EXCLUSIVE: ‘Transformers Prime’ Explosive Clip (Season 2 Episode 22): Hard Knocks

“We Decepticons now face our darkest hour.” – Megatron

transformers prime bulkhead

We have an EXCLUSIVE clip from this week’s episode of Transformer’s Prime, “Hard Knocks,” featuring Bulkhead and Smokescreen. As we head into the Transformers Prime Season 2 finale, the rivalry between the Autobots and Decepticons is beginning to heat up and get more deadly.

Watch the Full Clip Below

If you’re a fan of Transformers G1, you’ll definitely want to tune into Transformers Prime, especially going into the Season 2 Finale. Both Peter Cullen and Frank Welker, who originally voiced Optimus Prime and Megatron in the 1980s cartoon, reprise their roles in this Hasbro Studios’ CG series.

In “Hard Knocks”:
As the race for the Omega Keys grows more desperate, Knock Out harnesses the power of sound, and Starscream the power of hyper-speed.

Hasbro Studios’ Transformers Prime airs Friday, October 5 at 7pm ET/4pm PT on The Hub.

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