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Published on December 6th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Supernatural Mid-Season Finale Lead-in: Fate of Benny & Amelia

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Supernatural Season 8 Episode 9: Citizen Fang

supernatural season 8 episode 9 dean winchester benny vampire

Old habits die hard, especially when your great granddaughter’s life is on the line.

In Supernatural 8.09, “Citizen Fang,” Martin was given a “clean” mental health bill and went back into the hunting business – under the behest of Sam. Well, Martin wasn’t hunting really since he still had a few screws loose. In Sam’s words, Martin was only tracking.

Unfortunately, Martin’s prey was Dean’s Purgatory BFF, Benny.

When a dead body showed up in Benny’s new backyard, Sam and Dean showed up to check up on Benny. Dean, of course, didn’t believe that Benny was the killer. The difference in opinion drove another wedge between Dean and Sam. Dean just can’t stop himself from reminding Sam that Benny is the only reliable person he can trust.

Thankfully, Benny wasn’t behind the murders; it was another vampire trying to make a name for himself by using Benny. Dean was right. Benny had turned over a new leaf.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop Martin for going after Benny later on by holding Benny’s great granddaughter hostage. It was the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.” Benny went back to killing in order to save his granddaughter.

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Where was Sam in all of this? The youngest Winchester got a call from Amelia; she was in danger. When he arrived at her house, he discovered her safe and sound with her husband. Apparently, Dean manipulated his SIM card to issue the phoney distress message from Amelia. It allowed Dean to distract Sam so that he could save Benny’s life.

The distress call was only a temporary distraction. Now that Sam knows that Benny killed Martin, he has a renewed resolve to kill Benny.

That’s when she walked in the door. For the first time this season, Amelia has showed up in the present day to confront Sam.

With the mid-season finale airing next week, this can mean a few things. Here are some theories…

One: Amelia can get caught up in a hunt and die by the mid-season finale, leaving Sam in an emotional grotto.
Two: Amelia will get kidnapped by Crowley (or some other entity) and used as leverage in the mid-season finale, with a cliffhanger to be resolved in the New Year.
Three: Something will happen to Amelia’s husband, allowing Sam and Amelia to reconnect. Unfortunately, this will create another wedge between the Winchesters.

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  • Nick Murphy

    This was a really good episode of Supernatural, and hopefully it will only get better. This has still been an incredible season so far and I’m so happy that I can talk with my coworkers at DISH about this show now. I am recording every episode this season with DISH’s Hopper, and I don’t have to worry about deleting anything else to make room for it because of its huge hard drive. I can’t wait to see more of the best season in years, and I really hope that it picks up the pace a little bit when it returns!

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