The Last of Us: Remixed ‘Alone and Forsaken’ Trailer from Naughty Dog (PS3)

by Bags Hooper on August 15, 2012 · 0 comments

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“I’ve been on both sides.”

How do you spot an ambush? By living the life – on both sides.

The latest trailer for Naughty Dog’s upcoming adventure, The Last of Us, is a remixed cut of previous trailers and in-game cinematic clips, with a few new action sequences and dialogue moments.

The trailer, unveiled this week at Gamescom, will definitely get you psyched for the new Naughty Dog shooter. It also hints at a fair amount of intrigue and back story with the leading character. Also, the use of Hank Williams “Alone and Forsaken” as the music bed, builds up a nice gritty contrast to the action that unfolds. It’s reminiscent of Kurt Sutter’s style on Sons of Anarchy.

You can watch the full trailer for The Last of Us below. How excited are you for this new PS3 exclusive? What do you think about the Hank Williams, country music bed?

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