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Published on June 5th, 2012 | by Melody Simpson


‘The Real Housewives of New York’ Season 5 Premiere Review: A New New York

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An all new season of The Real Housewives of New York has begun! As exciting as that may sound, the show returned with an hour and a half episode but without more than half of the cast from last season. Ramona Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps, and Sonja Morgan are back but that’s all who’s back. The new additions could either bring a fresh spin on the series and rejuvenate it or be the beginning of the downfall. After viewing the premiere with the new cast, do you think that Bravo can hold down a few more successful seasons?

It is quite easy to say that we do not miss the craziness that is Cindy Barshop. Likable as she may appear to be, she’s got some serious issues… issues, attitudes, and words that completely overshadow the good. That’s not fun to watch. Alex McCord was a special breed of crazy and that entertainment will truly be missed. I’d take Alex over Ramona any day. Ramona is annoying! This season is going to be torture since the show has really turned into Ramona and her crew vs. the world. Get ready. Kelly Killoren Bensimon is better than this show, so even though it is a real bummer to see her gone, this was understandable. She needed to be free to do bigger and better things. Perhaps the biggest loss is Jill Zarin who we loved and at times, loved to hate. She was such a ball of fun, drama, and heart. Does anyone this season have an equal balance of these three components? It might be too early to tell from the newbies, but it could be safe to say that LuAnn is going to be a favorite veteran this year, with Sonja coming in second, and Ramona not in that game at all. As for the newbies…

We are introduced to designer and stylist, Heather Thomson who is a married mother of two and public enemy number one in Ramona’s eyes. Women may have heard of “Yummie by Heather Thomson,” a shapewear line that Heather created which has been very successful. By the looks of Ramona’s meeting with Heather in the showroom, I do not think that Ramona even knows that. There’s way too much one upping, way too much alpha dog attitude between the two. Heather means well but she still is at fault for giving in at times. No one can make you feel inferior unless you give them permission. Does Heather not know this? Anything Ramona says, Heather needs to let it roll off her back and just let Ramona soak in the greatness that the world according to her. Let the reality check come on its own. All of that said, Ramona was right to feel the way she did after Heather tried to pry in the tension between Ramona and LuAnn. Ramona asked nicely for Heather to mind her business and still, Heather pushed. She’s not a great listener. Meaning well starts at being able to listen.

Then there’s LuAnn’s friend, Aviva. It took her awhile to listen to her heart and get out of her marriage possibly filled with infidelity. Sonja is best friends with her ex and may have slept with him, the timing of this is all unclear and LuAnn may have dated him as well, prior to the marriage. Three’s a crowd and we only know about these three because they are on camera. Who knows how many other people came in the way of Aviva and her ex-husband’s relationship.

Yes, it is deeper than that. It’s not about the people her ex has been with, it’s about her ex. But this isn’t a psycho-analysis of him and Aviva seems to be doing just fine without him and with her new husband and full house of kids. Perhaps I shouldn’t speak to soon. But hopefully, it is okay to do so because this would be a very sad season if all summer long we had to watch Aviva uncover more and more secrets from her previous marriage… not to mention, awkward interactions after people find out that she has a prosthetic leg. We’ve got that introduction and the funny scene when Sonja was taken aback by Aviva’s thrid leg during their pedicure… now let’s move on from it. As Aviva said, she puts on her leg in the beginning of her day just like people put their toothpaste on their toothbrush and get ready for the day. She has not let her childhood accident handicap her life so we shouldn’t handicap her story line. As the National Spokesperson for One Step Ahead, an organization for amputees, we should see some interaction this season in that regards but otherwise, let’s not pigeon hole her. She’s worked hard to avoid that and we should honor that.

Finally, there’s Carole Radziwill who I’d like to say is my favorite new housewife but cannot find the energy to say it firmly since she is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author all before the show. A journalist who has worked with the greats. So why is she on Housewives? It seems so beneath her. There were so many awkward, deep conversations had in the most lighthearted settings in the premiere, the most uncomfortable possibly being one in which Carole had to go back into widow mode when he was approached about her book (written in the 90s). She’s going to have a whole new slew of that after joining this show with viewers picking up her book who haven’t yet read it. But I guess she is prepared since she will surely have the topic brought up while promoting her first novel, The Widow’s Guide to Sex & Dating this summer. Hmm. All of this aside, Carole is quite hysterical when not trying to be. Her comment about hating when parents talk about their kids all of the time was completely relatable but she went ahead and said that it’s not necessarily the most interesting conversation, many times even for the parents themselves! What a knee-slapper that comment was. Show of hands to those who agree.

It is unclear how many episodes there will be this season but this tension between LuAnn and Ramona is going to get old really fast. LuAnn does not sit well with Ramona and vice versa. Ramona has yet to pinpoint why but she has attacked and most recently, threatened to blackmail LuAnn’s children, so who’s side does she think people are going to be on? LuAnn is still understandably mad about not getting an apology but she needs to get over it. Again, no one can make you feel inferior unless you give them permission. LuAnn knows that she is a good mother and does not really need Ramona’s apology to reaffirm this. Please, oh, please let this entire season not revolve around this! If this is all you’ve got, Bravo, the slate should have been wiped clean across the board. What do you think?

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  • Madge

    Carol Radzill’s husband died in 1999 and her book was published in 2005.  No one is beneath anything when they need the money and they are using the “housewives” as a vehicle for self-promotion.  Oh how soon we forget that Bethenny Frankel is now a millionaire.

  • Swiarss

    i am already sick of luann…can’t see getting through the season if this is any indicator :(

  • Beyoncca

    I can’t stand Ramona. I wish the Countess would hire a private investigator to dig in Ramona’s life. Let’s just see if Avery’s as goodie-two-shoes as Ramona claims. I like Victoria and I think she respects her mother. I don’t get the feeling that LuAnn and her Kids are playing to the cameras. I do feel like Avery and Ramona constantly play to the cameras.

    I love Heather, The Countess,and Aviva.

  • lilymaid

    Luann knows that she is a good mother…..please.  She is so disconnected from her children she thinks that her daughter’s subject matter in her artwork is TALENT…..She is a pretentious, know it all, nothing.  She may have spun the Ramona call to make her appear as a victim.  She is a snake. 

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