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Published on September 7th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Training Mode a Win for Fighting Fans

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken is a staple franchise in the fighting genre community. However, even within the realms of fighting game fans, the esoteric combos remain the domain of the elite few. While fans of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Marvel Vs Capcom can get easily jump between games thanks to a blend of half-circle attacks and charge moves, Tekken gamers have to really know their proverbial “shit.”

That’s why Street Fighter X Tekken was such an excellent game; it bridged the gap between two types of gamers.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 finally opens up the franchise to gamers who haven’t had the chance to spend the time to learn Tekken’s deep combo set.

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves the concept of playing Tekken. It’s not about hadoukens, sonic booms, freeze attacks or missiles, but rather “realistic” fighting. However, chaining those “realistic” moves together can unnerve even the most astute gamer – especially if you don’t know the difference between your roundhouse kick, back kick, side kick, axe kick or crescent kick. The basic attacks have almost as much variety as the combos.

The Tekken Training Mode gives gamers a chance to set up specific fight scenarios – something that’s necessary in any fighting game to truly improve. Players not only choose which board they want to play on, but also setup key positioning. You can focus on training when you’re trapped against a wall or hovering over a balcony as well as select which direction your character is facing.

That’s not all.

Ever been trapped on the floor, while your opponent kicks you non-stop?

Players can setup that scenario too. You can also be the player standing up, while you set the opponent to be the victim. Gamers can further practice tag strategies – this is Tekken Tag Tournament after all. You can practice Tekken Tag 2’s unique Tag Throws, where you toss your opponent (or put him/her in a strangle hold) and call your teammate in to deliver a follow-up kick.

In Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, a smart gamer – and even the button masher – can usually figure out a way to get out of those pesky walls – the domain of the “I like to cheese” fighter. However, in Tekken, button mashing while trapped against a wall, will only keep you — trapped against the wall. This Training Mode will give you a chance to truly earn your Tekken stripes and get out of those traps.

Tekken trainees can also keep the moves up on the HUD, while they practice. Usually, to do this, you either have to click into a command list (which disappears after you see the move) or enter a special training mode that doesn’t allow you to manually setup a specific fight scenario.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 comes with other additional modes and a few cosmetic features. There is a Fight Lab, which uses a rank progression system and new unlockable characters. There is no customization, but you can unlock some pretty wonky characters – such as a robot with a trashcan head.

Tekken Re-engineered Trailer

Gamers can customize their music from their personal CD library. Namco has also announced that the World Tekken Federation, its online social community, will be free on launch.

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    “There is no customization”. Actually, there is practically a whole customization mode where you can customize all the characters, basically an upgraded version of the Tekken 6 customization, but yes, it’s still there. Multiple confirmed slides are floating around the internet as well.

    • Andy Pham

      probably meant for the combot, but there is customization for the combot…

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