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Published on October 5th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Person of Interest Episode 2.02: Thoughts & Villains

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One of my favorite episodes of the first season of Person of Interest was Episode 7, “Witness.”

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First, because I’m a Veronica Mars fan so when I saw Enrico Colantoni as Charlie Burton I was immediately excited. Colantoni played Veronica’s ultra nice dad who always looked out for her even when she was unsure if he was her real father.

As Burton he looked out for the kids as well. Then, we learned the truth. He was really Elias, an up and coming mafia kingpin who was only posing as a teacher to learn the secrets of a rival criminal organization.
Elias instantly made his mark as one of the best villains on the series. For me, this was the moment when Person of Interest became “must see TV.” I couldn’t stop watching.

Then, in “Firewall,” the secret identity of “Root” was revealed. It was another great moment and an unexpected curve ball. But by that time, Elias had done so much that I still wanted to see more Elias. Sure, he was in prison, but that’s why crime bosses call in their mafia lawyers.

The Season 2 premiere, “Contingency,” finally gave us more Root. We got to see more her sinister side as well as her motivations. It came at the expense of a Finch (Harold Finch) kidnapping, but it was worth it to learn the truth about the Machine. It was alive – cue creepy “It’s aliiiive” horror movie music and thunderstorm sound effects. Root wanted to set the Machine free.

Root was starting to get interesting, but she still didn’t have that Elias intensity.

But, then it happened. In “Bad Code,” Root (Amy Acker) – who we now know to be Sam Groves – solidified her place as a great Person of Interest baddie. Sure, she kidnapped Finch and that was big. However, “Bad Code,” really took us inside her psychology. We explored her childhood. Learned that she was motivated by her friend’s death. Then, we saw how she manipulated Finch into setting a government agent she was holding captive free – just so that she could kill the agent later.

This great moment was topped when Root tried to tenderly convince Finch that she was “the best partner” he’ll ever have. It was even more eerie because Root had blood on her face while trying to appear sympathetic to Finch.

I’m excited to see where the season goes from here. Root’s targeting other government employees who were involved with The Machine. There will be a reckoning between Root and Reese (Jim Caviezel). Elias focused on systematic violence during his final moments against Team Machine. I’m interested to see how Root will finally face off against John and Finch. I expect it to be more psychological.

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    I was sick of this character Veronica Mars played on Angel. It’s B A C K. Please go away. I makes the story just plain creepy.

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