Angelic sleeper cells in Supernatural Season 8 Episode 7: A Little Slice of Kevin

by Bags Hooper on November 15, 2012 · 3 comments

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And the truth shall set you free – or not.

The hunt is on for the “Word of God Compendium” on Supernatural. In “A Little Slice of Kevin,” Kevin began to translate the major points of the demon destruction tablet to Crowley. The prophet was somewhat “recalcitrant” at first. After all, who in their right mind would be willing to help out a demon king without a little nudge? However, a little coaxing from Crowley and a severed finger later had Kevin working diligently for the demon.

They discovered a note from the archangel Metatron. It stated that the tablet they had was but one “word” in a collection transcribed by Metatron. Crowley was disturbed by the news, but didn’t have much time to react our old friend Castiel showed up to spread his wings and threaten Crowley with angelic fury. Yes, Castiel is back from Purgatory. Hooray. The Winchesters’ Ace in the hole is back.

“It’s all very West Side Story. But lets be logical. You look like hell and I should know. You’re not up for this.” – Crowley.

As the two faced off, daggers in hand, Castiel charged up his angel might. Crowley saw that Castiel was weakened but didn’t risk a showdown of power. He tried to make a run for it with the tablet, when Castiel slammed his hand down on God’s word. The tablet broke in half, one half going to Crowley and the other half held down by Castiel.

So what’s Castiel doing back on Earth and how the heck did he get free from Purgatory? Apparently, the angels are planning something big and Castiel is their pawn. Lead by Naomi (at least she’s the figure head for now), the angels are using Castiel as their sleeper agent on Earth. He’s tasked with helping the Winchesters and reporting back. Sadly, Castiel has no recollection of how he got free from Purgatory or his meeting (or meetings) with Naomi.

This is the next iteration in Castiel’s ever-changing role on Supernatural. He’s been the angel, the fallen angel, the demigod and then the mad man. Now he’s the unwilling spy/sleeper agent.

“I don’t need to feel like hell – for failing you. Okay. For failing you, like I failed every other godforsaken thing I care about.” – Dean

Dean is still a little suspicious of Castiel’s return to Earth. Since Dean returned, he’s blamed himself for leaving Cas behind. However, we now know that Castiel told Dean to go. Cas believed that he “belonged” in Purgatory – it was his way of atoning for his sins. It ended up being the wrong move since he’s now pawn of the angels. Naomi said they sacrificed several angels to free Cas – all for the sake of keeping tabs on the Winchesters. Most likely, their end goal has something do with collecting all of the tablets, eliminating the demons and establishing a new order on Earth.

Garth has been setup with an expanded role in Supernatural Season 8. The Winchesters have entrusted Garth with protecting Kevin. That’s a lot of trust. Garth might not be the new Bobby, but his heart is in the right place.

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Amal Al-Saffar November 15, 2012 at 3:21 pm

i want Dean to stop blaming himself period!!!

Erika November 15, 2012 at 10:10 pm

Dean’s guilt is the most self-indulgent, egotistical twaddle on tv I’ve ever watched. He’s unbearable. It’s self-manufactured and designed to get everyone else to fall in line with him while he ignores their feelings almost completely. I’m talking about Sam here, especially last season. Remember when Sam was insane, and that story got buried because Dean felt guilty over nothing? Yeah, Dean is the worst. He needs to get over himself before he kills Sam from the inside out.

crorkz November 27, 2014 at 10:53 am

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