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Published on June 20th, 2012 | by Sean Bell


POLL: Should ‘The Killing’ Be Renewed For a Third Season?

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The Killing Season 3 - Will It Be Renewed?

Would you watch if the dynamic duo of Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder were given another case to tackle? Could you stomach the inevitable stream of red herrings to come if The Killing was granted a third season? AMC brass are likely exploring that question right now.

Sunday’s finale was the culmination of a rocky ride for the Veena Sud show. The Killing debuted to impressive numbers back in April 2011 (2.7 million viewers watching the pilot). On top of those auspicious stats, the pilot was almost universally praised for its direction, writing and, of course, acting (Mirelle Enos and Joel Kinnaman were immediately declared rock stars).

What came to follow was a precipitous fall from grace; fans of the show began to retreat as the red herrings were served fast and furious and without apology. Each episode proved to be an exercise in futility as the investigation trail switched back and forth from hot to cold. The final straw for many was the Season 1 finale (watched by 2.2 million viewers); Sud made the decision to stretch Rosie Larsen murder case into the second season. Viewers were outraged, many declaring to never watch the show again.

And they weren’t lying.

Season 2 never saw north of 2 million couch-detectives, starting out with 1.8 million viewers in the season premiere and averaging some 1.6 million viewers over 13 episodes. Its finale appeared to be a whimper – only 1.45 million showed up for 9 PM finale Sunday night, though competition was fierce this Sunday with the True Blood Season 5 premiere and other cable distractions like The Kardashians. The encore presentation of the finale drew in another 500,000 viewers, and I’m sure many more viewed it via DVR and online streaming.

There is an audience there, albeit a relatively small one. But how many of those that stayed just needed closure? How many would return if The Killing got the Season 3 greenlight?

The show, no doubt, has fans that enjoyed every last minute of its two seasons, but what percentage of total viewers have already moved on? Are The Killing faithful ready to put their trust in the hands of Sud again with a new case?

Personally, I stuck around for both seasons, though I was one of pitchfork-toting viewers after the Season 1 finale. I calmed down and came around, mainly because I needed closure (Added bonus: Kinnaman has always been comedic gold). In the end, I liked the ending; the disclosure of Terry as the killer provided the ultimate shock (though it was predicted well before the reveal). I wasn’t terribly pleased that it relied on the insanity of the culprit (same with Jamie and his about face), but it worked for me. Would I watch a third season? Only if it was declared up front that the new murder case was contained to one season. The Rosie Larsen case could’ve easily been condensed to one season, with the writers introducing a new case for Season 2. Under this scenario, I doubt there would’ve been as much backlash as the show has gotten in its short run.

Sure, this will inevitably be an economic decision for AMC. But if you’re casting your ballot how would you vote? Should The Killing live to see another day?


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  • jkebeans

    One case should be the whole season!  2 was too long, I hung in there for the finale and was satisfied.  Love Holder!  More Joel please.

  • Ernie Estrella

    I hung around for it all too. I needed closure as well, and found Season 2 satisfying and so much better than season one. Better structured and more organic. Season 1 was written as if every week you were getting vital information that was going to break the case open, plus the red herrings week after week after week. They tried to cram a full day’s worth of events into each episode and the formula just wore on me by episode 8… shoot me. But I hung in there…The show was so poorly marketed in the first season because they kept throwing “Who Killed Rosie Larsen?” at you when that was a small part. Then to see AMC not even promote it at all in the second season was a shame. They didn’t have a clue how to promote it when everyone knew they had to wait through season 2 just to see an end. Kudos to Patty Jenkins who directed the finale and the pilot, you could tell and Sexton and Kinnaman were by and large the best things on the show. I’d see more, but I’d like to see 1-3 cases solved in a season. No more though, the expanded structure of the show sets it apart, but 2 seasons is definitely too long of a wait.

    • Yuri Pinheiro

      Ernie, I agree with you in every sentence! I loved this season and loved it how it ended, i’m cheering for a 3rd season!

  • Allie Ford

    My husband and I love The Killing. We thought that it was a well written cop show with realistic actors, unlike most shows on T.V. these days. We have started our own page on FB- , and even a petition on . If you like the show and would hate to see it go join us on FB then sign the petition. If we get enough signatures we will send them to AMC with hopes of getting our show back on the air. Thanks

  • machine gun kelly

    I don’t care if they stretch a murder case for 10 years as long as they don’t take away my “The Killing” fix.  Don’t take it away, please!

  • Leslie Nicole

    I have to admit that I started losing interest mid- first season. I’m not sure why – it just seemed to drag a bit – but then by end of season I was hooked and I thought season 2 was astonishing. Incredible acting! You know, it may have helped that I saw both seasons by downloading them from iTunes. I live overseas, so I don’t get the weekly TV shows. I just stumbled upon this on iTunes and thought I’d check it out. It was really interesting to see the layers of ripples of how much this murder affected the lives of anyone close to it. This is absolutely one of the BEST series with the best lead actors. I really hope they renew!!

  • margie

    My favorite show in awhile. I sure hope they do a season 3. I personally loved having to wait and see who the killer was. It has very real characters who are flawed as most of us are. And it made me have to think, no one wants to think anymore and want everything solved in one hour. Won’t be watching AMC without The Killing.

  • Tammy

    I am very disappointed in AMC’s decision not to keep The Killing. It is one of my very favorite shows. I didn’t mind having to wait 2 seasons to find out who the killer was. It always stayed interesting and exciting. I liked the way each episode was the next day in the investigation, which in my opinion, made it more real. I think AMC has made a big mistake and I hope Fox Television Studios can find a home for a 3rd season and many many more!

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