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Published on June 13th, 2012 | by Sean Bell


‘The Killing’ Season 2 Finale Part 2 Preview and Final Theories: It’s Time to ID this Damn Killer

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It’s the moment that The Killing has made us wait through 2 long seasons of red herrings to get to: the reveal of the cruel monster that killed Rosie Larsen. Depending on your patience, you’ve either watched the show all the way through or checked in intermittently to see if anything interesting has developed. Of course, there’s the third and popular possibility that you’ve given up on the show altogether. But regardless of the long trail of evidence, the tangents and the aimless subplot involving Mitch, it all ends Sunday night as the second season concludes.

The Killing Season 2 Finale

With an endgame in sight, The Killing has gotten its groove back. That means that Linden and Holder’s roadblocks are now lifted and it’s a sprint to the finish to get this case solved. Bribing Mayor Adams to let them investigate the case gives them the necessary leeway to knock down whatever doors they need in order to hunt down the killer.

That said, Part 1 of the Season Finale was masterful in its direction and its last 10 minutes were heart pounding to say the least. It was unnerving to see an upbeat and almost jovial Rosie heading into a lion’s den of trouble when watching the elevator’s security video. But I do like when the show gives us glimpses of Rosie alive as it reminds us all what we’re hear for, despite all the dead ends and misdirects.

Going further on the security video, watching the roster of conspirators hopped on was both confirming and surprising at the same time. Chief Jackson. Michael Ames. Jamie. The first two were givens, but the last was nothing less than a shock.

This security tape seemingly narrowed the suspect list down to a few, presenting Jamie as the would-be murderer we’ve been looking for all this time. But, if you’ve watched all 24 preceding episodes, then you know Jamie is likely the last red herring of them all. Scary look into the camera or not, I’m not buying his sudden change from dedicated campaigner to psychopath capable of killing a teenage girl for the sake of political race. Similar to how Bennett was guilty of something unrelated to Rosie’s death, Jamie will also be revealed to be at fault for a lesser crime (likely conspiring to sabotage the Waterfront project).

While this elevator footage was revealing, the show still leaves many questions unanswered heading into the last 60 minutes.

Who was it that Richmond talked to in the last minutes of Part 1? Was he the supposed amputee whose story inspired a paralyzed Richmond to restart his campaign? And what did Richmond mean when he asked Jamie “Why did you lie to me?” Was it about the story or about Jamie’s alibi the night of Rosie’s death? Again, I don’t believe it’s Jamie, but it’s possible that the answer to these questions have implications to the greater mystery at hand.

The Killing Season 2 Part 2 Finale

For a minute during “Donnie and Marie,” it looked entirely possible (again) that  Richmond could’ve been guilty this entire time, lying about his suicide attempt (I’m implying that he paid the fisher off about discovering him in the water underneath the bridge). When Richmond got that call from the aforementioned shady guy, he looked like he wanted to cover something up, something so important that he’d leave his last campaign rally to meet with someone.

And what to think of Gwen? Why would she lie about the particulars of her whereabouts on October 5th? “Donnie or Marie” went to great lengths to present Gwen as a frontrunner, only to negate this theory by turning things back to Jamie. I’d like to think that it can’t be Gwen given the fact that she went out of her way to get Linden and Holder the federal warrant from her father, burning a bridge with him in the process. In addition, I’ll say this: the only thing obvious about the killer at this point is that it won’t be someone obvious. Gwen, with her affair with Richmond and her dedication to seeing him succeed, is just too obvious.

What about Chief Jackson? We know her to be capable of violence and, if she caught Rosie hiding during the meeting, there’s no doubt she could’ve lost her temper and got physical. But would killing a teenager really be worth all the trouble, if she only has money on her mind? This is a definitely possibility if Rosie heard something she shouldn’t have that could affect Chief Jackson in the pocketbook.

The Killing - Rosie's Killer Revealed This SundayThat leaves Michael Ames, who Linden and Holder focused on towards the middle of the season. Of all the suspects, he’s the one that the most to gain by Rosie being dead. Remember that text he got from Rosie? “$5,000 or I tell your wife.” That could mean one of two things: either Rosie knew about him going behind his wife’s back on the Waterfront deal or (more likely) she discovered that her aunt Terry was having an affair with him. Ames did cancel his flight to Vegas that night, instead taking a ferry to the casino. With Rosie wanting to skip town to run away, she could use the extra cash to start her new life. But dead men don’t tell tales and with Ames seeing Rosie that night in the casino, it could’ve been the perfect opportunity to silence her forever.

But again, Ames is likely too obvious, which is why we need to focus on his mistress Terry. Is it possible that Terry will emerge in the finale as also having something to do with Rosie’s death, potentially even being the one that locked her up in the trunk? Linden continually focused on the fact that the killer couldn’t look Rosie in the eye, suggesting that he or she knew her personally. Let’s also go back to that scene where Terry discovered the picture of Rosie dead in the trunk. Terry seems particularly aghast at the picture, almost as if she saw something more than her niece brutally murdered. Could she be looking at what she feared viewing some three weeks ago: Rosie dead in the trunk? In a potentially related scene, she loses it with Stan’s son Tommy and starts shaking him when he locks his brother in the car trunk. Of course, this could be chalked up to pure frustration, but it’s an eyebrow-raiser nonetheless.

Of course, this is all speculation, which the show has made all of its viewers engage in the last 25 episodes.  I just hope that the killer isn’t some nondescript person that we’ve barely seen. I’d feel cheated if there was some convenient “wrong place at the wrong time” ending for Rosie, with all the characters that have seemingly been guilty at one time or another.

What’s your theory?


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  • Eeps09

    Other – Holder. He was the bag man for the killer, then transferred to Seattle PD to steer Linden in the wrong directions

  • Ummihor007

    i think it is someone who had stanley larsen’s credit card coz rosie was using aunt terry’s account to deposit her benjamins….

  • Jpdj

    Rick, her fiancee

  • John

    I only have 4 suspects in mind and have for a while. Holder, Stan, Mitch and Terry. Now which on it is or two in it together I have no idea, but it is for sure one or two of those our.

  • Donnad634

    Alexi – because she threw him over and was leaving without him.

  • Mikeclist

    For the longest time I thought it was going to be Jamie, until about two episodes ago (they got there too soon). I am thinking that Terry is coming out as a front runner. However, I have this feeling that they are going to connect this to the previous crime that Linden became obsessed with. They have been coming back to it repeatedly, and it was revealed that Linden thinks the killer is still out there.  It would be a definite twist, and, of all the current suspects, I would think Ames is the most likely to be a repeat killer.

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