Blast Off #16: Breaking Bad Season 5 ‘Finale’

by Bags Hooper on September 4, 2012 · 7 comments

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Breaking Bad

Another summer of Breaking Bad has come and gone, leaving fans with a full year to wait for the imminent series finale. But was it a mere mid-season finale for Breaking Bad’s fifth year or a season finale?

In the 16th Team Focus Blast Off, BuzzFocus Community Manager Ernie Estrella and I discuss the finer points of the past five years of Breaking Bad.

We delve into the evolving psyche of Walter White (Brian Cranston), exploring Heisenberg’s major choices which are ushering him towards a downfall. But, who will suffer, die or make it out alive in the process? This podcast unravels the symbolism of Year 5, hanging plot threads and expectations on Breaking Bad Year 6.

We may have over a year to wait for Walter White’s thrilling finale, but the debate begins now:

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