question moving forward is: Are we at the top of the list, and if so, what purpose will drive Michael? and will we care about it?

  • Enas

    i can’t believe wt michael did but.. i still love him lol. ohhh my god can’t wait till nxt summer :))))) love #BN

  • full circle

    the ultimate end to burn notice would be to find that Weston’s father faked his death and was Anson’s superior witch would explain Anson’s need to keep Weston alive and out of the cia. in such a plot i would want to see Maddie take her husband out to save Weston in the final minutes to give closure to the whole cast. long shot and quite a twist….. honistly would never expect to see it happen but wow.

  • sun moon

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  • major

    Man I love this show I don’t know what I’ll do if they was to pull it.

  • Doggies15

    Fiona and Michael need to become one again. Sure, I love the break up drama, but at. The end of the day, their romantic drama is what keeps me watching, as well as Sam’s love of alcohol. The action packed series has a wild, romantic side that keeps me wanting more. Sam and his break up with Elsa has been a huge damper on Sam and I feel that he needs to get her back. I can’t live with Michael abandoning Fiona like that after everything that he has gone through trying to get her back by his side. I will probably discontinue the recording of the series if they break up. Fiona has her fiery and impatient side that came through during the last moments of episode 618, though I except the emotion because of what she was going through at the time. But though Fi’s emotions were justified, I hope that both she and Michael will be able to At some Point get back together, cause the romance is the glue that keeps the action bricks balanced. Awesome episode: the crew gets back together, Jesse Fi Sam and
    Michael all solving a huge hunt down where someone has leaked fake info about the team to the Cia about unreal circumstances finding out that it was Campbell or someone else that one team member was romantically attached to (Veronica?) The team hunt them down, clearing their name and escaping the country or at least the clutches of th CIA. I don’t know. Mike and Fi married with Sam and Elsa engaged and Jesse no longer lone wolf with some sweetheart. All of them on a beach somewhere sipping on beer aNd the whole Crew together. Maybe mike and Fi have adopted Nates little boy idk. Nice life the end and they play reruns of the show until I am tired of it.

    • http://twitter.com/rhodyvik Vik Ramachandra

      Then they should play Danza Kuduro like they did at the end of Fast Five. This is not going to happen. A 13 episode arc (I’m assuming a 2 hour premiere and 2 hour SERIES finale) can do big things in this show. I am sick of all the back and forth. Sick of the same gags they pulled to thwart the dumb criminals. I want to see Burn Notice Season 1 Episode 1 all over, with a different ending to the beginning and everything leading to this point just a dream in Michael’s head while he’s sleeping on a plane flight home to the US where he meets up with Fiona and is a mentor to the young kids at the CIA.

      • booooooothisman

        a dream? a freaking dream?

  • Ggirl1500

    Mikey did quite a twist on the show, though Fi certainly got into it emotionally! Hoping the old crew gets back together as well as Fi and Mikey and Sam and Elsa!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/SCHLECTERWOLF Dan ‘Spidey’ Marsh

    I think Card and Anson were answering to Fiona. That would be an epic finale. Also I think that the team will be taking jobs without Michael, but a theme I noticed the last two seasons was that they were really making it known that Sam is just as good and has the same skill level as Michael. So I don’t see them having any unsuccessful jobs…

  • Colleen

    ok, the ideas that Frank Westen or Fiona are at the helm of this syndicate are idiocy. Please. Talk about boring, unimaginative conclusions. Not happening. I think that story is over anyway.
    Matt Nix, again, turned the show on its ear and we are heading in another direction. Fresh ideas! Yay! I loved the ending of Season 6. I’m glad Michael took a stand and ended the mindless cat-and-mouse games they were all enduring. I found his decision very refreshing, Fiona’s disappointment notwithstanding. I think many of the ideas in this article sound like great possibilities. I think the team will eventually reunite but it will be a different team; Michael won’t be the “leader'; he may be the core but they will all be definite equals. They have earned that much. Whatever happens will be exciting and energizing. I can’t wait for June!

  • c fletcher

    Matt Nix come back from starting up new shows. Isn’t Burn Notice your ‘baby’. Seven million viewers feel it, #1 cable program.You are the heart of BN and Jeffrey Donovan’s expertise as lead actor is surpurb; the cast is great to watch too. Upper Management and USA Network, even thou BN gets little advertising, fans are thrilled by the Thursday marathon (Twitter comments). In my area (AZ) i have the pleasure/thrill to also watch BN shows on KUTP on Saturdays. Follow thru Matt Nix! Love the show, the format (can tell when you havn’t been apart of the writing), the acters (esp. Jeffrey Donovan’s talent). Let’s move locations, the fans aren’t going to stop you.

  • NoDogInTheFight

    BN – The Movie?

  • http://www.facebook.com/bcananzey Brian Cananzey

    I hope its not the last season. This is the best guilty pleaseure on TV

  • http://www.facebook.com/aunttami Tami Newman

    I wonder if the top person is Nate’s wife. She could have burned Michael, then to make things work get Nate to fall for her. I think this because shortly after the baby was born she left Nate. We never heard anything from her. She could even be Michael and Nate’s illegitimate sister from their dad. He may have wanted nothing to do with her. She may really want Maddie to be the one with all the pain. Nate is dead (can’t see him anymore), Michael is back with the CIA (gone from Miami), Maddie’s only grandchild (can’t see him because his mom won’t let her). Who knows? We will have to wait until the summer.

  • feelin the burn

    I think that if Michael was undercover the whole time – knew he was going to be burned from the get-go – and everything was planned before hand – Fiona’s being his ICE contact in his wallet – being dropped in Miami – etc…and he has been “playing” everyone to uncover dirty CIA operatives would be awesome – the ultimate SPY

  • Damien Costanza

    I think it would be interesting to have a Covert Affairs / Burn Notice cross-over episode.

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