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Published on October 9th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Sons of Anarchy Episode 5.05: Humor, Fist Fights, Fake Boobs & an Ice Box

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Was this the funniest Sons of Anarchy episode, yet?

Tonight’s Sons of Anarchy was a curve ball of sorts.

So let’s start by exposing the pink elephant in the room – or, rather Walter Goggins as Venus Van Dam.

Holy crap.

Justified’s Boyd Crowder showed up in Charming as a transvestite “escort” in the employ of Nero. Seeing him in a wig was funny enough. However, seeing Goggins dressed up with prosthetic breasts was totally off the charts hilarious. In a post Opie world, it was definitely not the tone fans were expecting on SOA.

But, it caught several laughs, especially with Tig eye balling Ms. Van Dam.

One could argue that “Orca Shrugged” was one of the most humorous episodes of Sons of Anarchy to date.


The laughs started when Chucky dropped off a box of confections for Dr. Balian (Matt Orduna). Mayor Hale (Jeff Kober) needed Dr. Balian’s vote in order to get the Charming Heights project off the ground. Jax needed Mayor Hale to give him real estate to run Nero’s new SAMCRO-helmed escort service. Without Hale’s approval, Jax drugged Dr. Balain with the confections Chucky dropped off.

Then, SAMCRO showed up to setup a very dubious blackmail situation. They stripped Balain down, dressed him in leather underwear and put a gag on his mouth. Then Venus Van Dam showed up to ride Balain like a bull.

If that wasn’t bizarre enough, True Blood’s Marshall Allman appeared next as Devin, Balain’s stepson. Devin was a SAMCRO fan boy, but tried to blackmail the Sons for a price. Jax decided to offer him something different – Venus, on the house. Then, the club all chimed in, stating that they all love guys.

“Doesn’t mean you’re gay. We’ve all been there.” – Jax
“Lot of cock.” – Juice
“Two dicks.” – Chibs
“Slammin cock.” – Juice

When Venus left, she said to Tig, “You jealous, Tiger?”

Perhaps you thought the comedy would end there, but not the case. Next, Balain jumped up from his drug induced state and bit Tig on his ass. Wow.

Sadly, tragedy interrupted the laughs when SAMCRO’s new nomad recruits tried to rob Sheriff Eli’s home. His wife, Rita, was home. She tried to defend her self, but ended up shot in her stomach. Sadly, she was pregnant. When Eli rushed her into the hospital, he asked the doctor’s to save the skin that Rita tore off of one of the attackers. It looks like we’ll learn more about the home thefts in the coming episodes. Eli now has DNA. Also, one of bullets from Rita’s gun grazed an attacker’s neck.

The episode ended a little flat. Jax got a box from Skeeter. It contained an ice box with the tit and the thumb, requested by Nero’s crew as proof that the Sons killed Emma Jean.

Favorite Moment:
– Jax going toe-to-toe with Galen (Timothy V. Murphy). It was a great boxing match. I was just upset we didn’t see a clear winner. I loved that Romeo showed up and just joined the crew and watched.

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  • DoubleA012

    How do you know that its SAMCRO’s new nomad recruits that were robbing Sheriff Eli’s home/are the home invaders?

    • Terry Boyden

      Greg the Peg was shown in the S5 premiere with a prosthetic leg. Then at the end of the episode, they showed the robber who attacked Unser with a prosthetic leg. Also, in episode 2 or 3 we saw Frank Diamonds and the other ex-nomads with the safes.

    • jackie

      i want to know too!!! does anybody out there know how you know its samcro new nomad recruits? that hasn’t even come up yet. i thought it was still a mystery?

  • Terry Boyden

    Chibs and Goggins for the win!

    Walter Goggins in drag with breasts. You can’t beat that!!! I wish more people watched Justified.

    I rarely understand what Chibs says, but I couldn’t stop laughing when he deadpan said, “Two dicks.” Then did the motion.

  • Frankie

    This is a all a result of Emmy snubbage. Kurt Sutter was like damn, if I can’t get recognized in the drama category, why not submit for comedy! Hilarious episode, definitely not what I was expecting 2 sessions after Opie’s death.

  • Mitchell Pete Kirkpatrick

    what is in the ice box at the end

    • Jimi Tonic

      That’s a tit and a thumb.

  • Jimi Tonic

    I didn’t feel the ending was flat, I felt it tied into what Jax said in the opening monologue – he feels like he spends every day fixing the mistakes of the past day.

  • English Language

    “Doesn’t mean your gay. We’ve all been there.” – Jax, I think you mean “Doesn’t mean you’re gay”

  • Alimurky

    Without Goggins this would have been a very boring episode.

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