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Published on July 27th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Borderlands 2 Lead AI Programmer Jasper Foreman Talks Hulking out with Goliath & Badass Tokens

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Recently, we had the chance to speak with Jasper Foreman, the Lead AI Programmer at Gearbox Software on Borderlands 2.

In this interview, Foreman discusses the smarter, more dynamic AI that gamers can expect in Borderlands 2. For instance, two enemies have a slight romance that can cause big trouble for players. The mutated midgets we saw in the first game, will now interact with one of Jasper’s favorite new enemies, the Goliath.

Foreman told us: “If a Goliath and a midget get in close contact with each other – they kind of like each other – the midget will hop on his back and be an even more powerful enemy.”

Regarding gameplay, Foreman warns us that we should expect tougher challenges. A battle with a Goliath can quickly turn into a mini-boss battle depending on how you attack it. “He Hulks out,” Foreman says.

“The middle of combat changes. which makes the regular and side missions good. The whole system we created to facilitate that allowed us to make really interesting boss battles as well. Pretty much every boss battle has its own unique attack, way of attacking and approach.” Gamers will also be able to fight bosses over-and-over to get better loot.

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Foreman further elaborates on the Badass Token system, an upgrade to the RPG leveling gamers loved in the first Borderlands. He also lets us know the biggest pitfalls he sees in other shooters and how Borderlands 2 will stand out from the crowd this Fall.

Watch the full interview below:

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