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Published on July 14th, 2012 | by Ernie Estrella


See ‘The Walking Dead’ Comic-Con Trailer for Season 3

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Well-well-well. What do we have here? Maybe you’re feeling left out from the fun of Comic-Con or maybe you’re here and you couldn’t get into The Walking Dead panel. Been there. Don’t worry, you can still see the awesome trailer AMC put together, which you can watch below, make sure you stick around after to see our reactions and share yours:

Awesome, right? Some first impressions:

  • “Fight the dead, fear the living.” – What a great tag line for this season!
  • Remember the helicopter we saw back in the pilot? Looks like we see it go down. But who’s flying it, or should I say, who was flying it?
  • Merle is finally back and that’s… quite a contraption on his stump of a hand…
  • Lots and lots more zombies. This season is hitting the ground running.
  • Michonne and Andrea band together and wander into Woodbury an area that’s run by The Governor.
  • “This prison is ours,” says Rick. Only in an apocalypse could a prison provide refuge.
  • T-Dog doesn’t seem to approve of Beth’s singing.
  • Carol is now shooting guns and Maggie is swinging machetes, oh how times have changed.
  • “Food, weapons, medicine,” Rick is still in pure survival mode, but will there be any other goals?
  • Lori tells Rick again, “Do whatever you have to do to keep this camp safe,” so it appears that she’s come around.
  • Carl is in need of a haircut, Hershel looks like father time. It shows that time has passed, but for how long?
  • “I’m going back there and taking back what’s ours,” says The Governor looking to reclaim the prison from Rick and puts him instantly in the position of an antagonist.

EDITOR’S PICK: See pictures of AMC’s WALKING DEAD booth at COMIC-CON

Well, what are your first impressions? Stay tuned for more Walking Dead coverage from Comic-Con!

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