Sons of Anarchy Showrunner Kurt Sutter Discusses ‘Shades of Grey’ in New Season (Video)

by Bags Hooper on September 11, 2012 · 1 comment

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In this interview, Sons of Anarchy Executive Producer Kurt Sutter discusses the new club dynamic. While most viewers are looking forward to the ongoing fallout between Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Clay (Ron Perlman), Sutter hints at something different.

Sutter states: “I hope it will unfold in an unexpected way. I think everyone’s going to expect us to jump back into the Jax vs Clay [story] and I don’t think that’s the case.”

Regarding Clay, Sutter lets us know that we can look forward to exploring Clay’s underlying motivations this season. “He comes out broken,” Sutter says. “Not that people are going to necessarily feel sorry for him for the things that he’s done. But, I think we’ll at least understand a little bit about how the guy’s wired, what motivates him and why he’s made the decisions he’s made.”

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Regarding Damon Pope, Sutter let’s us know that we shouldn’t look at the character as “the bad guy of the season,” but we should expect “shades of grey.” Sutter compares Pope to Frank Lucas, calling Pope an “intelligent, well mannered, but incredibly dangerous dude.” Pope will be juxtaposed to Jimmy Smits character as the “angel and devil” on Jax’s shoulder.

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Finally, Sutter discusses the other members of Samcro. Let’s us know what it will take to get Opie (Ryan Hurst) back to the table and how much Otto we can look forward to this year.

Watch the full interview with Kurt Sutter below:

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