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Published on December 5th, 2012 | by Francois Chang


Top 10 most gruesome moments of The Walking Dead Season 3 so far

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The first half of The Walking Dead’s third season has come and gone leaving in its wake a horde of gruesome moments to remember. Here are the top gruesome moments from the first 8 episodes.

10. T-Dog: No Bark, ALL BITE – Episode 4 “Killer Within”

T-Dog went down as a hero as he was bitten and then sacrificed his doomed self to save Carol. Anyone find it hard eating after seeing his picked-clean carcus?

9. Tomas’ Splitting Headache – Episode 2 “Sick”

As Rick’s group tried to work together with the prisoners discovered in the season opener, viewers were given all the reason in the world to not trust the prisoners’ leader, Tomas. After taking an underhanded swing at Rick and then attempting to made him zombie feed, Tomas’ wig is split in half by a machete-wielding Rick.

8. Michonne… or Leonardo? – Episode 5 “Say the Word”

During her time in Woodbury, Michonne’s access to her swords was taken away by the Governor. This episode saw Michonne reunited with her weapon of choice and it was satisfying to see her pent up frustration taken out on the Governor’s captured walkers.

7. The Governor’s army – Episode 3 “Walk with Me”

For those who hadn’t read the comics, the Governor may have appeared to be a nice guy. However, his true colors shone right through after he and his men gunned down a surviving group of army soldiers in cold-blooded fashion.

6. Holy **** — Episode 1 “Seed”

The season kicked off with the graphic and bloody image of resident veterinarian, Hershel getting his leg chopped off by Rick. This impromptu was for good reason though; Rick’s quick decision prevented the infected leg from making Hershel a background dancer in Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

5. Ricktatorship – Episode 5 “Say the Word”

Rick, delusional after finding out about Lori’s death, went on brutal zombie killing rampage. If you Halo 4 players were scoring at home, he registered 2 Double Kills, a Melee spree and a Killtacular with an untouchable K/D ratio.

4. Glen becomes a man – Episode 7 “When the Dead Come Knocking”

Glen and Merle’s first encounter since episode 2 of the first season was followed up by a bloody interrogation scene. Merle dished out the beating and Glen took it like a champ.

3. Are we having fun yet? – Episode 6 “Hounded”

Michonne showed her sword-wielding prowess once again when she ambushes Merle’s group in the woods. One got stabbed, the other competed in a game of Barbarian on the Commodore 64 and lost.

2. Oh baby – Episode 4 “Killer Within”

Corned by a swarm of zombies, Lori was forced to give birth to her baby (“Little Ass Kicker” ehem Judith) via an impromptu Caesarean section. And by impromptu, we mean Maggie had to cut her open with a knife. Naturally, this kills Lori and Carl is forced to shoot his mother to prevent her from turning. The show’s truly tear-inducing moments are infrequent (ex. Sophia in the barn), but this was easily the most somber scene yet on the series.

1. Glass Eye – Episode 8 “Made to Suffer”

The fight between the Governor and Michonne during the mid-season finale was all fun and games until the Governor is stabbed in the right eye with a glass shard. While that had to hurt like all get-out, nothing says bad-evil-dude like an eyepatch.

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