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Published on October 24th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 7: Highs and Lows of a Broken Club

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SAMCRO’s internal struggles were exposed in “Toad’s Wild Ride” – and not in a good way.

Jax and Bobby talked to Unser about break-ins. Unser said that all signs pointed towards someone who was new to Charming and trying to stir up trouble for the club. Although Unser suspected Clay, he laid out the facts so that Jax could draw the conclusion for himself – Clay and the nomads were the most likely suspects.

Surprisingly, Jax asked Unser to visit the nomads and feel out their suspicions – and Unser accepted. Knowing that his life would obviously be in danger, the ex-cop still took the task. It was a respectable move that would surely lead to problems.

Clay Morrow
Clay is still the dirtiest club member in history and quite possibly one of the top ten worst bad guys in TV history. When Greg the Peg told Clay that Unser visited the nomads’ house, Clay told Greg to round up the nomads so that they could kill Unser. Clay said that he would show up first and make sure the area was clear of weapons.

However, when Clay arrived at Unser’s trailer, Unser had his shotgun ready. When the nomads attacked, Unser drew first blood with his shotgun. Clay killed the second nomad. Did Clay intend to have the nomads killed all along? It would appear that way. However, had Unser not taken the first shot or had his shotgun ready, then things may have played out differently.

Killing the nomads ties up several loose ends. With Gog dead, the DNA evidence linking him to Rita’s death ends with him. Also, there would be no one left to point the finger at Clay should things have gone further south. Unfortunately, Frankie Diamonds is still alive and he’s now a loose end for Clay to rectify.

There was a time when I thought Jax’s children would be Gemma’s salvation. Now, I know different. After getting high with Unser, Gemma drove back to the club to pick up her grand kids. She was obviously not in her right state of mind, especially after getting robbed by Warren (Joel McHale).

Sadly, while dozing off at the wheel, she drifted into the wrong lane. Seeing a truck coming right at her, she drove off the side of the road.

ALthough the baby was crying, we saw Abel in the backseat, motionless. Then the camera drifted down to see Abel’s blood dripping out of the window. So, apparently, Abel is dead. Tara won’t be able to forgive Gemma for this tragedy, which coincidentally also cuts Drea de Matteo out of the series.

I’m not sure what’s more tragic: Opie going out as a soldier in prison or Gemma accidentally killing one of her grandchildren.

Although Nero is staying clear of Gemma, he still cares for her. He gave Warren a beat down as proof of that. I was actually expecting more from a McHale guest appearance, but it was fun to see him take a few punches from the OG.

Nero has been serving as the good side of Jax’s conscience throughout the season. But after what happened to Abel, Jax will be driven back into despair – much like Sons of Anarchy Season 3. He’ll most likely cut off ties with his mom for the duration of the season.

Jax and Chibs were attacked after leaving Clay’s house. They killed one of the attackers – a Niner. Was Clay behind this attack as well? It seems odd that the Niner’s would attack Jax, given what we know about Pope and his deal with the club to mule more coke. But how was Clay able to wrangle a Niner into doing his dirty work?

Frankie Diamonds might have been involved in the attack, but it still doesn’t explain why the Niners would be go against Jax.


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