Mark Sheppard Discusses a ‘Prepared’ Crowley in Supernatural Season 8

by Bags Hooper on July 31, 2012 · 2 comments

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“He’s (Crowley) probably the most prepared of the characters that’s out there.” – Mark Sheppard (as Crowley).

Recently, we chatted with Sheppard on Supernatural Season 8. The actor expressed his excitement for the upcoming season as well as how “great” it is to have Jeremy Carver back on the creative team.

Carver was a writer on Supernatural and co-created the North American version of Being Human for Syfy. He returns to Supernatural as an Executive Producer.

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Here’s the full interview with Sheppard below:

Let us know your thoughts and expectations for the upcoming season of Supernatural? What do you want to see more or less of as the series heads towards a tenth season?

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  • James West

    The dude is awesome, clever, witty. One of the best characters.

  • Michele MacKay

    Mark Sheppard is just brilliant as Crowley. He is the most entertaining villain on the show. And Crowley is just such a genius character because you tend to underestimate him but he always pulls a fast one of you. Like Mark said, he’s the most prepared, he’s always one step ahead of everybody else, even though he comes across as just a devil-may-care demon. He’s like Sterling, another great character Sheppard plays on Leverage. Sterling always wins.

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