Poll: Otto’s final hurrah in Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 13 (Finale): J’ai Obtenu Cette (SPOILERS)

Sons of Anarchy

After five seasons of wild prison antics, Otto did the unthinkable. He killed the RICO case by biting off his own tongue. It was one giant F.U. to the law and Toric (Donal Logue).

In one felt swoop, Kurt Sutter ended his time on Sons of Anarchy as the infamous SAMCRO legend, Otto. Seriously, what’s the point of Otto now that he doesn’t have a tongue? Earlier this year, Sutter told us that there was a “little too much Otto” in Season 4. So this was his way of making a grand exit.

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  1. Kurt is the most amazing writter in all history of producers and directors and writters in the world and that is why he has the number 1 fx tv show with more viewers than any other show ever, he is trully the Master Mind and a great friend. I love what he does and the cast and crew who believes in him and the millions of fans everywhere are 110% behind him as all of us are. I especially love them all for the page he and Tina lou gave me at sons of anarchy .net. I am trully amazed at his writtings and his way of shock value to the viewers and not one other writter has captured the hearts, minds, souls and feelings as Kurt Sutter and crew has. !!!

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