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Published on December 5th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Jax & Tara’s ultimate fate in Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale – Thoughts

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Sons of Anarchy Episode 513: J’ai Obtenu Cette (SPOILERS)

Queen no more.

At the end of the Sons of Anarchy Season 5 finale, Eli showed up with a warrant for Tara’s arrest – conspiracy to kill.

SOA wouldn’t be a drama without the worst happening and so it did. But who could have guessed that Gemma would have been the cause of Tara’s arrest? She did threaten to go to the police (it seems that everyone in SAMCRO is going to the police these days)? Although the events surrounding Tara’s incarceration are a little hazy, Toric (Donal Logue) could have been responsible, one thing is certain… Gemma has reclaimed her position as queen of SAMCRO.

Gemma denied Clay’s alibi when he was accused of murdering Pope. It earned her back into the good graces of her son. Then, the closing scene of “J’ai Obtenu Cette” was framed similar to that of the Season 4 finale, with the queen standing over the king – this time the queen being Gemma.

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It’s the third time the shot has been used on SOA. First we saw the photo with Gemma standing over JT at the head of the table. Then, it was Tara standing over Jax in the Season 4 finale. Gemma stood by and watched Tara usurp her crown. Finally, Gemma took back the mantle. Unfortunately, this time, the king and queen are framed outside of the club. Jax’s actions have made him an island onto himself.

Now, where will the fractured club go from here? What were your thoughts on Tara’s arrest?

In this interview, Maggie Siff was excited to be the new club queen. At the time, she probably didn’t know the jail-stripes curveball showrunner Kurt Sutter had up his sleeve.

*Come back for the full rundown of tonight’s SOA finale

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  • Mikey Daniels

    i dont think it was gemma, but i dont think it was toric either, remember clay is in custody and knows about tara bringing the crucifix

  • Jc Berdoo

    Tara is and always will be the Bomb Delux…. amazing actress period!!!!!

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