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Published on June 18th, 2012 | by Bags Hooper


Blast Off #14: Thundercats Ho! Season Finale, Dissecting the Reboot

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Thundercats Season 1 has come to a close. Now, it’s time for Team Focus to Blast Off once again by looking back at the 26 episode season and dissecting the good, the bad and the awesome of the Thundercats reboot.

Whether you’re a fan of the G1 Thundercats series or a newcomer to the Thundercats mythos, you’ll want to listen to the 14th Team Focus Blast Off, where BuzzFocus Community Manager Ernie Estrella and I examine the new series from showrunners Michael Jelenic and Ethan Spaulding.

Beginning with Lion-O’s bitter rivalry with his brother Tygra, we go into the new style of Thundera. Team Focus checks out the love triangle between Lion-O, Tygra, and Cheetara as well as the new take on Panthro, Mumm-ra and the animal races on Third Earth.

This is a Blast Off Thundercats of all ages will definitely want to check out:

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  • Daisy Duke

    Honestly, I stopped listening once you two said that the reason you both were happy that Lion-O didn’t get paired with Cheetara was because he already got the Sword and the Crown. The type of sexist opinion you both present does nothing but reduce Cheetara from a part of the Thundercats group to an object to be possessed by anyone other than Lion-O.
    The Sword is a physical object that chose Lion-O – he didn’t choose it.
    The Crown (to a Kingdom that no longer exists) is a physical object the Lion-O inherited due to the blood in his veins, not because he wanted it.
    So saying that you are glad he didn’t “get” Cheetara because he already “got” the Sword and Crown likens her to nothing more than a physical object akin to a sword or a crown and as a character, she should be much more than that.

    I have no doubt that if I kept listening, the two of you would probably have said that you liked the fact a poorly done flashback retconned 11 episodes of character interaction and development between Lion-O and Cheetara to weakly establish a relationship between Tygra and Cheetara. I’m sure you would have overlooked the fact that the Tygra who gave Cheetara the flower as a youth during the same time period he tried to kill Lion-O is not the same Tygra that she entered into a relationship with in episode 13 – he is much worse.

    • Terry Boyden

      @yahoo-MHLCKHHBKTE7E4IH52MVQ6INLE:disqus Sexist? Really? There was an obvious plot/character setup with Lion-O vs Tygra and the story focuses on those two characters at its core. Not Cheetarah. Truthfully, it focuses on Lion-O and his progression. Lion-O becoming the leader means dealing with his conflict and inadequacies with Tygra. Conversely, Tygra was upset since he was basically the bastard son (or ward to be more precise). Even though he was the better soldier and leader he could never be lord of the Thundercats. He rubbed that in Lion-O’s face, but he was still jealous of Lion-O. Jealousy will always be magnified when it comes to matters of the heart and as such Cheetarah was that plot device. Lion-O needed that internal conflict.

      Becoming the Lord of the Thundercats was a birthright, something he just was born into. Inside he felt like he wasn’t really a leader when paired against Tygra. If he “got” Cheetarah from a plot/character perspective then he wouldn’t feel like the lucky accident.

      And how can you claim a retcon during one season? That’s one arc that the writers had laid out in advance. It’s ONE SEASON. I’m sure you’re just venting but if you analyze the story at all Daisy, you’ll see the plot/character layout does NOT revolve around Cheetarah. She’s NOT a leading character. Just a love interest and one of the soldiers. Panthro’s backstory is more important than hers just because it ties into Grune on of the Cats main enemies.

      Her backstory is more of an after thought with her connection to Jaga, and even then it was actually a subset of Tygra’s backstory so that we could further build up the tension with the brothers and see what will happen to Lion-O, the main character, next. You claim this is a retcon but not so. Thundercats is the Lion-O show first. Just how it is. Tygra is second important, then Panthro, then Cheetarah and Kit and Kat are all on the same level.

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