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Published on July 19th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Interview: Sons of Anarchy Star Ryan Hurst Discusses the Emotional Side of Opie Riding into Season 5

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Opie (Ryan Hurst) has always been one of the most tortured characters on Sons of Anarchy.

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First Opie lost Donna, a loss that drove him deeper into the SAMCRO lifestyle. Eventually, Opie came back from his emotional grotto, got married and was well on his way to becoming the next SAMCRO VP, in the event that Jax (Charlie Hunnam) stepped up to take the gavel.

Then, one of the saddest moments on Sons of Anarchy kicked happiness in the face. Piney (William Lucking) was killed by Clay (Ron Perlman) in Season 4. It was the shotgun blast heard round the world.

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It was hard enough for Opie to learn that his porn star wife was taking birth control pills, but nothing could quite prepare him to seeing his father shot dead – alone. Nothing could prepare the fans either. If learning that his father was dead wasn’t enough of a shock, showrunner Kurt Sutter gave Opie another kick-in-the-face. Opie learned the truth about who killed his father. It was Clay. Unfortunately, his long time friend, Jax, did not give him the chance to get revenge.

In this interview with Hurst, we talk about the emotional moments of Season 4. Hurst lets us know how poignant the scene was for him, especially since he developed a strong bond with Lucking. Hurst also lets us know his father responded to seeing the episode.

Finally, Hurst gives us a taste of what we can expect in Sons of Anarchy Season 5 and touches on some of his personal film projects.

Watch the full interview below:

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  • Walkwitme924

    This story is not true. It says that Jax knew about Clay killing Piney but he did not. Opie told him when Jax walked into the crematory. 

  • sweet pea

    some one seriously needs to burn that hat that Ryan wears when playing Opie!!!! He looks much better without it !!!!

  • MBlotterBrain

    Walkwithme you need to rewatch the episode. Jax knew BEFORE Opie told him at the crematory…..

  • cheekycheeky13

    Jax didn’t know that clay killed piney…he didn’t even know piney was dead til after opie did… opie can make it thru this..come back and be VP! Eff clay!!!

  • disqus_i0vVUf3lmr

    wtf sutter. really???? the show best be awesome cuz u know what u did and losing him really sucks

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